Petunia Colors: What Colors do Petunias Bloom?

Not sure what colors your petunias will bloom after they've been planted? In this article, gardening expert Paige Foley looks at all the different colors of petunia plants once they start to bloom.

petunia colors


Petunia flowers are prized for their long-lasting blooms and vibrant colors. You can expect blossoms from the early spring to late fall. If you purchase potted petunias, your petunias will have flowers on them from the moment you plant them until the first frost. 

Growing petunias in full sun and well-draining soils are key to long-lasting and continuous blooms all season. A very versatile plant, petunias can be grown in patio containers, hanging baskets, rocky landscapes, flower beds, and vegetable gardens. 

You may be wondering, what colors do petunias bloom in? This is difficult to answer because petunias come in almost every color! It can honestly be overwhelming and difficult to choose. Today, we will discuss the different colors that petunias grow in and some common varieties of each color. Let’s dive in!

Short Answer

Petunias come in every color you can imagine. They even come in blue, which depending on the variety, may look more purple. The only colors petunias don’t come in are brown and black. Some popular colors are red, white, yellow, purple, and pink. You can even find bicolored flower cultivars.

The color options are the best part about petunias, making them a great choice for any gardener. You can also choose from varieties that grow in mounds, vines, or both. You even have choices from a single bloom to double blooms. There are practically endless options!

Long Answer 

Purple petunias take center stage with their velvety petals displaying intricate deep purple veins. The background is a gentle blur, giving a glimpse of the lush greenery that complements these exquisite flowers.

Now that we know petunias can bloom in many different colors let’s take a deeper look at some different varieties in each color category. With hundreds of varieties to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find specific varieties. Below is a list of petunias by color to help you in your search. 

Red Petunias

From scarlet to burgundy, options are abundant in this classic flower color.

‘Supertunia Really Red’

Vibrant Supertunia Really Red petunias in full bloom, displaying rich crimson petals with a velvety texture, evoking a passionate allure. The flowers create a striking contrast against the backdrop of lush, vibrant green leaves.
This best-selling, heat-tolerant mounding and trailing plant has vibrant 18-24 inch blooms.

A best seller with beautiful true red flowers that grow up to 18 to 24 inches wide and trailing up to 36 inches. ‘Supertunia Really Red’ requires no deadheading and can tolerate the heat. This is a great choice if you want a mounding and trailing variety that provides the best of both worlds. 

‘Blanket Red’ 

A petunia flower in close-up, displaying intricate details of its red petals transitioning from a white-edged center. In the gentle backdrop, white petunias and their lush green leaves create a soft, blurred setting, enhancing the main flower's vivid beauty.
This petunia blooms from spring to fall and is suitable for rainy or hot conditions.

A petunia that produces a blanket of small red flowers with white ‘eyes’ from spring to late fall. It is weather-tolerant and can withstand heavy rains and hot and humid conditions without fading or losing blooms. Plant with complementing colors for a pop of color that won’t fade in the summer heat. 

‘Crazytunia Red Blues’ 

A cluster of red blues petunia flowers showcasing a striking deep red hue, adding a pop of color to any garden. Delicate and petite leaves lie nestled beneath the blossoming red blues petunias.
These flowers have vibrant red petals with indigo throats that are heat and humidity tolerant. Ideal for containers.

Looking to add hues of red and blue to your containers or flowerbed? ‘Crazytunia Red Blues’ will give you a show with its deep red blossoms with indigo throats. This vigorous mounding plant is self-cleaning and tolerates heat and humidity well. 

‘Surfinia Red’ 

Sunlight bathes the Surfinia red flowers and their slender leaves.  The blurred backdrop showcases an assortment of different leaves, adding depth to the composition.
The fast-growing, self-cleaning ‘Surfinia Red’ petunia has cascading red blooms and thrives in full sun.

This fast-growing petunia blooms in a beautiful classic red all season long. Plant this self-cleaner variety in a container or hanging basket and watch it cascade down and around the container. Be sure to place in an area that receives 8 hours or more of sunlight daily to promote numerous flowers. 

