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A close-up of violet bigleaf hydrangea flowers nestled among lush green leaves, with additional blooms visible in the soft-focused background.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Bigleaf Hydrangeas

Bigleaf hydrangeas bring luscious blooms in dreamy pinks, blues, and whites with bold hues and blushes. After plants rest quietly in winter, lacecap and mophead flower clusters burst among attractive, large leaves for a warm season show. Explore these traditional summer hallmarks with contemporary twists with gardening expert Katherine Rowe.

Hydrangea petiolaris, an evergreen variety, boasts lush, glossy foliage and cascading clusters of white lacecap flowers that bloom against a backdrop of climbing vines.


7 Evergreen Hydrangea Varieties for Year-Round Appeal

While beloved, commonly grown hydrangeas drop their leaves in winter, a few evergreen hydrangea selections and relatives in the Hydrangeaceae family hold lustrous leaves year-round. In addition to attractive foliage, their flowers, fruits, and growth habits inspire a doubletake in the garden. Join gardening expert Katherine Rowe in exploring unique evergreen hydrangea varieties for all-season interest.

Close-up of a gardener pruning blooming red roses using long-handled loppers, avoiding common mistakes.


5 Rose Pruning Mistakes To Avoid This Season

With a few key cultural practices and a bit of seasonal maintenace, roses grace the garden for many years. Basic pruning is easy and important for preventing diseases, directing growth, and increasing air circulation for overall rose health - but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Avoid common pruning mistakes with gardening expert Katherine Rowe to ensure healthy roses across the seasons.

Pink and orange roses grow with panicle hydrangeas in the border


7 No-Fail Rose and Hydrangea Combos for Your Garden

Under the right growing conditions, roses and hydrangeas grow together to create an all-season bloom spectacle. Garden expert Katherine Rowe shares winning rose and hydrangea combinations based on visual appeal, garden performance, cultural requirements, and disease resistance.

Rows of pink and purple hydrangeas bask in the sunlight; their petals glowing with vibrant hues.


The Best Hydrangeas for Your Climate: Tips for Your Zone

Hydrangeas signal summer with their glorious blooms and colorful display. With a broad growing range, gardeners in cold and hot climates enjoy these summer beauties with multi-season appeal. Join gardening expert Katherine Rowe in exploring the best hydrangeas for your climate and gardening zone.

Clusters of hydrangeas in varying shades of purple, pink, and yellow, vividly bloom above lush green foliage.


When Do Hydrangeas Bloom?

A hydrangea in flower is the hallmark of summer. Different types bloom at varying times of the season for a long-lasting display. Here, gardening expert Katherine Rowe explores when hydrangeas bloom and the factors influencing their bloom time.

The Endless Summer Hydrangea features large, glossy green leaves and abundant, rounded clusters of vibrant blue and pink flowers.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for ‘Endless Summer’ Hydrangeas

Endless Summer hydrangeas showcase the classic mophead hydrangea blooms we need in our gardens. This hardy collection of hydrangeas spans growing zones with reliable reblooming and long-lasting seasonal color. Explore the merits of an ‘Endless Summer’ with gardening expert Katherine Rowe.

A close-up of Forsythia shows vibrant yellow flowers in full bloom clustered along slender, arching branches.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Forsythia

Springtime blossoms are always in high demand. Forsythia shrubs are the perfect way to add a splash of color to your gardens. If you love these shrubs and want to add them to your garden, this article will have everything you need to know to plant, grow, and care for forsythia.

A woman arranges a bouquet of stunning cut hydrangea flowers in pink and purple hues in a white vase, placed on a white table in the kitchen.


5 Tips for Long-Lasting Cut Hydrangea Blooms

Hydrangeas delight us in the garden and fresh floral arrangements all summer long. Their stunning blooms, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, offer boundless options for elegant and easy-going fresh flower displays. Drying hydrangea blooms makes the beauty last even longer. Join garden expert Katherine Rowe in exchanging simple tips for long-lasting cut hydrangeas.

The PeeGee Hydrangea features sturdy, woody stems, dark green, serrated leaves, and large, conical clusters of white flowers that turn pink as they mature.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for ‘PeeGee’ Hydrangeas

For a classic, reliable hydrangea with old garden grace, look to the splendid ‘PeeGee’ panicle hydrangea. In cultivation for over 150 years, ‘PeeGee’ hydrangeas grow in a wide range of garden conditions. Here, garden expert Katherine Rowe explores the appeal of growing this old-fashioned, big-blooming hydrangea.