Growing fruits is one of the most satisfying harvests you'll ever have. Learn how to maximize production of your fruit gardens for sweet success!

The Dragon Fruit plant features sprawling, green, fleshy stems with pronounced ridges and striking, bright pink fruits adorned with green scales.


Complete Beginner’s Guide to Growing Dragon Fruit

Dreaming of fresh tropical dragon fruit? With cuttings and a proper trellis, you can harvest ultra-sweet fruits from this captivating cactus right from your backyard. Garden expert Logan Hailey explains the nuances of growing dragon fruit for beginners.

The 'Prolific' Hardy Kiwi plant features vigorous, twining vines, heart-shaped green leaves, and clusters of small, smooth, green fruits.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for ‘Prolific’ Hardy Kiwi Vines

With little care and attention, hardy kiwi vines produce hundreds of pounds of small, fuzzless kiwis each year. They thrive in climates too cold for fuzzy-skinned kiwi vines, and they’re an excellent fruiting vine for gardens. Read on with PNW gardener Jerad Bryant, and you’ll soon have unlimited supplies of fresh kiwi fruit!

A close-up of avocados reveals two green, rough, shiny fruits, while the background showcases the textured green leaves of the plant.


5 Best Avocado Trees for Home Gardens

Avocados are delicious and nutritious additions to our diet. With so many undeniable health benefits, it's no wonder these trees are getting a lot of attention lately. In this article, guacamole enthusiast Melissa Strauss has 5 fabulous varieties of avocado trees to tell you about.

strawberries hanging baskets with ripe bright red berries hang in a row in a greenhouse.


How to Grow Strawberries in Hanging Baskets

Imagine walking out to your porch and grabbing a handful of sweet, fresh berries as they overflow from a dangling basket. Strawberries are perfect for hanging baskets, and former organic farmer Logan Hailey has all the info you need to enjoy abundant yields in a small space.

Freestone clingstone peach difference. A close-up of ripe peaches in a large wicker basket, among which lies half a peach with juicy yellow flesh and a pinkish-brown pit in the center.


What’s the Difference Between Freestone and Clingstone Peaches?

If you’re in the market for a peach tree, there are some important factors to consider. One of the main distinctions among peaches is whether they are freestone or chingstone. But what does that mean? In this article, peach-loving gardener Melissa Strauss answers that question to help you choose the perfect peach tree for your landscape.

A close-up of a cluster of fresh ripe organic red strawberry fruits, nestled together, glistening with dew, promising sweet juiciness with every bite.


How Much Water do Strawberries Need?

Strawberries are fairly thirsty plants with shallow roots, so you must water regularly to ensure an abundance of juicy, sweet berries. But how much water do these fruits need, and how do you avoid overwatering? Former organic strawberry farmer Logan Hailey has the answers.

The backyard orchard features neatly spaced trees with gnarled branches, lush green leaves, and clusters of ripe, red and green apples hanging from their boughs, creating a picturesque and bountiful scene.


How to Start Your Own Mini Backyard Orchard

You don’t need a giant farm to grow fruit trees! A mini backyard orchard can produce copious amounts of apples, pears, oranges, and more in the small space of a standard yard. Here’s how to get started with zero experience!

A close-up of strawberry plants on a farm, featuring vibrant green leaves and branches, shows a mix of ripe red strawberries ready for picking and smaller unripe green strawberries still growing.


11 Strawberry-Growing Mistakes to Avoid This Year

If you crave sweet homegrown berries but your strawberry plants have underperformed in the past, a few tweaks to your growing methods could tremendously improve yields. Strawberry expert and former organic farmer Logan Hailey explains the most common strawberry-growing mistakes and how to avoid them this season.

remove strawberry runners. Close-up of female hands adorned with orange gloves, delicately pruning strawberry runners in a sunlit garden bed.


7 Benefits of Removing Strawberry Runners

If you want to eat loads of berries this summer, you may need to do some pruning. Strawberry runners suck a lot of energy away from your plants, but former organic farmer Logan Hailey has expert info on why and how you can remove them for higher yields.