Ornamental Gardens

Learn how to cultivate beautiful ornamental gardens and how to troubleshoot common pests, diseases, and growing problems!

train climbing rose. Close-up of profusely blooming climbing roses on tall vertical wooden posts forming a pergola in a garden. These roses enchant with their graceful and vigorous growth. Their slender stems are adorned with glossy green foliage, with finely serrated edges. The plant produces clusters of bright pink, double flowers cascading gracefully along the length of the stems


How to Train Climbing Roses

Climbing roses thrill the garden with vertical color and form, not to mention fragrance. For a robust, overflowing display of blooms with ample foliage, learn how to train climbing roses with gardening expert Katherine Rowe.

Shasta daisies bloom with white petals surrounding yellow centers, radiating cheerfulness under the warm sunlight. Lush green leaves serve as a lush backdrop, accentuating the daisies' bright hues and adding depth to the scene.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Shasta Daisies

Shasta daisies are a stunning and unique hybrid variety that has become an heirloom after over a century of being grown in gardens across North America. They are easy to grow and care for, and this perennial can spread through your garden via rhizomes and seeds. Gardening expert Kelli Klein walks you through the steps of planting, growing, and caring for these tough plants so that you can enjoy them in your garden for years to come!

mother's day flowers. Close-up of blooming calendula in a sunny garden. Calendula presents a charming appearance with its upright stems adorned with lance-shaped, slightly hairy leaves. Atop these stems, cheerful daisy-like flowers in shades of bright orange and yellow emerge in profusion, each bloom boasting multiple layers of delicate petals and a prominent central disk.


21 Flowers to Plant this Mothers’ Day

If you’re looking for a fun activity for yourself and your mom or are a flower-loving mother yourself, you can’t go wrong with planting flowers this Mother’s Day. In this article, gardener Briana Yablonski covers 21 flowers to plant in your garden this Mother’s Day.

Ornamental Gardens

9 Best Varieties of Japanese Forest Grass

Do you want to add some visual interest to your shade garden? Japanese Forest Grass offers contrasting foliage and easy maintenance - perfect for those shadowy corners of your garden! In this article, gardening expert Christina Conner shares her top picks for species of this beautiful grass that will add flow and movement to your shade garden.

Close-up of blooming may flowers - peonies in a sunny garden. Peonies are beloved herbaceous perennial plants cherished for their extravagant and lush blooms. Their foliage consists of deep green, glossy leaves that are deeply lobed. The flowers themselves are large and sumptuous, with layers of delicate petals forming voluminous, bowl-shaped blooms. Peonies come in a soft pink color.


Plant These 15 Flowers in May

May is prime planting time, and as we dig in after the final frost and welcome sunshine-filled days, it’s exciting to choose flowers for the garden. In this article, garden expert Katherine Rowe explores favorite spring annuals and perennials to plant in May.

Mother's day roses. Close-up of Sister Emmanuelle rose flower against a blurred background. Its flower is characterized by velvety, double petals of delicate pink shades. The petals surround golden yellow stamens in the center of the flower.


19 Gorgeous Garden Roses to Plant This Mother’s Day

Flowers make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for the special moms and mother figures in our lives. Rather than a bouquet, why not give Mom a gift that will provide many seasons of joy and beauty? Cut flower gardener Melissa Strauss introduces 19 wonderful rose bushes for the special lady in your life!

topiary plants. Close-up of Boxwood spiral topiary in a garden against a blurred background. The Boxwood spiral topiary is a meticulously shaped shrub featuring a distinctive spiral pattern meticulously pruned into the dense, glossy green foliage of the Boxwood plant. This versatile evergreen shrub boasts small, glossy leaves tightly clustered on dense branches, presenting a uniform and compact appearance.

Ornamental Gardens

29 Plants Perfect for Making Topiary

Would you like to try your hand at shaping topiary? There are many plants to choose from when it comes to this gardening method. It can be hard to select the perfect one! In this article, gardening expert Jill Drago lists 29 plants that are perfect for making topiary in your garden.

A close-up of bluebonnets, their petals gleaming in sunlight. Surrounding foliage adds depth to the scene, complementing the flowers' hues. Background blur enhances focus on the lush greenery, creating a serene natural setting


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Texas Bluebonnets

Add a vibrant blanket of blue to your landscape with these iconic Texas wildflowers. These resilient plants are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and fix their own nitrogen. Garden expert and former Texas farmer Logan Hailey digs into all you need to know about cultivating the Lone Star State’s lupines.

A close-up reveals a bountiful Diospyros virginiana fruit tree, adorned with vibrant orange fruits ready for harvest. The lush green leaves, intricately arranged on the branches, add to the tree's overall picturesque beauty. In the blurred background, additional green leaves create a harmonious natural setting.


19 Best Persimmon Varieties for Your Garden

Do you love persimmons? You can occasionally find these seasonal tasty treats at grocery stores in the fall, or you can grow your own! In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen introduces 19 delicious varieties of persimmon you can grow in a sunny landscape.

A cluster of 'New Dawn' roses captures the essence of a new day with their delicate pink hues, gracefully unfurling amidst verdant leaves. Adjacent, bold red roses stand in full splendor.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care For ‘New Dawn’ Roses

‘New Dawn’ roses may just be the perfect climbing rose. These vigorous, disease-resistant roses grow in a variety of conditions with ease. A profusion of lightly fragrant, blush pink blooms emerge in clusters in late spring, with repeat blooming through the fall. Showy rosehips extend the plant’s interest into winter. With their quick growth and abundance of soft flowers, ‘New Dawn’ roses make a stunning focal point in the garden. Join garden expert Katherine Rowe in exploring how to plant, grow, and care for ‘New Dawn’ roses.

Vivid red salvia flowers bask in the warm sunlight, showcasing nature's vibrant palette. Below, the verdant green leaves offer a serene sanctuary, a testament to the wonders of the natural world.


21 Native Wildflowers For Florida Gardens

If you’re a Florida gardener looking for native plants to add to your wildflower garden, we’ve got you covered. In this article, Florida gardener Melissa Strauss shares 21 great flowering natives to plant in your Florida garden.