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Brown and white pots, each filled with vibrant houseplants of varying shapes and sizes.


27 Tropical Plants That Thrive Indoors

If you don’t live in a tropical climate, many plants won’t work in the garden. But, lots of tropicals grow very well in the home. Houseplant enthusiast Melissa Strauss talks about some of the best tropical plants to grow indoors.

A pineapple sage plant showcasing red tubular flowers amid lush green leaves.

Ornamental Gardens

How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Pineapple Sage

Are you looking for a showy perennial to attract hummingbirds and add some summer flare to your flower garden? Pineapple sage is a vibrant, showy flower that’s perennial in warmer climates and easily grown as an annual in cooler zones. In this article, gardening enthusiast Liessa Bowen will discuss the proper care and maintenance of these spectacular plants.

Close-up of a flowering Clematis plant characterized by a large, star-shaped pink flower with wilting stems and leaves.


Why Is My Clematis Wilting?

Awaiting the exotic blooms of clematis only to have its delicate stems mysteriously wilt is disconcerting. With some sleuthing, taking the best action to correct or reverse the causes is within reach. Explore common causes of wilting in these perennial flowering vines with gardening expert Katherine Rowe.

Close-up of a gardener cleaning a garden tool - a black spade under running water in a sunny garden.

Gardening Tips

A Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Garden Tools

Much like a chef has a favorite knife, every gardener has a favorite tool. The key to their longevity and effectiveness lies in how well they’re taken care of. Well-maintained and cleaned tools also limit disease spread in the garden, leading to healthier and happier plants. In this article, gardening expert and hori-hori aficionado Christina Conner shares some of her top tips for taking great care of your garden tools.

Close-up of a gardener's hands planting a young kohlrabi seedling into the soil in a sunny summer garden, carefully avoiding beginner gardening mistakes.

Gardening Tips

12 Beginner Gardening Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

With so much information and conflicting advice, starting a garden can be overwhelming. Fortunately, most errors are easy to avoid and fix. In this article, garden expert and former organic farmer Logan Hailey helps you avoid the biggest beginner gardening mistakes this summer and what to do instead.

Lavender flowers, supported by delicate stems, gently sway in the sunlight.


Why Is My Lavender Wilting?

We associate lavender with waves of purple blooms, silvery foliage, and a sweet herbal scent wafting in the air. Wilting or drooping plants dash our expectations. With some easy inspection, we can take the best action to correct the causes. Explore common causes of wilting in these herbaceous perennials with garden expert Katherine Rowe.

A close-up of a dark butterfly with outstretched wings, sipping nectar from vibrant red pentas flowers.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Pentas

Charming and vibrant, pentas light up the garden and lure pollinators with their abundance of nectar. Beekeeper Melissa Strauss has the information you need to grow this bee and butterfly favorite.

Close-up of a red ladybug crawling along the stem of a plant, attracted by black aphids - showcasing natural predation to deter garden pests.

Garden Pests

5 Unique Ways to Deter Pests From Your Garden

There comes a time in the growing season when all the pests seem to have arrived, and we feel like we’re part of an endless cat-and-mouse game of chase. Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she shares five unique ways to deter pests from the garden so you can enjoy all the fruits of your labor.

Blooming Gaillardia perennials, planted in sunny July, feature lance-shaped, gray-green leaves and vibrant, daisy-like flowers with red centers and yellow tips.

Ornamental Gardens

21 Beautiful Perennials to Plant in July

With summer in full swing, the garden is alive with colorful flowers and dynamic foliage. Winged visitors are frittering from bloom to bloom. The temptation may arise to add plants to our beds, borders, and container arrangements. Join gardening expert Katherine Rowe in exploring heat-loving and showy perennials to supplement the garden in July.