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A beautiful array of lavender colored flowers atop long green leaves, on a sunny day, in a garden.


25 Best Phlox Varieties For Your Garden

Phlox brightens the display with clusters of starry blooms among deep green leaves. The perennials grow across a range of conditions in a diversity of species and cultivars. To stave off fungal diseases like powdery mildew, start with a strong selection for your space. Here, gardening expert Katherine Rowe outlines phlox varieties with stellar ornamental value and high landscape performance.

Person holding a mini hand held shovel with sodium bicarbonate with their garden in the background.

Gardening Tips

Is Baking Soda Safe for Plants?

You may have heard that household baking soda can treat plant disease, deter pests, and improve the soil. But is this true? Join farmer Briana Yablonski to learn whether baking soda is safe for plants.

Two ripe melons with a netted rind on a wooden surface next to red pruning shears.


How to Prune Melon Vines for Bigger, Better Fruit

Much like their cucumber relatives, melons benefit from pruning to halt excessive leafy growth and promote more flowers and fruit. Pruning can also make it easier to trellis small-fruited varieties upward. In this article, former organic farmer Logan Hailey explains the best pruning methods for melons.

Close-up of potted Chinese evergreen houseplants having broad, red leaves with striking green veins and edges, adding a vibrant contrast.


17 Houseplants with Red Foliage

Are you looking for ways to make your houseplant collection more colorful? There aren't many plants that flower indoors, but there are many that have colorful foliage. Gardening expert Melissa Strauss shares some beautiful plants with red foliage that you can grow indoors.

Majestic giant sequoia trees with towering, reddish-brown trunks and dense, feathery green foliage that creates a dramatic, forest canopy.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Giant Sequoia Trees

Do you want to grow the largest tree in the world? If your landscape has 30-60 square feet of open space and lots of summer moisture, you can plant your own Giant Sequoia to reach up to 150 feet in your lifetime! In this guide, garden expert Logan Hailey explains how to grow this gigantic living fossil.

This ecoregion wildflower features delicate, lacy leaves and clusters of vibrant blue, spherical flowers atop slender stems.


The Top 5 Wildflowers For Your Ecoregion

Wildflowers color landscapes with red, yellow, magenta, purple, and white flowers. They invite native animal species into our backyards with their delicious nectar and pollen. Join native plant gardener Jerad Bryant to discover what top five North American wildflowers thrive within your ecoregion.

A gorgeous flower garden with a variety of colorful flowers including artemisia absinthium, cleome or spider flowers, daises, coneflowers, bee balm or monarda, and blanket flowers.

Ornamental Gardens

21 Easy Perennial Plants for Beginner Gardeners

There’s nothing like a reliable perennial that thrives in conditions where other plants wither. Their outstanding flowers and foliage bring beauty, diversity, and pollinator value to the display. Easy to grow, the best performers are unfussy and low-maintenance. Explore exceptional perennials for gardeners of any level with expert Katherine Rowe. Beginners welcome!

gardener planting flowering plants in the garden while wearing protective gloves.

Gardening Tips

7 Bad Gardening Habits You Should Leave Behind

Whether leaving the hose on or overcrowding your plants, some gardening habits become ingrained in your seasonal routines. It’s easy to adopt certain patterns without stopping to question “why?” In this article, garden expert Logan Hailey explains 7 garden habits to leave behind, and what you can do instead for easier maintenance and healthier plants.

Close-up of oval green leaves affected by salt burn showing brownish-orange edges.

Plant Problems

What is Salt Burn in Plants?

Salt burn is a condition that has many causes that may damage or kill plants. But what exactly causes this condition? And is it treatable? Gardening expert Christina Conner explains what exactly salt burn is, how it happens, what symptoms to look for, and how to prevent and treat it.

The tree is characterized by its towering height, bright green feathery leaves, and distinctive fluted trunk.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Dawn Redwood Trees

If you don’t live in the ideal foggy coastal climate for growing a California Coast Redwood, you can still plant a redwood in your landscape! Dawn Redwood trees are native to China and adaptable to USDA zones 4-8. Garden expert Logan Hailey explains everything you need to know about growing this ancient coniferous tree.