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New Guinea impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens Care Tips To Use

Growing New Guinea impatiens is relatively easy, and their flowers are glorious pops of color! Our growing guide explains how to do it right.

Hibiscus kokio subsp saintjohnianus

Hawaiian Hibiscus: Tropical Treasures

The Hawaiian hibiscus is a gorgeous tropical flowering shrub or tree well worth growing. We discuss the care of these island treasures!

Mexican heather

Mexican Heather: Growing The Elfin Herb

Mexican heather, sometimes called false heather or elfin herb, is a beautiful warm-climate plant. We explore its care and share growing tips!

Shampoo ginger

Shampoo Ginger Plant: Awapuhi Kuahiwi

Shampoo ginger is a close relative of the normal ginger plant, but is used for hair conditioner and skincare. Our guide shares growing tips!

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

25 Hibiscus Types You’ll Love To Grow

There’s a huge number of hibiscus types that are incredible to see. We’ve narrowed down our favorites and are sharing those with you!

Marshmallow plant

Marshmallow Plant: Ancient Candy Source

The marshmallow plant gets its name from the marshes, but also spawned the candy of the same name. Learn to grow this plant with our guide!