Hollyhock Colors: What Colors do Hollyhocks Bloom?

Curious wo know what colors your hollyhocks may bloom in if you plant them this season? These garden favorites can blossom in an assortment of different colors. In this article, gardening expert Paige Foley looks at the different hollyhock colors you can expect to see based on their variety.

A close-up on Nirga, a hollyhock variety bloom, reveals a deep chocolate red flower with yellow pollen at its center. Behind the flower, a thick green stem provides support, while a closed bud sits beside it, waiting to unfurl its petals.


Native to Asia, hollyhocks are known as a cottage garden staple. The dramatic height (from 3 to 8 feet tall!) and rainbow flower colors of hollyhocks add stunning dimension to any landscape. They have a large bloom window lasting from mid-summer to the first frost, and some varieties bloom in their first year. 

With endless options to choose from, it may be daunting to choose the right hollyhock color and size for your space. There are several things to consider when choosing a variety. How tall do you prefer?

Do you want a single or double bloom? And the hardest choice, what color of flowers would you like to see? Here, we will discuss the different colors of hollyhocks to help narrow your search. 

The Short Answer

Hollyhock comes in an array of colors, from white, red, pink, yellow and black. Yes, I said black. This is a rare flower color, which makes it a very popular choice. One of the only colors you won’t find is blue. Many seed companies sell packets of mixed varieties. If you can’t decide on one single color, mixed seed varieties are a great option.

The Long Answer

A close-up on Russian Yellow, a hollyhock variety, displays its beauty. The bloom features yellow petals with a lighted shade on the edges, exuding a delicate charm. Another bloom faces adjacent to it, and in the blurred background, a cluster of the same flowers adds to the enchanting scene.
The different colors of hollyhocks and the popular varieties within each color.

There are dozens of varieties of hollyhocks in every color of the rainbow except blue. You can spot them being grown along buildings, fences, flower beds, and in containers.

These dazzling flowers grow best in full sun with well-draining soils. However, they are very versatile and can also be grown in partial shade. The plants may be shorter in stature in shady areas and produce fewer blooms throughout the season. 

Below we will discuss the different colors of hollyhock and the popular cultivars within those colors. Most of these can be found at your local garden center or online. Let’s take a deeper look at the most popular varieties by color

Red Cultivars

For a classic red or burgundy bloom, these varieties don’t disappoint.  

‘Charters Maroon’ 

A close-up on Charters Maroon, a hollyhock variety, captivates with its two thick green stems standing tall, adorned with vibrant green leaves. The stems bear deep red-maroon double blooms, one with fully opened blossoms and the other mostly composed of buds, just beginning their journey towards blooming.
This hollyhock variety displays a deep red-maroon color with a stunning double bloom.

This deep red-maroon variety has a beautiful double bloom that resembles the bloom of a peony or carnation. The bloom can get to 6 inches in diameter.

That’s a large bloom for a hollyhock! This variety would look great as a backdrop to lower-growing flowers at 5 to 7 feet tall

‘Mars Magic’ 

A close-up on the Mars Magic hollyhock bloom showcases its striking red petals. Beside it, another blossom faces the adjacent direction, as if whispering secrets. The blurred background highlights the beauty of more of these flowers and their lush green leaves.
This is a red hollyhock that blooms in the first year.

If you are looking for a red hollyhock that will bloom in the first year. Look no further than ‘Mars Magic.’ This brilliant, red single bloom grows high above the garden of stalks that mature around 5 to 6 feet

‘Charters Double Red’ 

A close-up on a trio of Charters Double Red hollyhock blooms stand out. The classic red color of the double blooms emanates elegance as they sit gracefully above the sturdy stalk and lush green leaves. Their fullness showcases their natural charm.
‘Charters Double Red’ is a giant beauty boasting a full double bloom in a classic red color.

This giant beauty is ideal for a border behind smaller annuals or perennials. A full double bloom in a classic red color sits above stalks that mature at 7 feet.

This variety is unappetizing to deer and rabbits. 

Yellow Cultivars

Yellow hollyhock flowers will dazzle your garden from spring through fall.

