What Kind of Worms Should I Compost With?

Composting worms types include eisenia fetida

It’s very common for the new vermicomposter to ask “What kind of worms can I use in my worm bin? They’re kind of all the same, right?” No. Not at all. There are between 7000-9000 species of earthworms, but only about 7 of them are any good as composting worms types. And of those, only … Read more

Worm Castings: Powerhouse Poop From Wiggly Worms

Worm castings

Of the organic fertilizers and amendments available, worm castings are some of the best. It’s not because they’re packed with a high NPK. It’s because they provide microbes that improve the uptake of slow-release fertilizer over a long period of time! These powerhouse poops provide beneficial bacteria and enzymes to the soil. This addition ensures … Read more

What To Feed Worms For Epic Vermicompost

What to feed worms

Are you baffled by what to feed worms to produce great compost? Most people new to worm composting are at a loss for what goes in there, other than the obvious vegetable scraps or melon rinds. Most red wigglers or European nightcrawlers will eat almost anything. The average worm will consume half its body weight in … Read more

Bokashi Compost Buckets: An Easy DIY Method

Filling bokashi bucket

Most stationary and tumbler-style composters handle plant materials, paper and cardboard, some manures, and the occasional eggshell. Vermicomposters can handle all of those as well as occasional rice or pasta that can gum up a tumbler composter or draw pests if added too frequently. But only one method of composting can handle all of the … Read more

5 Foolproof Ways to Compost Weeds

Composting weeds

Composting weeds can make some gardeners nervous, thinking that they are going to end up spreading the weed all around their garden whenever they spread fresh compost. Troublesome weeds such as couch grass, nettles, buttercups and ground elder, have large root systems. Their root systems are what makes them such prolific growers and so hard … Read more

Composting Leaves: How to Achieve Fast Leaf Decay

Let’s get real for a second: composting leaves is one of the smartest things you can do for your garden. It’s a great way to mulch, fertilize, and generally improve your soil. There are tons of different ways to approach it too! If you haven’t gotten into it yet, or don’t know where to start, … Read more

Compost vs. Fertilizers: What’s the Difference?

Compost vs. Fertilizer

Compost or fertilizer — which one is best for your garden? If you are new to gardening, you may not realize that there are some significant differences between the two when it comes to creating a healthy environment for your plants. Both have applications in the garden, and while those applications often occur at separate … Read more

Composting With Coffee Grounds: A Complete Guide

We have one less reason to feel guilty about your coffee addiction! Two of my passions in life are drinking coffee (and lots of it) and being environmentally aware. A question I often get asked is, “How can I compost with coffee grounds?” You’ll be glad to hear that there are lots of ways you … Read more