Small Home Garden: Go On The Road With These

Small home garden

You may not think that you can garden if you’re living out of an RV or tiny house. But you’d be wrong! A small home garden can travel right along with you. Container gardens are the perfect solution for people who’re living out of an RV. Nothing beats picking fresh veggies and herbs outside your … Read more

20+ Inspiring and Free Gardening Documentaries

20+ Inspiring and Free Gardening Documentaries

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with gardening videos and documentaries. There are so many different ways to garden and such a wealth of knowledge on YouTube these days that it’s hard not to be addicted to it. Plus, everyone is sharing all of this information for free! There are some truly inspiring gardens and gardeners … Read more

8 Simple Habits All Expert Gardeners Do Every Day

Become a better gardener

If I had it my way, I’d have titled this: The 20,493 Tips Successful Gardeners All Follow. What I’m saying is, there are a million little things that incredible gardeners do to get amazing harvests and beautiful gardens. This list is my summary of the bigger ones — the essentials that many newer gardeners overlook or … Read more

60+ Garden Quotes To Nurture Your Green Thumb

Sometimes gardening can be frustrating! There are so many variables that can affect your garden it’s sometimes difficult to see the “bright side” when everything goes wrong. But, a lesson is learned with every failure and we gardeners continue growing and moving forward. When you think all hope is lost, take a step back, re-motivate … Read more

18 Insane Facts About Carnivorous Plants

700+ Species of Carnivorous Plants

Most of the time we talk about plants that you can grow and eat… But what about plants that grow by eating animals and insects?​ Enter carnivorous plants, a fascinating type of plant that gets most of its nutrition by preying on other living creatures! Here are 18+ things you didn’t know about carnivorous plants. … Read more