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Coleus plants feature dark violet leaves with distinct green edges, showcasing a striking contrast.

Ornamental Gardens

13 Best Plants to Grow with Rhododendrons

If you love rhododendrons, you may wonder what other plants pair well with them. We’ve selected 13 ideal species to grow alongside small and giant rhododendrons. Read on with Jerad Bryant and discover which companion plants work best for your garden.

Close-up of a ripe cucumber illuminated by the bright sun among large lobed leaves.


How Much Sun Do Cucumbers Need?

If you want to enjoy crunchy, homegrown cucumbers this summer, make sure to provide your plants with enough sun! Join farmer Briana Yablonski to learn how much sun cucumbers need to thrive.

The dragon fruit plant in its last growth stage features broad, triangular green stems with elongated, spiky leaves and produces vibrant pink fruits with scaly, leathery skin.


How Fast Do Dragon Fruit Trees Grow?

Dragon fruit are incredibly fast-growing cactuses, but how long will it take until you harvest your first ultra-sweet fruit? In this article, garden expert Logan Hailey explains the key dragon fruit growth stages and how to speed up plant maturity.

Vibrant red and soft pink tuberous begonias contrast beautifully with the deep green foliage.

Ornamental Gardens

21 Tropical Plants That Grow Well in the Shade

Many of the tropical plants we know and love today as annuals and houseplants originated in the understories of tropical rainforests. For the tropical shade garden, there is no shortage of shade-loving perennial plants. In this article, gardening expert Christina Conner shares some of her top tropical picks for the shade garden.

vertical strawberries


How to Grow Strawberries in Vertical Containers

Strawberries are the most beginner-friendly fruits, and they happily grow in vertical containers! In this article, garden expert and former organic berry farmer Logan Hailey explains how to grow juicy, sweet berries in a small space.

Close-up of watering a potted dragon fruit in a large terracotta pot using a green hose with a sprayer - overwatered.


9 Common Dragon Fruit-Growing Problems

Dragon fruit is a fascinating tropical cactus with delectably sweet fruits, but these plants can face some growing problems that cause major disappointment in the garden. Garden expert Logan Hailey explains the most common issues that growers face with this edible cactus and how to prevent them.

Clusters of deep purple heliotrope flowers stand out against a backdrop of green leaves and assorted plants in full bloom.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Heliotrope

If you love fragrant flowers in the garden, you’ve simply got to add heliotrope to your flowerbeds. These wonderfully perfumed flowering plants are simply stunning. Gardening expert Melissa Strauss has the info on growing and taking care of these pretty perennials.

Hands delicately trim a white peony blossom with precise black pruning shears.


When and How to Cut Back Peonies

If you are new to growing peonies, you may wonder when and how much you should cut them back. Gardening expert Melissa Strauss has the lowdown on pruning and cutting back your plants at the ideal time to make them come back bigger and even more beautiful in the spring.

A close-up of Kirigami Ornamental Oregano featuring light green leaves adorned with small purple flowers, glistening with moisture.

Ornamental Gardens

5 Gorgeous Varieties of Ornamental Oregano

Oregano is a spicy and aromatic herb that works wonders in the kitchen. Did you know it’s also a stunning ornamental that will bring pollinators to the garden? In this article gardening expert Melissa Strauss shares five beautiful varieties of this perennial herb for your garden.

Clusters of purple statice flowers nestled among lush green foliage, creating a vibrant contrast in a garden setting.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Statice

Statice is a beautiful flowering annual or perennial that adds color to flower beds and makes a long-lasting cut flower. Cut flower gardener Melissa Strauss shares how to grow and care for this fun and interesting plant in your garden.