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Green celery plants stretch towards the sky; their stalks swaying gently in the warm sunlight.


5 Tips For Growing Celery in Raised Beds

Celery is an easy vegetable with the right care. It has more needs than your typical plant, but the rewards of a crunchy home-grown crop are worth it. These five tips from veggie gardener Jerad Bryant will have you harvesting bunches of celery in no time from your raised beds.

A lush orchard featuring Dwarf Cavendish banana trees with broad green leaves.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for ‘Dwarf Cavendish’ Banana Trees

Would you like to grow your own delicious, healthy bananas at home? ‘Dwarf Cavendish’ banana trees are fairly easy to grow, especially if you live in a warm climate, and they can produce harvestable bananas each year. If you’re not sure how to care for a tropical banana species, no worries. Plant biologist Emily Estep will walk you through everything you need to know.

White mushrooms thriving in rich, dark soil inside a cardboard carton.


13 Best Mushrooms You Can Grow At Home

Growing delicious, healthy mushrooms at home is easy, with more guides, kits, and information online each day. But with so many options, from colorful oysters to toothy lion’s mane, how do you know which to choose? Amateur mycologist Emily Estep names and explains 13 different mushrooms you can grow at home to help you make a shroomy selection.

The eggplant plant is one of the vegetables that can be planted in July, features broad, slightly fuzzy green leaves and produces glossy, purple, oval-shaped fruits.


23 Vegetables and Companion Plants You Can Plant in July

Spring is not the only time to plant a garden! Early summer plantings are key to abundant fall harvests. The crops you plant in July can yield throughout late summer and autumn. In this article, former organic farmer Logan Hailey explains the best vegetables to plant this month!

Clusters of peppers in varying shades of red and green, hang from a plant adorned with lush green leaves.


Don’t Make These 7 Pepper-Growing Mistakes This Year

Peppers are a favorite summer crop because of their deliciousness, easy care, and forgiving nature. Meeting a few of their key cultural requirements means peppers are happy to perform amid the summer heat. Join gardening expert Katherine Rowe in avoiding common pepper-growing mistakes for this year's best yield.

Close-up of a ripe cucumber illuminated by the bright sun among large lobed leaves.


How Much Sun Do Cucumbers Need?

If you want to enjoy crunchy, homegrown cucumbers this summer, make sure to provide your plants with enough sun! Join farmer Briana Yablonski to learn how much sun cucumbers need to thrive.

The dragon fruit plant in its last growth stage features broad, triangular green stems with elongated, spiky leaves and produces vibrant pink fruits with scaly, leathery skin.


How Fast Do Dragon Fruit Trees Grow?

Dragon fruit are incredibly fast-growing cactuses, but how long will it take until you harvest your first ultra-sweet fruit? In this article, garden expert Logan Hailey explains the key dragon fruit growth stages and how to speed up plant maturity.

Close-up of watering a potted dragon fruit in a large terracotta pot using a green hose with a sprayer - overwatered.


9 Common Dragon Fruit-Growing Problems

Dragon fruit is a fascinating tropical cactus with delectably sweet fruits, but these plants can face some growing problems that cause major disappointment in the garden. Garden expert Logan Hailey explains the most common issues that growers face with this edible cactus and how to prevent them.

vertical strawberries


How to Grow Strawberries in Vertical Containers

Strawberries are the most beginner-friendly fruits, and they happily grow in vertical containers! In this article, garden expert and former organic berry farmer Logan Hailey explains how to grow juicy, sweet berries in a small space.

Pepper seedlings in a raised bed display delicate stems with smooth, oval-shaped leaves growing in pairs along the stem, highlighting the significance of adequate pepper spacing for optimal growth and airflow between plants.


How Far Apart Should You Space Pepper Plants?

Planting a garden full of peppers? You may be wondering how many you can fit in one space. Pepper plants need a bit of space to thrive and grow fruit. Read on alongside pepper grower Jerad Bryant and learn how much legroom they need.