‘Russian Yellow’

A close-up on the Russian Yellow hollyhock bloom reveals its moist, bright yellow petals, inviting admiration. Beside it, another bud just begins its journey toward full bloom. The anticipation of witnessing its transformation adds to the allure of the scene.
Russian Yellow is recognized for its rust resistance and showcases vibrant yellow flowers.

This species, Alcea rugosa, differs slightly from the Alcea rosea. This species originated from Russia and Ukraine.

Bright yellow flowers bloom from May to September, and stalks grow to 6 or 7 feet tall. This species is known for its rust resistance

‘Charters Double Yellow’

A close-up on two Charters Double Yellow hollyhock flowers blooming side by side. The delicate, pale yellow petals of these double blossoms exude a sense of grace and beauty. Their presence evokes a sense of serenity and joy.
‘Charters Double Yellow’ naturally resists the toxins emitted by black walnut trees.

Another beautiful charters variety with a lovely double bloom. A pale yellow bloom sits above stalks that grow to heights of 5 to 7 feet. This species has fig-like leaves, which make it a unique addition to a flower bed.

This beautiful biennial is naturally resistant to the juglone released by black walnut trees, and you can plant them nearby in your landscape.


The thick green stem of the Sunshine hollyhock variety commands attention. Bright yellow blooms encircle the stem, showcasing their radiant beauty. The lower flowers have blossomed fully, while the buds at the top hold the promise of future elegance.
With its vibrant yellow single blooms, ‘Sunshine’ is recommended for pollinator gardens.

An excellent choice to bring light and warmth to any space. This hollyhock has bright yellow single blooms that rest atop 5 to 6-foot stalks.

It is a prime choice in pollinator gardens, attracting hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees

White Cultivars

Provide a subdued hue to other vibrant blooms with white-flowering varieties.


A closeup photo of the Polarstar Hollyhock flower which takes center stage on a roadside in the morning. Its delicate white petals exudes purity that adds a touch of natural elegance to any landscape.
Reaching 6 feet tall, ‘Polarstar’ is ideal for fences, buildings, or flower bed borders.

White is a classic and clean color to add to any flower bed or container. ‘Polarstar’ is exactly that! This hollyhock has white, single blooms with yellow-green centers.

Reaching nearly 6 feet tall, it is a great addition along a fence, building, or border of a flower bed

‘Charters Icicle’ 

A cluster of Charters Icicle hollyhock plants catches the eye with its several large white double blooms. The blooms exude purity and grace as they rest atop the sturdy stems. Among them, closed buds patiently wait to unfold their petals, adding to the anticipation of the blossoming display.
‘Charters Icicle’ can grow taller than 7 feet when given ample sunlight and water.

Although this cultivar has ice in its name, it can withstand the summer heat without fail. A large white double bloom that stands tall from early summer to late fall. This variety will see heights of 5 to 7 feet. They can get much taller if provided enough sunlight and water throughout the season. 

‘Majorette Double White’ 

Several Majorette Double White hollyhock plants stand tall, their green stems lined with big, fluffy double blooms. The lower part showcases the full glory of these elegant flowers, while closed buds on the upper part hold the promise of future beauty. The composition of the plant offers a captivating contrast.
‘Majorette Double White’ has a fluffy double bloom ideal for tidy flower beds.

Like the ‘Charter’s Yellow,’ this hollyhock has a fluffy double bloom but much shorter stalks. It will top out at 3 feet tall. A great choice for a clean and neat flower bed or container. Cut the flowers to make a beautiful flower arrangement. 

Purple Cultivars

Purple hollyhock blooms range from pastel to lavender to deep violet in color.

‘Creme De Cassis’ 

 Creme De Cassis hollyhock plants stand gracefully against a cemented wall. Their big green leaves provide a lush backdrop, enhancing the beauty of the single blooms. The petals feature a mesmerizing combination of white outer edges and a raspberry purple center, creating a captivating visual display.
‘Creme De Cassis’ can create a stunning backdrop behind shorter annuals or perennials.

This first-year bloomer will produce single, semi-double, and double blooms. The petals are unique and have white outer edges and a raspberry-purple center.

