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Seasonal Flowers Growing Guide

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I try to keep this site focused on edible plants…

My mission is to help 1 million people learn how to produce food for themselves by teaching hydroponics, urban gardening, and permaculture techniques with guides like:

But every now and then, I find myself looking at the prettier, non-edible plants that many gardeners have loved for years: flowers. I have yet to post anything about flowers and flower-growing, so I figured it’s time I change that—at least for a little bit.

If you think you can only grow flowers during the spring and summer months, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Sure, summer and spring are great for cultivating beautiful blooms like muscari, daffodils, corn flower, and more.

But autumn and winter also offer an array of flowers that will keep your gardens bright and full of life all year round.

Check out this visual guide from fellow plant-lovers over at GrabCo. and discover the lively flowers you can grow – from springtime, to the cold months of winter, and every season in between.​

Seasonal Flowers Guide

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