White Petunias

For a dazzling white contrast, try mixing these varieties with vibrant hues.

‘Blanket Double White’ 

A pink pot holds a lush arrangement of blanket double white flowers and leaves. The frilly petals of the white blossoms create an elegant contrast against the soothing pink of the pot.
This cultivar has white frilly petals, ideal for containers and rock walls.

A gorgeous double-bloom variety that emerges with clean white frilly petals and is sure to stand out in any space. This is a perfect choice for cascading over the tops of containers or rock walls. Deadheading is required to encourage more flowers during the season. 

‘Supertunia Vista Snowdrift’ 

 Pristine white blooms of Supertunia Vista Snowdrift, featuring lime green centers that radiate elegance, add a touch of serenity to any garden or landscape. Nestled below the flowers, their lush green leaves create a lush and inviting bed.
These white flowers with lime green centers grow on a spreading plant ideal for landscapes and flower beds.

A classic and clean white cultivar with lime green centers will add a touch of classic white to any space. This spreading variety will get 12 to 24 inches tall and 36+ inches wide. Great choice in landscapes and flower beds. 

‘Carpet Buttercream’ 

A close-up showcases a carpet buttercream flower, exhibiting yellow veins that enhance their natural beauty. Glistening water droplets grace the petals, reflecting light and lending a touch of freshness to the scene.
The soft, creamy blooms bring sweetness and rapid growth to any space.

With soft, creamy flowers with yellow centers, ‘Carpet Buttercream’ will surely bring a touch of sweetness to any area. Watch this variety cascade around and fill bare areas quickly with its vigorous growth

‘Mamba White’ 

Elegant mambo white flowers blooming among lush green leaves, creating a serene garden scene. The delicate petals of the mamba flowers showcase a pristine white hue, exuding purity and grace.
This cultivar produces compact, weather-tolerant white flowers for containers and flower beds.

These plants produce a flood of large, white flowers with yellow centers that average 3 ½ inches wide. ‘Mamba White’ is tolerant of adverse weather. A mounding variety that stays compact in containers, hanging baskets, and flower beds. This variety requires regular pruning to keep it compact and clean. 

Pink Petunias

What’s sweeter than a little pink flower? These varieties cover nearly every pink hue of the rainbow.

‘Supertunia Giant Pink’ 

Supertunia Giant Pink flowers showcase vibrant, oversized blossoms with a captivating shade of pink. Graciously perched above the foliage, the flowers create an enchanting scene as they gently sway, seemingly floating amidst the verdant leaves.
The large pink flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Bold and beautiful, ‘Supertunia Giant Pink’ will stand out no matter where you plant them. This petunia produces large trumpet-shaped bubble gum pink flowers. Attracting butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, this lovely plant will creep out to cover a few feet of garden space.

‘Supertunia Watermelon Charm’

A captivating close-up showcases Supertunia Watermelon Charm flowers exhibiting exhibit a striking and vivid pink hue. Delicately supported by slender stems adorned with leaves, the scene captures the graceful essence of nature's artistry.
‘Supertunia Watermelon Charm’ produces cascading watermelon-pink blooms from mid-spring to mid-fall.

Draped in watermelon-pink blooms, ‘Supertunia Watermelon Charm’ will surely capture your heart. The blooms last from mid-spring to mid-fall and require some maintenance during the season. Trim the flower heads as they fade to encourage more blooms to emerge. Plant in containers or hanging baskets and watch it cascade down and around. 

‘Carpet Pink’ 

Carpet pink flowers showcases their petals painted in shades of soft pink and centered with pristine white highlights, creating a harmonious floral arrangement. Graceful green stems support the pink blossoms with their slender leaves.
This is a heat-tolerant pink flower with a white center that thrives in sun and humidity.

This is a classic pink flower with a bright white center that covers the area in a carpet of blooms. Plant in full sun with regular watering, and watch this variety take off. It tolerates heat and humidity without fading or slowing bloom production. 