This variety is an excellent choice if you are looking for a unique bloom. At 5 to 7 feet tall, they look great behind shorter annuals or perennials

‘Queeny Purple’ 

A close-up on the Queeny Purple hollyhock bloom unveils its regal charm. The purple flower boasts large frilly petals that exude elegance and allure. In the blurred background, other flowers of the same variety add to the overall enchantment of the scene.
‘Queeny Purple’ is an all-season bloomer with large frilly purple petals.

Noted for its shorter stature, ‘Queeny Purple’ has a mature height of 2 to 3 feet. The blooms are purple with large frilly petals. A winner of the 2004 All-American Selection, you won’t be disappointed in this all-season bloomer. 

‘Charters Double Violet’

A close-up on Charters Double Violet hollyhock bloom features its violet crepe-like textured blooms mesmerizing with their delicate beauty. In the background, a glimpse of green leaves and more of these enchanting blooms adds depth to the composition.
Plant ‘Charters Double Violet’ in full sun and well-draining soil to reach 7 feet tall.

Another beautiful variety of the charters family, this hollyhock has violet crepe-like textured blooms. Ranging from 4 to 7 feet in height, it is extremely versatile.

Plant in full sun and well-draining soils to reach heights above 7 feet. Plant in partial shade to keep this variety shorter but blooming all summer. 

Pink Cultivars

From pale pink to bright fuschia, pink hollyhocks are easy to come by.

‘Henry VIII- Pink’

A close-up on the Henry VIII-Pink hollyhock bloom captivates with its stunning color palette. The beautiful petals transition gracefully from dark pink to lighter shades towards the outer edges, creating an exquisite visual effect. Other flowers in earlier blooming stages provide a charming backdrop to this floral masterpiece.
The stunning petals of ‘Henry VII – Pink’ transition from deep pink shade to lighter hue near the outer edges.

One of the most popular pink varieties is ‘Henry VII – Pink.’ This variety resembles its close cousin, the hibiscus. The beautiful petals go from dark pink to lighter pink towards the outer edges.

On average, this hollyhock will get 6 to 8 feet tall. With proper water, sunlight, and nutrients, this cultivar can grow over 10 feet tall

‘Fiesta Time’ 

A dwarf variety, ‘Fiesta Time,’ is perfect for containers or low flower beds, bringing abundant beauty to any space.

Splashes of pink painted on beautiful ruffled double blooms will bring life to any space. This is a dwarf variety that only grows to about 3 feet.

It will look excellent in a container or a low flower bed. This variety will quickly fill any space with its gorgeous blooms

‘Radiant Rose’

A close-up on the Radiant Rose hollyhock enchants with its rosy pink color, radiating warmth and beauty. The delicate yellow stamen adds a touch of elegance to the flower's center. In the background, other blooms in earlier stages of their blooming journey complete the composition, while blurred green leaves add depth to the scene.
‘Radiant Rose’ hollyhocks are an excellent alternative if you have difficulty maintaining roses.

If you love the look of roses but struggle to keep them alive, radiant rose hollyhocks would be a great choice. The flowers resemble wild roses and bloom in a rosy pink color.

This hollyhock will get much taller than a rose, with mature heights of 5 to 7 feet. ‘Radiant Rose’ will bloom in its first year if planted early enough in the spring. 

Black Cultivars

Finding near-black flowers in any plant is rare, but this heirloom won’t disappoint.


A close-up on Nirga hollyhock bloom showcases its deep chocolate red single bloom. The rich hue of the flower demands attention, while a glimpse of green leaves in the blurred background adds a touch of natural beauty to the composition.
‘Nigra’ is renowned for its presence in the famous gardens of Monticello.

This variety needs to be mentioned as a true classic heirloom hollyhock. It is known for its presence in the famous gardens of Monticello.

Although this variety may appear black, it’s actually a very deep chocolate-red single bloom. An excellent choice if you love planting historically-known plants. 

Final Thoughts 

With a wide range of color options, you can find a perfect hollyhock for any space. These flowers will not disappoint with their towering stalks of beautifully arranged flowers along the stem. They bring simple cottage charm to any container, garden, fenceline, or building border.

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