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Monoculture of wheat

Crop Rotation: Why It Matters So Much

What exactly is crop rotation, and why does it matter? We explain the science behind crop rotation and why it’s so beneficial.

Pepper companion plants

Pepper Companion Plants: Produce Pals

Improve the taste of your produce and lessen pests by choosing the right pepper companion plants. Our guide shares some of our best tips!

Potato companion plants

Potato Companion Plants: Spud Buddies

Choosing good potato companion plants can make a world of difference! We explore the art of intercropping to find the right potato pals.

Cucumber companion plants

Cucumber Companion Plants: Pickle Pals

Once you find the right cucumber companion plants, you’ll have an easier time growing them. We discuss intercropping tips for your cucumbers!

Onion companion plants

Onion Companion Plants: Allium Allies

What are some good onion companion plants? We explore how to pair your plants for improved yields, pest control and overall garden glory!