21 Christmas Decoration Ideas From the Garden

Sustainable holiday décor is easy to achieve when you use elements of your garden indoors. These 21 ideas make use of all the elements of the outdoors, whether grown or foraged, to decorate your Christmas table and more.

A festive close-up captures the vibrant hues of a Christmas tree adorned with sparkling ornaments. Each ornament contributes to the tree's overall beauty and tells a unique story of festive traditions.


Pulling out boxes of Christmas décor is the first signal that the festive season has started. If you look forward to decorating every year (from the start of December or even earlier), start by heading into the garden!

Natural Christmas decorations save money and are a great sustainable alternative to the traditional decorations you may have considered using. Plus, natural décor brings a touch of the outdoors inside when work in the garden dies down over the festive season.

These DIYs are easy to complete and add some creativity to your holiday décor.

Spices As Decoration

A charming rustic Christmas centerpiece sits atop the family dinner table, featuring a twig basket filled with flickering candles that cast a warm glow. Surrounding the candles are aromatic pinecones and slices of dried oranges.
Choose holiday spices for immersive decor with aesthetic appeal and a delightful scent.

Choose spices for decor that immerses your guests in the holiday season. They don’t only come with aesthetic benefits (who needs plastic stars when you can use star anise?) but also produce a wonderful scent reminiscent of traditional holiday dishes.

Hanging Twig Tree

Delicate hands carefully arrange a star decor on a hanging twig tree. Slices of dried orange, star anise, and pinecones are thoughtfully placed among the star, creating a harmonious blend of textures and scents.
Create a last-minute festive tree by quickly tying together twigs or branches of different sizes.

If you’ve left your tree to the last minute this year, you can pull one together in a matter of minutes, ready to hang near your dinner table. Grab twigs or branches of different sizes and tie them together at an equal distance apart. Cover with more natural garden decorations for a festive tree that doesn’t cost a cent.

Homemade Christmas Tree

A detailed close-up showcases a charming homemade Christmas tree crafted from carefully arranged twigs and twines. The tree is elegantly adorned with warm Christmas lights that cast a soft glow. White ornaments dangle from the twigs, completing the picturesque scene.
Create a DIY Christmas tree using twigs and twine on a cone frame.

Another last-minute Christmas tree alternative you can keep as décor is a cone-shaped tree made from twigs and twine. Mold malleable branches or vines around cone-shaped objects or make a frame from sturdy wire.

Wrap twine around the structure to keep the branches in place and leave them to dry in place. Once fully dried, cover with lights, ornaments, and dried flowers to suit your décor theme for the season.

Twig Stars

Skilled hands carefully intertwine slender twigs, crafting a rustic DIY star Christmas decoration. Each twig is meticulously tied with twine, forming an intricate pattern that radiates a cozy, homemade charm.
Transform leftover twigs into DIY stars for tree decorations or table accents.

Have any leftover twigs from the previous crafts? Put them to good use by making your own stars to hang on your tree or dot around the table. This is a great activity for kids, although they may need a little help with the knots on each end.

Pine Everywhere

A festive Christmas table adorned with red plates and glasses exudes warmth. Elegant foliage adds a natural touch, and a thoughtfully placed gift wrapped in festive paper promises a delightful surprise.
Pine branches and pinecones offer a quick and versatile option for festive garden decor.

One of the easiest garden décor options, especially if you’re short on time, is pine. Pinecones are a Christmas decoration staple, but you can also use pine branches in arrangements around the home for a festive feel and scent. Pop them onto place settings or pair them with other herbs to create a wreath.

Branch Runner

A white dining table elegantly set for Christmas, featuring gleaming gold plates that catch the warm holiday light. Wine glasses stand ready, inviting a toast to festive celebrations, while an arrangement of Christmas foliage adds a touch of seasonal charm.
Create a rustic table setting by replacing linen runners with garden-sourced leafy branches.

To add a natural touch to your table décor, forego linen runners and use leafy branches from the garden instead. Thinner branches with flat leaves work best to avoid cluttering the center. You can use other centerpieces to anchor the branches in place, like vases of flowers or wooden rounds covered in candles.

