Salvia sonomensis

Salvia Sonomensis: Sonoma Sage Ground Covers

Salvia sonomensis is a drought-resistant California native plant. If you’re doing xeriscaping, this is for you! Our guide explains it all.

You'll be surprised how quickly cucumbers climb and attach to a trellis

Growing Cucumbers Vertically: Tips for Success

Growing cucumbers vertically is a fantastic space-saving option, so try using a cucumber trellis and these growing tips for epic success!

Creeping raspberry berries are ripe

Creeping Raspberry: Lush Leaves And Vivid Fruit

Looking for a low-maintenance ground cover? Creeping raspberry provides beautiful foliage and even fruits! Our growing guide explains it all.

Mina lobata

Mina Lobata: A Firecracker Of A Vine

The firecracker vine, Mina lobata or ipomoea lobata, creates sprays of brilliantly-colored flowers. Our guide shows you how to grow it!

Ipomoea tricolor

Ipomoea Tricolor: Growing Great Grannyvines

Ipomoea tricolor, the Mexican morning glory or grannyvine, is a lovely trellising plant. Our growing guide teaches you all you need to know!