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Sarah Jay

Sarah is a staff writer and content strategist at Epic Gardening. She spends most of her time researching and writing about native/adapted plants and the ecological systems that make up our growing climates.

Close-up of different seed packets on the store counter. Botanical Interests seed packets are characterized by their visually appealing and informative design. Featuring vibrant and detailed botanical illustrations, these packets provide a clear depiction of the mature plant's appearance, complete with flowers, foliage, and sometimes fruit.


How to Read a Seed Packet

What do you get when you buy Botanical Interests seeds? Master Naturalist Sarah Jay outlines all the information contained in one of our seed packets and how to read it here.

A tidy garden with grass and various drought-resistant plants uses light-colored rocks as mulch.


Do Rocks Make Good Mulch?

Rocks are often used as mulch in gardens, but are they the best choice? Master Naturalist Sarah Jay takes a deep dive into the topic, outlining the types of rocks you can garden with and how to use them.

Top view of a woman's palm full of seeds over large cell trays filled with soil mixture. Cell trays for starting seeds are rectangular plastic containers with multiple individual cells, each serving as a small compartment for germinating and growing individual seeds. On top of the cell tray is a small garden tool - a spatula.


How to Sow Seeds in Cell Trays

Master Naturalist Sarah Jay is getting ready for seed-starting at her home in Texas. In this piece, she considers seed cells, their use, and the types out there on the market.

Vibrant light yellow Marigolds bloom gracefully, petals unfurling like delicate sunbursts. Each flower boasts a golden center, surrounded by layers of intricate, feathery petals. Lush, green leaves serve as a verdant backdrop, framing the radiant blossoms.


24 Seeds to Grow in 2024

When Texas Master Naturalist Sarah Jay isn’t marveling at the wonders of her surrounding native ecosystem, she’s learning as much as possible about growing her own food. Here, she outlines the top 24 varieties to grow in 2024 via a list developed by Epic Gardening’s Kevin and Jacques!

Close-up of Springer hang watering system in a greenhouse to control greenhouse humidity. There are many different types of lettuce with green and purple leaves growing in the greenhouse.


How to Control Humidity in a Greenhouse

Understanding humidity is one of the most important parts of growing in a greenhouse. In this piece, experienced gardener and Master Naturalist Sarah Jay explores the topic and provides 5 ways to control humidity inside your greenhouse.

Close-up of many blooming potted orchids on a sunlit windowsill. Orchids produce clusters of large, elegant and intricate blooms. The blossoms come in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes, with intricate patterns and unique structures. Flowers of such colors as deep and soft pink, combined white-pink, purple, white-yellow and others.


How Much Light Do Orchids Need?

So much about caring for plants originates in the conditions of their natural habitat. With this foundational concept in mind, Master Naturalist Sarah Jay has the skinny on orchids and their various light needs.