Gardening Tips

Here you'll find quick and easy gardening tips to help you avoid mistakes, fix problems, and maximize your harvest in your garden.

Close-up of a gardener cleaning a garden tool - a black spade under running water in a sunny garden.

Gardening Tips

A Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Garden Tools

Much like a chef has a favorite knife, every gardener has a favorite tool. The key to their longevity and effectiveness lies in how well they’re taken care of. Well-maintained and cleaned tools also limit disease spread in the garden, leading to healthier and happier plants. In this article, gardening expert and hori-hori aficionado Christina Conner shares some of her top tips for taking great care of your garden tools.

Close-up of a gardener's hands planting a young kohlrabi seedling into the soil in a sunny summer garden, carefully avoiding beginner gardening mistakes.

Gardening Tips

12 Beginner Gardening Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

With so much information and conflicting advice, starting a garden can be overwhelming. Fortunately, most errors are easy to avoid and fix. In this article, garden expert and former organic farmer Logan Hailey helps you avoid the biggest beginner gardening mistakes this summer and what to do instead.

Close-up of a gardener watering a summer blooming garden using a hose with a green spray nozzle to avoid common watering mistakes.

Gardening Tips

Don’t Make These 7 Watering Mistakes in Your Garden

Whether you’re overwatering or underwatering, irrigation is one of the most common mistakes among gardeners. Finding the perfect moisture balance is not always easy, especially with so many different plants in your garden. In this article, former organic farmer Logan Hailey helps you avoid the biggest irrigation mistakes.

Close-up of a gardener's hand harvesting ripe raspberries from a bush, an important July gardening task.

Gardening Tips

13 Garden Tasks to do in July

Long, vibrant days yield flourishing plant growth. Though seeding and early harvests are out of the way, there are some important garden tasks to keep up with this July. In this article, garden expert Logan Hailey shares the most important maintenance practices for midsummer gardens.

A close-up of flowering Bee Balm, Monarda Didyma. Vibrant pink petals burst forth from the center, attracting bees and butterflies alike. Surrounding the blooms, lush green leaves provide a verdant backdrop, enhancing the flower's beauty.

Gardening Tips

Can Native Plants Be Invasive?

You’ve probably heard terms like native plants, exotic plants, and invasive species. But do you know what these terms mean and whether or not they overlap? In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen explores some differences between native and exotic species and explains what makes a plant invasive.

The Cucamelon plant, known for its vine-like growth and small, grape-sized fruits resembling miniature watermelons, is noted as a plant that would not be grown again due to its prolific spread and minimal culinary appeal.

Gardening Tips

21 Plants We Wouldn’t Grow Again

You only have so much space in your garden, and some plants just aren’t worth growing. Whether they’re too big, too messy, or outright invasive, garden expert Logan Hailey explains why she wouldn’t grow these 21 plants again.

Close-up of a geranium plant cutting rooting in a glass vase filled with water, set against a white background.

Gardening Tips

31 Popular Plants You Can Root In Water

Rooting stems in water is a simple process that rewards us with creating new plants. Join gardening expert Katherine Rowe in exploring viable plant selections to start in water. If we’re lucky, we’ll soon add the new roots and shoots to our garden collection and enjoy the display as we go.