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How to use diatomaceous earth

How To Use Diatomaceous Earth At Home

There are many methods that people use for pest control, but how to use diatomaceous earth varies depending on situation. We explain it all!

Snail vs slug

Snail Vs Slug: What’s The Difference?

All gardeners see them, but what are the difference between them? We’re exploring the differences between snail vs slug and explaining both!

Chamaepsila rosae

Carrot Fly: Advantageous Umbillifer Pest

The carrot fly goes after carrot plants and their near-relatives like parsnips or celery, and can destroy a harvest. We cover control tips!

Spinosad spray

Spinosad Spray: What It Is And Its Uses

One of the most potent organic insecticides out there, spinosad spray, comes from soil bacteria. But how should you use it? We explain!

Milky spore powder

Milky Spore Powder: Is It Effective?

Milky spore powder or granules have long been used for Japanese beetle grub prevention. But is this method effective? We discuss milky spore!