Kevin with fig pre-mulching

Chicago Hardy Fig: Fruit For Many Climates

The Chicago Hardy Fig is a fig tree which can handle a good chill. From propagation through harvest, our guide reveals all the important info!

How To Propagate Cactus

How to Propagate Cactus: A Prickly Process

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How Often To Water Succulents

How Often To Water Succulents: A Quick Guide

Unsure how often to water succulents? Our guide explains how to estimate when it’s time to top them up and when it’s best to wait!

Crossandra infundibuliformis

Crossandra: Shade-Loving Firecracker Flower

Crossandra creastes a colorful display in any home or garden setting. Our growing guide tells you everything you need to grow it right!

Kaleidoscope Abelia

Kaleidoscope Abelia: A Seasonal Color-Changer

With foliage color changing every season, kaleidoscope abelia is a perfect year-round plant. Our guide reveals how to grow it at home!

Green echeveria lola

Echeveria Lola: The Succulent Dream

Beauty takes on new meaning when you encounter Echeveria lola. This small succulent is simple to grow! Our guide reveals all you’ll need.