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Here you'll find quick and easy gardening tips to help you avoid mistakes, fix problems, and maximize your harvest in your garden.

close up of a plant that features large, ovate to lance-shaped leaves that are often smooth and green, with prominent veins. There are elongated, drooping clusters of purple berries growing on bright pink stems.

Gardening Tips

28 Invasive Plants to Avoid in the Pacific Northwest

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest and want to grow a healthy landscape without any invasive species? Invasive plants can take over your garden, invade nearby natural areas, and compete with native species. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen shares 28 invasive plants you should not introduce into your yard or garden.

Close-up of a garden with long rows of cold frames with various plants growing. The cold frame appears as a low-profile, box-like structure constructed with materials such as wood and metal. The frames are white and open.

Gardening Tips

What Can I Grow in a Cold Frame in the Winter?

You probably know that a cold frame can help you extend the growing season into the winter, but do you know what plants will thrive in this environment? In this article, vegetable farmer Briana Yablonski covers what plants you can successfully grow in a winter cold frame.

A fuzzy orange and brown fruit bat hangs from a leafy branch.

Gardening Tips

9 Ways To Attract Bats To Your Garden

Cut down on mosquitoes, naturally control garden pests, and support local ecology by attracting beneficial bats to your garden! Former organic farmer Logan Hailey explores 9 simple ways you can support endangered bat populations and enjoy a diverse garden ecosystem.

A person in a lush garden holds a bright red plastic bucket brimming with kitchen scraps. With care and determination, the individual tips the bucket, releasing a cascade of food scraps into the dark, fertile soil below.

Gardening Tips

Does Burying Food Scraps Produce Results in the Garden?

If you’ve heard burying food scraps in your garden boosts plant growth, you’ve probably questioned if this actually works. Luckily, Epic Gardening founder Kevin Espiritu designed an experiment to get to the bottom of the food scrap mystery. Join vegetable farmer Briana Yablonski as she dives into what Kevin learned about food scraps.

A beautiful potted heather shrub with pink blooms juts out of a light snow cover.

Gardening Tips

How to Overwinter Perennial Plants in Pots & Containers

Readying the garden for winter but don’t want to sacrifice your perennial container gardens? Try overwintering perennials in pots and containers for reemergence in the spring. Preserve those perennial beauties with steps for successful container overwintering. Garden professional Katherine Rowe reviews measures for the best chances of winter survival for container perennials.

The shiny berries of a porcelain vine look iridescent blue next to green foliage.

Gardening Tips

28 Invasive Plants to Avoid in the Northeast

Do you live in the northeastern United States and want to avoid invasive plants in your landscape? It doesn’t take long for invasive plants to take over your garden and spread into nearby natural areas. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen introduces 28 invasive plants you should avoid with suggestions for better alternatives.

A close-up of Bush Honeysuckle reveals enchanting pink flowers that dangle in clusters. The green leaves are opposite, elliptical, and possess a glossy sheen, enhancing their visual appeal. Branches extend gracefully, forming an intricate network within the shrub.

Gardening Tips

28 Invasive Plants to Avoid in The Midwest

Are you a Midwest gardener with concerns about invasive species? There are plenty of invasive plants that can not only take over your garden but spread into the neighboring landscape. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen introduces 28 invasive species that Midwestern gardeners should watch out for, plus 28 alternative plants you can grow instead.

A close-up of Water Hyacinth highlights its enchanting light lavender flowers. The green leaves, some marred with charming holes, add character and a sense of the plant's journey in nature's intricate tapestry.

Gardening Tips

28 Invasive Plants to Avoid in The Southeast

If you live in the Southeastern United States, you are probably already familiar with some of the most common invasive plant species. Learn to recognize your region's invasive plants so you can keep them out of your landscape. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen will introduce 28 common invasive species of the Southeast and better alternatives for each.

a pile of bright orange pumpkins sit atop a decorative fall straw bale.

Gardening Tips

Can You Use Halloween Straw Bales In Your Garden?

If you want to reuse your Halloween decor but are hesitant about the potential chemicals, weeds, or pathogens in straw bales, former organic farmer Logan Hailey has quick tips for deciphering between hay and straw bales, plus a guide to safely using straw bales without risking herbicide contamination.