Plant Problems

Learn how to avoid the many plant problems you'll run into when gardening - pests, diseases, and more. We provide treatment and prevention tips!

adding vinegar essence over weed growing between concrete floor tiles


Does Vinegar Kill Weeds?

There are many ways to avoid herbicides in an organic landscape, and you may wonder if vinegar is one of them. Garden expert and former organic farmer Logan Hailey explores the science, safety, and practicality of using vinegar as a weed killer.

A close-up of a soft pink tubular petunia flower infested with pests - tiny green aphids.

Garden Pests

7 Petunia Pests: ID and Treatment

Common garden pests are pesky. They may weaken plants and carry fungal diseases and viruses. Petunias are beautiful summer-flowering annuals that appeal to certain plant-feeding insects in their most active season. If your bloomer shows signs of stress or damage beyond cultural issues, scout for common pests. Garden expert Katherine Rowe explores pests that enjoy petunias as much as we do and how to identify and treat them.

A row of pink and red flower spikes bloom against a wood-sided building.

Plant Problems

Hollyhock Rust: ID and Treatment

Hollyhock rust is a fungal disease that readily spreads among these warm-season bloomers. Once it sets in, it is difficult to mitigate, but not all is lost. Here, garden expert Katherine Rowe looks at how to identify and treat the infection and how to prevent its spread.

Bindweed, With an aggressive vining growth habit, develop climbing vines that allow the plant to easily scale fences and overtake other plants.

Plant Problems

How to Get Rid of Bindweed: 7 Pro Tips

With an aggressive vining growth habit and robust rhizomes, bindweed is one of the toughest weeds to remove from your garden. Join farmer Briana Yablonski to learn some expert tips on how to rid your property of this pesky plant.

A weed burner emitting flames to clear weeds on a paved surface.


How and Why to Burn Your Weeds

We usually don’t want fires in our garden, but flame weeding can provide a quick solution for aggressive weed seedlings. In this article, organic farmer Logan Hailey explains how to burn your weeds and important safety precautions to consider before grabbing a torch.

Close-up of a flowering Clematis plant features stunning pink flowers with delicate, layered petals and vibrant green, deeply lobed leaves with brown spots due to disease.

Plant Problems

5 Common Clematis Diseases and How to Treat Them

Clematis brings exotic beauty and vertical interest with its glorious flowers, vining stems, and attractive foliage, whether deciduous or evergreen. While a relatively carefree grower, clematis is susceptible to common fungal diseases that impact growth, flowering, and form. If detected early, plants can recover. Join gardening expert Katherine Rowe in a look at common issues for clematis and how to treat and prevent them.

Close-up of a red ladybug crawling along the stem of a plant, attracted by black aphids - showcasing natural predation to deter garden pests.

Garden Pests

5 Unique Ways to Deter Pests From Your Garden

There comes a time in the growing season when all the pests seem to have arrived, and we feel like we’re part of an endless cat-and-mouse game of chase. Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she shares five unique ways to deter pests from the garden so you can enjoy all the fruits of your labor.

Close-up of a gardener's hand in a gray glove showing a slug eating arugula leaves in the garden due to mistakes made in pest control.

Garden Pests

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Fighting Garden Pests

Pest infestations can get out of hand quickly, but harsh sprays and reactive techniques aren’t always the answer. Some pest management mistakes can even make the bug pressure worse! In this article, former organic farmer Logan Hailey explains how to avoid the most common mistakes when fighting garden pests.

common garden diseases. Close-up of peony bushes affected by disease exhibit wilted, brown-orange leaves with crispy, dry edges, giving the foliage a scorched and unhealthy appearance.

Plant Diseases

23 Common Garden Diseases and How to Treat Them

Pests and diseases can be found in almost every garden. It’s part and parcel of growing plants outdoors, where they submit to the weather and potentially less-than-ideal conditions. However, there are some best practices that can help curtail potential disease issues. Not to mention that if a plant becomes infected, not all is lost! Gardening expert Kelli Klein walks you through 23 common garden diseases and how to treat them.