‘Tidal Wave Hot Pink’ 

A close-up reveals the pink petals adorned with dark pink lines of a tidal wave hot pink flower. In the background, a mesmerizing blur of more pink blooms and lush green leaves creates a dreamlike setting.
Ideal for open spaces or walls, ‘Tidal Wave Hot Pink’ produces abundant pink blooms.

Are you ready for a wave of endless hot pink blooms? ‘Tidal Wave Hot Pink’ will provide just that. If allowed, this variety will trail down from a container or climb a trellis. Bouncing back from strong winds and heavy rains, plant this weather-tolerant variety in open areas or along walls for a pop of pink color. 

Purple Petunias

From lavender-colored to fuschia to bold purple stripes, there is a royal purple petunia color for every taste.

‘Supertunia Royal Velvet’ 

Amidst a blurred backdrop of more Supetunia Royal Velvet flowers and their leaves, a single flower takes the spotlight. Its five lush petals boast a regal shade of deep purple.
This cultivar produces velvety purple blooms that mound and trail up to 36 inches.

Fancy and regal, this variety produces velvety purple blooms in a mounded shape that also trails up to 36 inches. The blooms are medium to large in size and look great in front of containers or beds. Deadheading isn’t necessary as it is a self-cleaning variety. 

‘Supertunia Mini Vista Violet Star’ 

A cluster of Supertunia Mini Vista Violet Star flowers gracefully bloom, their lush green leaves providing a contrasting backdrop. The pure white blooms emulate stars, boasting rich purple hearts and intricate violet lines on each of the five petals.
This unique cultivar blooms multi-colored flowers with a purple star pattern, and is ideal for trailing over containers and edges.

Looking for a petunia that has more than one color? ‘Supertunia Mini Vista Violet Star’ produces an incredible bloom with a purple star pattern with white spaces between the purple lines. A great choice in landscapes with a mounding tendency that will trail over containers and landscaped edges. The blooms are on the smaller end for petunias. 

‘Blanket Double Velvet Midnight’ 

Luxurious blanket double velvet midnight flowers, adorned with  their green leaves. The intricate frilly petals of these deep purple flowers create an enchanting display of elegance and beauty.
Double blooms enhance containers and flower beds with their unique flair.

The frilly dark purple double blooms are perfect for spilling over containers, blanketing flower beds, or trailing through your landscape. The double blooms are a unique addition to an already amazing petunia. They will surely add a bit of flair to any space they are planted in. 

‘Supertunia Bordeaux’ 

Supertunia Bordeaux flowers gracefully rise above green leaves. Their blooms exhibit a transition from a deep purple at the heart to lavender at the edges. Intricate and captivating, the petals showcase a mesmerizing network of deep purple veins.
This is a drought-tolerant, vigorous cultivar with purple hues and mounding tendency, suitable for front of landscapes.

With one of the most unique petunia colors, this extra vigorous variety has unique multi-hued flowers with a slight mounding tendency.

It looks best when planted near the front of landscapes and flower beds. ‘Bordeaux’ has light to dark purple hues with noticeably darker purple veining throughout the bloom. It is drought-tolerant if given a thorough soaking weekly to promote deeper roots. 

Blue Blooms

Vibrant blue petunia varieties are ideal for attracting pollinators and adding pops of color to any basket or garden bed.

‘Supertunia Blue Skies’ 

A cluster of Supertunia Blue Skies flowers, their petals a mesmerizing hue of sky blue, capture the sunlight's radiant glow. The flowers' leaves form a lush, verdant backdrop.
These award-winning mounding petunias have abundant flowers that last until the first frost.

An award-winning variety that will outperform the rest, ‘Supertunia Blue Skies’ is a mounding variety that will put on a show. This variety will pack a punch with vigorous growth and numerous blooms that can last until the first frost. The hues of indigo to blue blooms look amazing next to other blue flowering plants

‘Frost Blue’ 

Delicate frost blue flowers, their petals displaying a deep blue-purple hue, accentuated by elegant white edges. Graceful slender green stems and leaves accompany the frost blue flowers, forming a harmonious contrast that highlights the vividness of their colors.
This variety creates a gorgeous display of cascading deep blue-purple centers with white edges.

