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Potato Scab

Potato Scab: Bacterial Potato Disease

Potato scab is a common tuber disease that makes your potatoes look lumpy. We explore this disease, its bacterial cause, and treatment!

Septoria brown spot on blackberry leaf

Brown Spot ID: What’s That Spot From?

If you’ve seen a dark brown spot or brown spot lesions on your plants, you’re not alone. We explore what the causes of brown spots may be!

Brown rot

Brown Rot: Fruit Fungi Frustration

Brown rot is caused by a fungus that lives on stone and pome fruits. We discuss this fungal disease and how to control, prevent, or treat it!

Mosaic virus infected soybean leaves

Mosaic Virus: A Category Of Problems

There are many mosaic virus types that cause a host of problems for plants. We discuss different variations and how to prevent them.