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The Endless Summer Hydrangea features large, glossy green leaves and abundant, rounded clusters of vibrant blue and pink flowers.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for ‘Endless Summer’ Hydrangeas

Endless Summer hydrangeas showcase the classic mophead hydrangea blooms we need in our gardens. This hardy collection of hydrangeas spans growing zones with reliable reblooming and long-lasting seasonal color. Explore the merits of an ‘Endless Summer’ with gardening expert Katherine Rowe.

The Dragon Fruit plant features sprawling, green, fleshy stems with pronounced ridges and striking, bright pink fruits adorned with green scales.


Complete Beginner’s Guide to Growing Dragon Fruit

Dreaming of fresh tropical dragon fruit? With cuttings and a proper trellis, you can harvest ultra-sweet fruits from this captivating cactus right from your backyard. Garden expert Logan Hailey explains the nuances of growing dragon fruit for beginners.

A variety of different herbs with vibrant purple flowers grow abundantly in a wooden raised bed.


How to Grow Your Own Herbes de Provence

Do you enjoy preparing and eating your own meals? Don’t forget that you can also grow your own food, including delicious herbs to spice up soups, salads, sides, and main dishes! In this article, gardening enthusiast Liessa Bowen introduces a versatile assortment of herbs, collectively known as “Herbes de Provence,” and how to grow them in your garden!

A close-up of a FELCO 211-60 loppers cutting through a medium sized branch with green foliage in the background.

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15 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love to Garden

Father’s Day brings the opportunity to treat the special people in our lives with thoughtful, functional, and lasting garden gifts. For Dads who enjoy gardening, a garden-related gift is the best! Join gardener Katherine Rowe in reviewing top picks to gift this Father’s Day.

Close up of two different jars of pickling cucumbers and garlic heads on a wooden table in the garden.


9 Best Cucumbers for Pickling

Want to turn your garden harvest into fresh dill or bread and butter pickles, then planting the right type of cucumber is the first step. Join Briana Yablonski to learn some of the best types of cucumbers for pickling.

Close-up of a mint plant - one of the cold-hardy herbs growing in a container with a layer of white snow on the soil.


25 Cold-Hardy Herbs That Survive Winter in the Garden

As we get to planting fresh herbs, it’s helpful to add selections that last for seasons to come. For gardeners in cold climates, winter-hardy perennial herbs abound for lasting enjoyment. Join gardening expert Katherine Rowe for cold-hardy herbs to grow this season and beyond.