Cotoneaster Horizontalis: Beautiful Berries & Foliage

Cotoneaster horizontalis in bud

Are you looking for something just a bit different by way of ground cover? Maybe something taller than wooly thyme or mazus reptans, but with a similar pop of color? Cotoneaster horizontalis is an excellent choice! Brilliant red berries decorate this deciduous shrub once it has stopped flowering. Small, rounded dark green leaves give an … Read more

Ardisia: Caring For Christmas Berry Plants

Ardisia crenata

Throughout the winter, the red, coral, or off-white berries of the ardisia plant can be seen. This has earned it the common name Christmas berry, and it can really be a bright spot in the winter landscape! But it’s not limited to wintertime. This plant is evergreen in most climates that stay above 50 degrees. … Read more