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Close up on a cluster of crimson and white Thanksgiving cactus blooms on green, prickly foliage, against a white backdrop.


How to Get Your Thanksgiving Cactus to Rebloom

As Thanksgiving approaches, you may look at your Thanksgiving cactus with no blooms, wondering whether it will flower again. Houseplant expert Madison Moulton explains the tricks to getting your Thanksgiving cactus to rebloom year after year.

Close up of a pink and white Thanksgiving cactus bloom at the end of a long, green cascading stem.


Why Isn’t My Thanksgiving Cactus Blooming?

Replicating native environments and managing care is essential if you want your Thanksgiving cactus to flower at the right time. Houseplant expert Madison Moulton explains eight reasons why your Thanksgiving cactus may not be blooming this year and what you can do about it.