Trees provide shade, cover, and may even produce fruit! Learn how to grow your trees successfully with our detailed guides.

Jacaranda trees in full bloom, adorned with vibrant purple flowers, creating a majestic canopy against the sky.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Jacaranda Trees

When it comes to tropical, flowering trees, few specimens hold a candle to the magical and beautiful jacaranda tree. If you’re planting one of these special trees, there are a few important factors to consider. Here, gardening expert Melissa Strauss will help you get off on the right foot with your beautiful tree.

Ginkgo biloba is a tree with unique fan-shaped leaves of glossy green color.


29 Trees With Unique Foliage

Are you looking for a tree to add structure and diversity to your yard? Consider a tree with showy, unique leaves that will really stand out in your landscape! In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen introduces 29 tree species with uniquely different foliage.

The Willow tree features slender, flexible stems and long, narrow, lance-shaped leaves with finely serrated edges that flutter in the breeze.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Willow Trees

Willow trees have a graceful, almost magical look to them. They are well suited to moist locations near ponds and wetland borders. In this article, gardening enthusiast Liessa Bowen introduces the diverse world of willows and how to best grow these trees in your landscape.

A dense canopy of deciduous trees fills the frame, their vibrant green leaves shimmering in the sunlight, contrasting against the clear blue sky in the background, evoking a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.


What’s the Difference Between Deciduous and Evergreen Trees?

You’ve probably heard the words deciduous and evergreen, but do you know what they mean and what types of trees they are? Trees are classified into various categories, including whether or not they lose their leaves each autumn. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen explains the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees.

Towering pine trees reach skyward, their verdant branches stretching gracefully towards the heavens, a sanctuary of green tranquility in nature's embrace.


Pine Tree Growth Rates: How Fast do Pine Trees Grow?

Planting a tree in your yard is a long-term investment, but some trees grow faster than others. Pine trees are popular for their rapid, tall growth, valuable timber, and evergreen aesthetic, but how fast do they grow in a home landscape? Garden expert Logan Hailey has the answers.

conifer types. The Cedrus libani, or Cedar of Lebanon, presents dense branches adorned with evergreen needle-like leaves, which are dark green and spirally arranged, culminating in large, barrel-shaped cones.


25 Types of Conifers for Home Landscapes

Are you considering a conifer to spruce up your yard? Conifers come in all shapes and sizes, from majestic towering trees to ground-hugging shrubs. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen introduces 25 uniquely different conifers from around the world.

A close-up of Eurasian Smoke Tree featuring clusters of small, delicate pink flowers amidst vibrant green leaves. The background showcases towering green trees, adding depth to the image. The contrast between the pink blooms and the lush foliage creates a captivating scene.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Smoke Trees

Add a billowy, whimsical backdrop to any landscape with smoke trees that flutter in every breeze. Garden expert Logan Hailey digs into how to grow and maintain the fluffy, smoke-like puffs of this intriguing ornamental.

View of various types of Conifers in the garden. Conifers, a group of cone-bearing trees and shrubs, are known for their iconic appearance characterized by needle-like or scale-like leaves, typically evergreen and often arranged spirally around the branches. These trees boast a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from towering pines with sturdy, straight trunks to graceful firs with sweeping branches. Their needle-like and scale-like leaves come in bright green, dark green and bluish-gray shades.


What is a Conifer?

Conifers are all around us, but what exactly are they? These trees play an important role in the ecosystem and the economy. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen gives a brief introduction to coniferous plants.

A line of triangular arborvitae trees stretches along the roadside, their lush green foliage creating a natural barrier. In the distance, a serene cloudy sky paints the backdrop, adding depth to the peaceful rural scene.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Arborvitae

Arborvitae are all the rage for adding a luxurious living fenceline to your landscaping. But what are the care requirements, and how easy or difficult are they to grow? Gardening expert Kelli Klein walks you through the steps to provide optimal growing conditions for your arborvitae hedge.