Wooden Placemats

In a festive tableau, a close-up reveals a meticulously arranged table setting adorned with vibrant Christmas decorations. Delicate details like pinecones and candles create a visually enchanting scene.
Christmas tables receive an added rustic charm when adorned with wooden placemats.

A staple of rustic décor, wooden placemats are perfect for any Christmas table. They contrast perfectly with classy crockery to create a natural but high-end feel, or they can be combined with other rustic elements for laid-back table décor. Sealing them beforehand will help them last longer, allowing you to reuse them year after year.

Wreath Centerpiece

Set against the soft ambiance of a Christmas tree and framed by an inviting window view, a vibrant red round table stands out. The table is elegantly arranged with festive plates and glasses, complemented by a charming wreath.
A DIY wreath as the centerpiece can serve as a cohesive centerpiece without leaving gaps.

Round tables can be slightly harder to decorate than long tables. To avoid any gaps in the center of your table, make a DIY wreath the centerpiece of your table.

You can combine most foliage from the garden (I like using woody herbs for added scent) along with other decorative elements like candles. Place it in the center of the table, laying flat, and work outwards to create a cohesive look.

Pinecone Trees

A Christmas table adorned with crisp white plates and elegant glasses, creating a timeless and inviting holiday setting. The centerpiece steals the show with pinecones delicately dusted in fake snow, adding a touch of winter magic and seasonal charm.
Pinecones are popular for festive décor due to their shape, especially when painted white.

There are many reasons why pinecones are popular for festive décor. But one of my favorites is their shape. Stand them upright, dust the ends with a bit of white paint, and dot them around your table to look like a collection of tiny snow-covered Christmas trees.

Painted Pinecones

Nature's beauty takes an artistic turn as pinecones, delicately painted in various shades, become focal points amid the surrounding foliage. The vibrant colors breathe new life into the scene, showcasing the harmonious blend of artistic expression and the organic world.
Decorate your Christmas table with painted pinecones for a distinctively customized holiday flair.

You can also add pinecones to arrangements placed on your Christmas table or around your home for their interesting geometric look. Painting them in bright and festive colors adds a unique touch that can be customized for different color palettes.

Candle Wraps

A Christmas table adorned with crisp white plates, creating an elegant and timeless setting for a holiday feast. The captivating centerpiece steals the show, featuring aromatic juniper branches and candles adorned with charming cinnamon stick wrappings.
Enhance dinner table candles with garden elements like cinnamon stick wraps.

Candles are a must-have on any dinner table, but there are ways to spruce them up even further with elements of your garden. Herbs and spices are great for candle wraps as long as you can keep flammable parts away from the flame. These wraps use cinnamon sticks, but you can also use herbs like sage or rosemary to add more greenery.

Frozen Berries

A close-up of heart-shaped ice cubes on a pristine white surface, their crystal facets glistening in the light. The frozen hearts encapsulate vibrant red currants and redberries, creating a visually striking contrast.
Utilize frozen berries as a festive and decorative addition to your drinks.

Even in the middle of winter, you’ll still need ice to chill your drinks or celebratory champagne bottles. Turn your ice into a decorative element by freezing edible berries from the garden throughout the year.

Red berries add a festive touch to all your drinks and a summery element that will brighten up your dinner table. If you haven’t already started making fruit-filled drink ornamentation this year, don’t worry; cranberries are in season in the winter and are a quick and beautiful pop of color in a mixed drink!

Create A Winter Arrangement

In a bright, white kitchen, a festive holiday scene unfolds on a pristine table.The Christmas spirit comes alive with a tasteful brown vase serving as a charming focal point, filled with festive greenery and seasonal decor.
Create long-lasting festive table arrangements using winter garden elements like branches, berries, and fake snow.

Flex your creative muscles by creating festive table arrangements with elements from your winter garden. Branches with berries, silvery foliage, and some lovely pinecones create an arrangement that will last throughout the festive season. Dust the tops with some fake snow for an extra wintery touch.

Winter Branch Display

A pristine white coffee table serves as a centerpiece, featuring an artistic arrangement of flickering candles and a minimalist bare branch. In the backdrop, a muted gray couch completes the stylish living room setting.
Creating festive Christmas decor is easy with minimalist arrangements of branches and foliage.

