Flowers are not only beautiful, but help pollinators and beneficial bugs in the garden. Learn how to grow them with our guides.

Cleome hassleriana, one of the unusual cutting flowers, displays palmate, green leaves and large, airy clusters of spider-like flowers in shades of pink, each with long, protruding stamens.


13 Unusual Flowers for Your Cutting Garden

Unique and unusual flowers foster creativity in the cutting garden and fresh and dried floral displays. With so many to choose from, incorporating fresh finds is boundless. Join gardening expert Katherine Rowe in exploring high-performing, unusual cutting garden selections, including twists on old garden favorites, ornamental perennials, and flowering annuals.

Close-up of several shade hanging baskets with flowering plants Sutera cordata featirung trailing habit, rounded, jagged, green leaves and delicate white and purple tubular shaped flowers with contrasting yellow throats.


19 Plants For Beautiful Hanging Baskets In the Shade

Hanging baskets brighten garden corners and bring cooling respite to warm summer days. They’ll add vertical interest and color through vibrant flowers and foliage, whether on a covered porch or under a tree canopy. Add dimension to the shade garden with these beautiful selections of shade-loving plants well-suited to growing in hanging baskets.

Wallflowers in vibrant shades of purple and yellow bloom profusely, complemented by lush green foliage, illuminated by warm sunlight.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Wallflowers

The name wallflower probably conjures up shy schoolkids, but wallflower plants have a lot of bold personality and wonderfully fragrant flowers. Gardening expert Melissa Strauss has the low down on caring for these pretty plants.

Close-up of a watering can watering blooming marigolds in a sunny garden to keep the annuals fresh as long as possible.


5 Tips To Keep Annuals Looking Fresh All Summer Long

Midsummer is a time of rest, excitement, and relaxation all in one! But our annual plants usually start to look a bit scraggly and unsightly as hot summer days wane on. In this article, garden expert Christina Conner shares her top tips for helping your annuals look their best well into the dog days of summer.

Converted lawn into a flowering meadow with various plants including Heleniums, Leutratal-Anthericum, Veronica spicata, Lavender and various ornamental grasses.


How to Convert Your Lawn Into a Flowering Meadow

Are you ready to say goodbye to the hassles of maintaining a grassy lawn? Flowering meadows are beautiful habitats with a rich diversity of plants and animals. The adventurous gardener can replace turfgrass with a much more natural assortment of ornamental grasses and easy-to-grow flowering plants. Garden expert Liessa Bowen will share some useful tips to help you get started.

Tough annual Catharanthus roseus blooms in a hanging black container in a sunny garden, producing glossy, dark green, oval-shaped leaves and a profusion of five-petaled pink flowers with contrasting white centers.


17 Tough Annuals for Summer Containers

While summer ushers in a profusion of blooms and filled-to-the-brim container displays, it also brings extreme temperatures and weather that can stress plants. Starting with tough annuals gives arrangements a headstart to perform without missing a beat (even if the gardener scoots away on vacation). Here, gardener Katherine Rowe explores durable annuals for summer containers.

Watering blooming soft pink roses in a summer garden using a nearby blue hose, directing the water flow to the base of the plant.


5 Tips for Watering Your Roses This Summer

Roses, poised for continued growth and flowering in the warming temperatures of late spring and early summer, thrive with a few key watering techniques and cultural practices. Garden expert Katherine Rowe offers tips for summer watering to keep roses flourishing this season and beyond.

Clusters of small, white lantana flowers cascade over dense, green leaves.


15 Drought-Tolerant Plants for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets lend vertical interest to the garden, ornamenting the view with dynamic flowers and foliage. To lessen watering needs (and water worries) opt for plants that withstand dry conditions, at least for a short time. Join gardener Katherine Rowe in exploring drought-tolerant plants with a host of other winning qualities to grow in hanging baskets this season.

Golden feverfew flowers with delicate white petals encircling yellow centers, offering a striking contrast in colors.


17 Herbs With White Flowers

Herbs are wonderful plants that are aromatic, edible, and beautiful. These leafy plants contain oils that give them unique aromas and flavors. If you appreciate white flowers and smelly plants, you’ll love one of these 17 herbs with white flowers. Dive in with PNW gardener Jerad Bryant!