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Mustard cover crop germinating

18 Cover Crops For Raised Beds

Selecting cover crops for raised beds shouldn’t be a chore. We break down a variety of these and help you pick what’s best for your beds!

How to spread mulch

How To Spread Mulch The Right Way

Laying mulch is necessary for moisture retention, erosion control, and weed reduction. We explain how to spread mulch in your garden spaces!

Growing alfalfa

Growing Alfalfa: Forage Or Garden Fuel

A stand of growing alfalfa can be a future rich nutrient for the soil or fodder for local livestock. We explain how to grow alfalfa yourself!

Leaf mulch

Leaf Mulch: Tree-Powered Garden Additive

Not enough people put leaf mulch to use in their gardens, and they should. These lovely gifts from deciduous trees build incredible soil!

Straw mulch

Straw Mulch: Protecting Your Veggies

The application of straw mulch will help protect your vegetable garden from disease, reduce watering, and more. We discuss this resource!

Mulch around trees

Mulch Around Trees: Good Or Bad?

We’re often told to mulch around trees, but there are definitely right ways and wrong ways to do it. We explore your options!

Types of mulch

Types of Mulch: Choosing The Right One

Learning about all the types of mulch is a stepping stone towards your future garden success! We provide in-depth explanation of each kind.