Decorative Christmas arrangements don’t have to be complicated. A set of simple branches and foliage can make just as much of an impact, especially in minimalist interiors. This arrangement also uses small string lights around the branches for night-time interest and an extra festive feel.

Keep It Simple

A white dining table adorned with elegant white plates, creating a minimalist and sophisticated setting for a festive meal. The table is tastefully decorated with Christmas tree foliage and white ornaments.
Simplify minimalist interiors with garden-inspired decor like a simple sprig of rosemary or pine.

Speaking of minimalist interiors, it’s also easy to use décor from the garden while keeping it simple. Using basic linen with a subtle touch of foliage can have more impact than expected, highlighting the natural elements and allowing them to stand out as a singular central detail. A single branch or pinecone as a place setting is enough to add a festive touch.

Tiny Herb Wreaths

A pristine white table adorned with neatly arranged white plates and a folded napkin. The crisp white napkin serves as a canvas for a beautifully crafted decorative wreath, adding a touch of festive charm to the dining arrangement.
Creating mini Christmas wreaths from rosemary or woody herbs is both adorable and practical.

There is no place setting more adorable than a tiny Christmas wreath. If you have a rosemary bush (or any woody herbs), they’re also so easy to make.

Snip a long stem off the plant, wrap it around your hand, and tie the ends together with twine. They can double as meal toppings, too, so the herb leaves don’t go to waste.

Festive Garland

Festive Christmas decorations hang gracefully against a clean white wall. A charming wooden table adorned with cheerful mugs and carefully arranged Christmas decorations stands prominently in the foreground, inviting warmth and festive spirit into the room.
Combine Christmas ornaments and garden foliage for a festive and natural fireplace or doorway decoration.

To decorate your fireplace or doorways, combine a few Christmas ornaments with foliage from the garden. This combines the festive décor you already have (perhaps a few ornaments that didn’t fit on your tree) with garden elements to soften the décor and add a more natural feel.

Orange Garland

Delicate hands meticulously craft a festive ornament for the Christmas tree using slices of dried orange. The blurred background beautifully captures the tree and more slices of the dried orange.
Create a festive orange garland by slicing and drying fall oranges, then string them together.

Orange garlands are an ideal holiday craft that can serve as natural décor across the festive season. All you need to do is slice some fresh fall oranges and dry them in the oven or dehydrator to preserve them.

Thread strings through the center and tie them all together to create a bright and cheerful garland. This is another great activity to include the whole family in.

Candle Trays

A rustic wooden table is set with inviting cups of tea and a plate of delicious biscuits. The tabletop is adorned with flickering candles, casting a warm glow, while a petite Christmas tree adds festive cheer to the scene.
Enhance candlelit table decor by adding a few leaves to the tray.

Trays of candles make wonderful table décor, especially for evening dinner parties. But they can feel a little basic if that is your only décor. The simple addition of a few leaves at the base of the tray provides some natural contrast to take your tablescape to the next level.

Miniature Christmas Tree

A charming holiday scene featuring a petite Christmas tree perched atop a circular white table. Neatly arranged next to the tree, are elegantly wrapped gifts in rustic brown boxes, each adorned with red ribbons and bows.
Adorn mini cypress shrubs with string lights for a compact, festive twist on traditional Christmas trees.

If you don’t have the space for a full-size Christmas tree, you don’t have to ditch the tradition altogether. Small potted shrubs or trees like cypress are perfect alternatives to larger trees, especially when decorated with small string lights. Before decorating, use small pruning shears to trim the shrub into the perfect shape.

Festive Houseplants

A serene white living room adorned with a festive touch, featuring vibrant red poinsettia flowers delicately arranged atop a round white coffee table. The soft focus background unveils a festive ambiance, showcasing a beautifully adorned Christmas tree.
Choose long-lasting festive houseplants like poinsettias or amaryllis for enduring natural holiday decor.

If you want natural décor that lasts longer than the Christmas period, choose festive houseplants. The poinsettia is a classic, but festive bulbs like amaryllis are also great options. And if you already have a few houseplants, you can decorate them with lights and bows to salute the season, or if you’re feeling whimsical, a few tiny Christmas hats.

Final Thoughts

There is no need to spend on standard Christmas décor each year when you have an abundant garden to harvest from. Use these ideas to bring the outdoors into your holiday celebrations.

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