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Monoculture of wheat

Crop Rotation: Why It Matters So Much

What exactly is crop rotation, and why does it matter? We explain the science behind crop rotation and why it’s so beneficial.

Home testing of soil pH with test kit

How To Lower Soil pH Or Raise Soil pH

People who grow blueberries often wonder how to lower soil pH, while others try to increase it. Here we’ll explain what works and doesn’t!

Mustard cover crop germinating

18 Cover Crops For Raised Beds

Selecting cover crops for raised beds shouldn’t be a chore. We break down a variety of these and help you pick what’s best for your beds!

Kevin preparing seed starting mix

Seed Starting Mix: DIY Options And More

The right seed starting mix will cause your garden to burst into life! We’re exploring your DIY options and providing suggestions for success.

Cow Manure

Cow Manure: How to Turn Poop into Peat

Humble cow manure is a phenomenal addition to most gardens. If you’re not familiar with how to use it, this informative piece will explain!

Sandy soil

Improving Sandy Soil: Amending It Right

Sandy soil is one of the major types of soil and has specific benefits and disadvantages. We’ll show you how to improve sandy soils!