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Sorghum plant

Sorghum Plant: Food, Silage, And More

The sorghum plant might be one of the most common and useful cereal crops that many gardeners have never heard of! Explore sorghum with us!

Growing oats

Growing Oats: Whole-Grain Goodness

Love oatmeal? If so, consider growing oats. Homegrown oats can act as a cover crop while producing those tasty seed heads. We explain how!

Chia plant

Chia Plant: Sage’s Seedier Cousin

Chia seeds have long been used for “hair” on clay sculptures. But the chia plant that produces them is a great garden choice! We share tips.

Growing wheat

Growing Wheat: Bread From The Backyard

Have you ever thought about growing wheat? You can get a surprisingly decent yield even from a small space. Our growing guide shares how!

When to harvest corn

When To Harvest Corn For Perfect Ears

Do you know when to harvest corn at its peak? We’re discussing not just sweet varieties, but all types of corn in this in-depth guide!