Bulb plants are some of the most fun to watch come up in the spring, and add a ton of beauty to the garden. Learn to care for them here.

cut back tulips. cut back tulips. Close-up of a gardener's hands in green gloves with pruning shears pruning a tulip plant in a flowerbed. Tulips present a striking appearance with their tall, slender stems bearing a single, vibrant flower at the apex. Surrounding the base of each stem are several long, narrow leaves that emerge directly from the bulb, providing a lush green backdrop to the blooms. The flowers are cup-shaped, with smooth, colorful petals.


Do Tulips Need to be Cut Back Each Season?

Holster your pruners! Tulip season is fading, making way for warm-season annuals and perennials to shine. But don’t cut their foliage if you intend to try your tulips for another spring season. Here, horticulturist Katherine Rowe explores options for growing tulips as perennials and how to treat the plants post-flowering.

tulip daffodil post bloom. Close-up of blooming daffodils and tulips in a sunny garden. Tulip plants showcase a striking display of vibrant colors and graceful elegance. Their slender, lance-shaped leaves emerge from the base in a tidy cluster, forming a lush green backdrop for the tulip flowers. The flowers are bright red. Daffodil plants present a charming sight with their graceful, strap-like leaves forming neat clumps at the base. Rising from amidst this foliage are sturdy stems crowned with cheerful trumpet-shaped flowers, each boasting a distinctive central trumpet surrounded by six delicate petals. The flowers are bright yellow.


A Guide to Tulip and Daffodil Post-Bloom Care

Our tulips and daffodils heralded spring in the loveliest ways, and now It’s time to tuck them in for summer dormancy. A few care techniques promote perennialization for additional seasons of spring flowering. Follow along with gardening expert Katherine Rowe for guidelines on caring for tulips and daffodils post-bloom.

Close-up of hyacinth bulbs too early germination. A hyacinth sprout emerges as a slender, pale green shoot from the bulb, gradually unfurling into a cluster of vibrant green leaves arranged in a basal rosette. The leaves are long, narrow, and slightly succulent, with a glossy texture and a rich green color.


What To Do When Your Bulbs Come Up Too Early

Have your bulbs begun to sprout earlier than expected and you aren’t sure why? There are a couple of reasons this could happen, and luckily, they are easy to fix! In this article, gardening expert Jill Drago will discuss why this is happening to your spring beauties and what you can do to remedy the issues.

A close-up of a daffodil field, showcasing vibrant blooms with white outer petals and sunny yellow centers, radiating warmth. The slender, green stems gracefully support each blossom, swaying gently in the breeze. Lush, emerald leaves provide a verdant backdrop, completing the picturesque scene.


31 Daffodil Varieties to Brighten Up Your Spring Garden

How can you tell spring is in the air? Daffodils! When these bright flowers start to bloom it is a sure sign spring is here. But you don't need to choose only plain yellow ones (although those are great too!). Daffodils come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Let Master Gardener Laura Elsner shows you 31 daffodil varieties that will brighten up your spring garden.

Close-up of many potted amaryllis not blooming. Emerging from a bulb, the sprouts of the Amaryllis unfurl into tall, sturdy stems that rise with a graceful curve. The stems bear large, teardrop-shaped buds that hold the promise of vibrant blooms.


Why is my Amaryllis Not Blooming?

Amaryllis are gorgeous garden and interior additions during the holidays and year-round. Follow a few key cultural practices to get your amaryllis to bloom in its first season and beyond. Garden professional Katherine Rowe reviews strategies to keep your plant blooming each year.

A cluster of crisp white paperwhite blooms with orange centers flower atop sturdy green stems.


How to Pickle Your Paperwhites So They Last Longer

Are you forcing paperwhite bulbs this season? Pickling your bulbs is a great way to keep your plants looking their best and standing straight and tall throughout their blooming time. In this article, gardening expert Melissa Strauss will walk you through the process of pickling your paperwhites.

Planting potted bulbs indoors. Close-up of a woman planting daffodil plant bulbs into a clay flower pot. Daffodil bulbs are elongated, resembling small onions, and have brown outer skin. Vertical, slender, green leaves sprout from the tops of the bulbs.


How to Grow Potted Bulbs Indoors

Growing potted bulbs is a great way to brighten up your indoor garden over the cooler months and enjoy spring flowers before they emerge outdoors. Gardening expert Madison Moulton provides a step-by-step guide to growing potted bulbs indoors.

A cluster of delicate white paperwhites blooms indoors.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Paperwhites

Paperwhites are beautiful and fragrant flowers that you can grow indoors in winter. These plants need little care and cheer up the winter cold with their pretty blooms. Here, gardening expert Melissa Strauss explains how to force paperwhite bulbs indoors this winter.

A close-up of beautiful dahlias flowers reveals their intricate pink and dark red blooms, with delicate, serrated petals that seem to cradle sunlight. Lush, green leaves provide a vibrant backdrop, their glossy surfaces reflecting the play of shadows and light.


Can You Leave Dahlias In the Ground Over the Winter?

Have you gotten caught up in the Dahlia craze and want to know whether your pretty plants will pop back up in the spring? In this article, gardening expert Melissa Strauss discusses whether or not dahlias can be left outside in the winter and what you can do to keep them coming back year after year.

A rustic wooden box filled with a display of pink tulip bulbs and sunny yellow daffodil bulbs. These flower bulbs rest in perfect harmony, ready to be planted and bring forth a symphony of blooming beauty in the garden.


How Long Can You Keep Flower Bulbs in Storage?

Storing bulbs can be a tricky process if you’re not sure how long or in what fashion they should be stored. In this article, gardening expert Melissa Strauss discusses how long your bulbs will last if they are stored properly.