Gardening Tips

Here you'll find quick and easy gardening tips to help you avoid mistakes, fix problems, and maximize your harvest in your garden.

A red Gladiolus bloom is covered in a thin layer of frost.

Gardening Tips

How to Find Your Last Frost Date

When planning your spring garden, your last frost date provides the best estimate for when it’s safe to seed certain crops. Former organic farmer and garden expert Logan Hailey explains how to find the last frost date for your specific location.

new years garden. Close-up of two farmers standing next to boxes full of freshly picked vegetables at local farmland. Cropped view with no face, focused on vegetables. The girl is wearing a bright orange blouse and light beige linen trousers. The man is wearing a blue shirt and white checkered trousers. Wooden boxes contain freshly picked vegetables such as cabbage, garlic, lettuce, asparagus, spinach, beets, dill, carrots and others.

Gardening Tips

17 Garden New Year’s Resolutions To Try

January is upon us, and with it a chance to make plans and set goals for the year ahead. Join gardening expert Madison Moulton and try these 17 New Year’s garden resolutions this year to grow better plants, improve your space, help the environment, and give back to your community.

This close-up captures the fascinating process of propagating a Christmas cactus in an upcycled egg carton. Six healthy segments of the cactus, each boasting several plump, green leaf segments, are nestled within the carton's compartments. The damp potting mix provides the ideal environment for root development.

Gardening Tips

Can you Propagate Plants in Winter?

After your outdoor garden winds down and your houseplants go dormant, it’s time to look for new plant-related activities. Join Briana Yablonski as she explores whether or not you can propagate plants in winter.

A beautiful sloped garden features a natural rock path and swathes of purple and yellow-blooming ground cover plants.

Gardening Tips

19 Tips for Gardening on a Hill or Slope

Wondering how to plant a garden on a steep hill or a slight slope? Well, it’s not the same as growing on flat ground. Check out gardener Briana Yablonski’s tips to help avoid erosion and end up with a beautiful hillside garden.

Close-up of raised beds filled with fallen leaves in an autumn garden. Raised beds have a metal frame and an oval oblong shape. The leaves are dry and come in a variety of shapes, textures and colors including gold, orange, pink and purple.

Gardening Tips

Can You Use Fall Leaves to Fill Raised Beds?

Those looking to save space and money on soil have probably considered using fall leaves to fill raised beds. But what impact does this have on growth? Gardening expert Madison Moulton answers the question – can you use fall leaves to fill raised beds?

Close-up of a gardener's hands installing drip irrigation on a garden bed with growing cabbages. The drip irrigation system is a connection of thin hoses to a drip sprayer for watering plants closer to the roots.

Gardening Tips

How to Install a DIY Drip Irrigation System in 9 Easy Steps

If you’re tired of dragging a hose through your garden or looking to cut back on your water bill, drip irrigation could be the solution. These systems may seem complex, but designing and installing a system is simple. Join vegetable farmer Briana Yablonski as she explains how to add drip irrigation to your garden.