Growing cilantro indoors

Growing Cilantro Indoors: A Primer

With a little planning, growing cilantro indoors is a year-round option. We’ll explain how to begin your indoor herb garden right!

Anise plant

Anise Plant: Growing Aniseed At Home

The anise plant produces aniseed, tasty seeds with a hint of licorice-like flavor. Growing this herb at home keeps you stocked up!

Growing parsley

Growing Parsley, The Underutilized Herb

Once you start growing parsley and taste it freshly-picked, you may find reasons to use it throughout your cooking. Our guide reveals all!

Growing hops

Growing Hops for Home-Brewed Beer

Anyone who brews beer will know hops are essential. Growing hops at home is a way to ensure you’ve always got your favorite cones at hand!

How to harvest oregano

How To Harvest Oregano For Later Use

If you know how to harvest oregano properly, you’ll be able to keep your house stocked with flavorful leaves! Our guide reveals how.