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window box ideas. Close-up of flowering Petunias, Wishbone flowers and Emerald Falls Dichondra plants in a large wooden window box by the window. Sanguna® Blue Vein Petunias display stunning trumpet-shaped blooms in varying shades of purple, adorned with delicate deep purple veins that create an intricate and mesmerizing pattern.


15 Stunning Window Box Flower Ideas

Window boxes exude old-world charm and enhance the connection between home and garden. They add vertical interest in endless plant combinations for spectacular color, texture, and form. Explore a few window box favorites with garden designer Katherine Rowe for an overflowing display of blooms this season.

strawberry sun. Close-up of strawberry plant in a sunny garden. The strawberry plant features bright green, serrated leaves composed of three leaflets per stem, arranged alternately. The plant bears medium heart-shaped berries of juicy bright red color adorned with tiny seeds.


How Much Sun Do Strawberries Need?

If your strawberry plants are small, pale, and low-yielding, they may not be getting enough light. Former organic farmer Logan Hailey explains exactly how much sunlight strawberries need to thrive.

Clusters of unripe ‘Cherokee Purple’ tomatoes dangle gracefully from lush green vines, promising future bursts of flavor. In the background, a blur of foliage and soil hints at the thriving ecosystem supporting the burgeoning fruit.


21 Heirloom Vegetables to Plant This Spring

Heirloom vegetables bring exceptional flavor and diversity to the garden. With so many rich selections, it’s easy to incorporate history and culture into what we grow and eat. Here, let’s look at a few of the best heirloom varieties to sow this spring. Join garden expert Katherine Rowe in exploring a glimpse of our food heritage through mouth-watering heirloom vegetables.

A vibrant bouquet of poppies showcases a kaleidoscope of colors, encircling a radiant yellow center. Each petal unfurls in delicate layers, a harmonious blend of pale pink, white, red, orange, and golden yellow.


31 Beautiful Poppy Varieties for Your Garden

Once you add poppies to your garden, you’ll be hooked. Each variety adds a different kind of magic with its whimsical, papery petals and soft, romantic shades. In this article, organic farmer Jenna Rich will describe 31 beautiful poppy varieties you’ll want to sow this season.

Vibrant yellow Grandiflora Roses bloom, their petals unfurling in delicate layers under the sun's warm embrace. Surrounding the roses, deep green leaves stand out with their glossy texture, providing a lush backdrop for the cheerful blossoms to shine against.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Grandiflora Roses

Roses are red, white, pink, blue, and purple, too! These most popular of flowers are among the most fragrant and widely admired in the world. Gardeners and florists alike understand the allure and attraction of these wonderful blooms. In this article, rose enthusiast Melissa Strauss tells you all about growing and caring for grandiflora roses!

A close-up reveals dwarf lime trees flourishing in brown pots filled with soil, showcasing vibrant green fruits dangling from the branches. The fruits are small and spherical, resembling miniature limes ready for harvest. The leaves are glossy and vibrant, showcasing their lush, healthy appearance.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Dwarf Lime Trees

If you want to grow limes at home but lack the warm climate necessary for outdoor growing, take a look at dwarf lime trees. These plants remain compact, allowing you to tuck them into planters and grow them indoors. Join farmer Briana Yablonski to learn how to plant and care for these petite citrus trees.

native plants in pots. Close-up of Arctostaphylos 'John Dourley' in a decorative pot outdoors. The plant has a dense, evergreen foliage adorned with oval-shaped leathery leaves in shades of deep green. Clusters of delicate, urn-shaped flowers emerge, enchanting with their soft pink hues.

Ornamental Gardens

Can Native Plants Grow in Pots?

Native plants are stellar additions to the garden, but can they grow in pots? Nurseries advertise natives as fussy, but that is not always true. Gardener Jerad Bryant explores which native plants perform well in pots and which ones fail in containers.

A vibrant climbing rose bush with delicate pink flowers blooms against a backdrop of textured brick. The soft petals contrast beautifully with the rough surface, creating a charming scene of nature nestled against urban architecture.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Climbing Roses

Climbing roses fill the garden with vertical interest through their abundant blooms, fragrance, form, and multi-season appeal. Explore how to plant, grow, and care for these (mostly) easy-going beauties with gardening expert Katherine Rowe.

Close-up of Pennisetum setaceum rubrum, invasive ornamental grass, in a sunny garden. Pennisetum setaceum rubrum, commonly known as purple fountain grass, presents a striking appearance with its upright, arching stems adorned with slender, burgundy-colored foliage that cascades gracefully. The plant produces showy, bottlebrush-like flower spikes that emerge above the foliage.

Ornamental Gardens

Avoid Planting These 11 Invasive Ornamental Grasses

Adding ornamental grasses to your landscape is a great way to add a tough, drought-tolerant, perennial, low-maintenance, visually stunning plant. These same qualities, however, can make many of these grasses invasive, especially when they are grown outside of their native habitat and have no natural pests, diseases, or animals that would utilize them as a food source to limit their spread. So what makes a grass invasive? Gardening expert Kelli Klein tackles this topic and provides a list of 11 ornamental grasses to avoid.