Outdoor Hydroponics: 9 Tips For Maximum Yields

Outdoor Aquaponics System

If you’re an indoor hydroponic grower, you know just how expensive your hydroponics garden can get due to the need to keep air conditioning, humidifiers, grow lights, etc. running. Why not start an outdoor hydroponic garden instead? Outdoor hydroponics gives you the perfect balance of nutrients and water, and in the summer when there is … Read more

Separating Onions: Maximizing Your Nursery Pack

Separating Onions

Today I’ll show you how to go about separating onions and maximizing the value of your store-bought seedlings! When you go to purchase onions, leeks, garlic, or other alliums at a nursery or garden center, they often come in a six-pack container that’s just crowded. Even if you started your seed at home, this can … Read more

Grow Tent Setup: The Complete Guide

Grow Tent Setup

Are you wondering about setting up your very first tent? You’re in the right place! Grow tents are one of the most important tools when it comes to indoor gardening and setting them up is a simple process once you know what’s needed. A grow tent allows you to recreate nature under your very own … Read more