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A close-up of plump, crimson raspberries hanging delicately from a verdant branch. The vibrant, sun-kissed leaves surrounding the ripe raspberries, their deep green hues illuminated by the gentle rays of sunlight.


How to Prepare Raspberry Bushes for Winter

It’s the time of year when garden cleanup and winter preparation are in full swing, and this includes your raspberry bushes! Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she gives 7 easy steps to prepare your raspberry bushes for winter.

A sunny windowsill hosts a collection of potted herbs. Among them, fragrant rosemary, delicate thyme, and vibrant mint grow, each labeled with its name. The backdrop is a clear glass window, inviting in natural light.


13 Potted Herbs You Can Grow Indoors for Thanksgiving Dinner

Have you and your family begun your yearly planning for Thanksgiving? If you are looking to add some homegrown goodness to your big meal, this list is perfect for you. Gardening expert Jill Drago has compiled a list of 13 herbs you can grow indoors and use for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Three heads of cabbage that have split due to stress.


5 Cabbage-Growing Mistakes

First-time cabbage growers are bound to make a few mistakes along the way. In this article, gardening expert Kaleigh Brillon talks about five of the most common mistakes and what you can do to fix them.

Small violas in yellow, red, pink, and white adorn a green salad.


19 Edible Flowers for Your Garden

Do you love the idea of using flowers in the kitchen but aren’t sure where to start? In this article, gardening expert and food lover Melissa Strauss shares 19 of her favorite flowers to use in the culinary arts.

a row of lettuce seedlings sprout from a garden bed filled with rich, dark soil.


How to Grow Delicious Lettuce From Seed 

Lettuce is a vegetable every home gardener should have in their lineup. Follow along with gardening expert and organic farmer Jenna Rich to learn how to start lettuce from seed so you have fresh salads and crunchy BLTs all season.

3 recently pulled garlic cloves sit atop the soil of a garden bed on a sunny day.


Is It Too Late to Plant Garlic? A Zone-by-Zone Guide

If it’s already November and you’re afraid you’ve missed your garlic planting window, rest assured that gardeners in most zones are still safe to plant seed garlic cloves. Former organic farmer Logan Hailey has a regional guide to help you determine the best planting time for fall garlic.

A gloved gardener holds up a pile of recently harvested red onion bulbs in the late fall garden.


17 Crops to Plant in November

Autumn’s end doesn’t mean the gardening season is over! Former organic farmer Logan Hailey has tips for 17 November crops you can grow with or without protection based on your zone.

A thriving blueberry bush stands in a radiant patch of sunlight, its vibrant green leaves glistening. The sun's golden rays gently kiss the plump, deep-blue berries hanging from delicate branches.


How to Prepare Blueberry Bushes for Winter

Are you dreaming of summer blueberry abundance already, like I am? It’s important to prepare your blueberry bushes for winter so they’re healthy and strong next season. Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she gives 7 easy steps to prepare your blueberry bushes for winter.

A dedicated farmer arranges the just-picked green treasures, such as broccoli, parsley, Chinese cabbage, sweet potatoes, and carrots, neatly into a weathered wooden crate. The arrangement highlights the wholesome goodness of the harvest.


27 Unusual and Rare Vegetables to Grow This Season

If you want to spice up your culinary adventures or break the routine of a regular crop rotation, these unique and unconventional veggies will satisfy your craving for novelty. Former organic farmer Logan Hailey will guide you through 27 of the strangest vegetables from all over the world!

A garden bed is filled with lush radicchio heads with bright pink centers and light green outer leaves.


9 Delicious Radicchio Varieties You Can Grow

Most people crinkle their noses when they hear “bitter greens,” but radicchios redeem the bitter flavor with their incredible diversity, buttery texture, and extreme cold hardiness! Former organic farmer Logan Hailey digs into the 9 most unique and delectable Italian radicchios for adventurous gardeners.