Fresh and bright best describes the blooms of ‘Frost Blue.’ The large, showy blooms produce an edge of white around a center of deep blue-purple. This variety puts on an eye-catching display of cascading blooms in containers, hanging baskets, and landscapes. 

‘Surfinia Bouquet Denim’ 

A lush arrangement of Surfinia Bouquet Denim plants, featuring an abundance of vibrant blue blossoms. The blue flowers are adorned with cheerful yellow centers.
This cultivar yields small upright blue flowers suitable for climbing or spilling over containers, baskets, or walls.

This variety produces small blue flowers that have a slightly upright growing habit. Allow it to climb or spill over the edge of containers, baskets, or rock walls. This variety will bring a flood of delicate blooms all season long. 

‘Carpet Blue Lace’ 

Nature's artistry comes alive as a bunch of blue lace flowers and their leaves graces the cement ground. Each purple blossom boasts a deep purple center, adding a touch of elegance to the overall arrangement.
‘Carpet Blue Lace’ features bluish flowers, maintaining a compact shape and excellent branching in hot, humid conditions.

This petunia has bluish flowers with dark blue mottling that resembles delicate lace. This variety has a compact shape that won’t wither or slow when the weather becomes hot and humid. It has excellent branching and produces medium-sized blooms. 

Yellow Petunias

With the color of sunshine and joy, yellow petunias are easy to come by!

‘Prism Sunshine’ 

A bunch of prism sunshine flowers, their yellow prismatic clusters catching the light, surrounded by lush green leaves. Their petals range from a vivid yellow to a gentle light yellow.
This variety features bright yellow to green blooms that complement various garden schemes and bloom from spring to fall.

Bright yellow to green blooms will bring a sunny and cheery vibe to any space. The yellow hues work well with many different garden themes and pair well with pink, white, and purple. This award-winning variety will bloom early and often, starting in spring and going to the first fall frost. 

‘Easy Wave Yellow’ 

A red wheelbarrow holds four bright yellow Easy Wave flowers with green foliage. The petals transition gracefully from a vivid, sunlit yellow to a delicate, pale hue.
This cultivar produces bright yellow blooms and thrives in full sun.

Bright yellow blooms form on this mound forming petunia that also spreads. It is extremely easy to grow with full sun and enough water throughout the season. Deadhead often, as it encourages more blooms and keeps the plant looking clean and healthy. 

‘Surfinia Patio Yellow’ 

A bountiful display of Surfina Patio Yellow flowers, accompanied by their lively and vibrant leaves. The petals of these flowers form a captivating gradient, starting with a striking, radiant yellow and gently fading to a delicate, pale hue.
This compact plant has buttery yellow blooms.

Buttery yellow blooms with dark yellow veins will bring a ray of light into any space. ‘Surfinia Patio Yellow’ is a compact variety with upward growing habits and spreading tendencies, making it a great choice in landscapes and flower beds. This variety will carpet your bare areas with numerous yellow blooms all summer long. 

‘Supertunia Honey’ 

A vibrant cluster of Supertunia Honey flowers gracefully hover above a bed of lush, emerald-green leaves. The blossoms flaunt a mesmerizing gradient, transitioning from warm, radiant orange at the center to delicate pink hues at the edges.
Enhance your outdoor spaces with ‘Supertunia Honey,’ a variety that’s capable of thriving through the summer heat.

Add a touch of sweetness to your flower beds, landscape, or containers with a touch of ‘Supertunia Honey.’ This award-winning variety has gorgeous blooms that range from yellow to orange to pink. Easygoing and laid back, this variety can withstand the hot summer days without fail. 

Final Thoughts 

Petunias are a top choice for many gardeners because they are easygoing and come in so many colors. You can choose from solid-colored or patterned flowers, double or single blooms, and mounding or trailing plants. There is a variety for everyone. No matter which you choose to grow, these vigorous flowers will not disappoint. 

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