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Lorin Nielsen

Lorin Nielsen is the head horticulturalist at Epic Gardening. She was formerly the Editor in Chief, and has both written and edited a large portion of the content on the Epic Gardening website. She is also a certified naturalist in California.

Close-up of a gardener's hand holding a handful of wet compost with red wigglers in front of a raised garden bed. Red wigglers are small, slender earthworms commonly used in vermicomposting systems.

Soil Improvement

Is Vermicomposting Worth The Trouble?

Vermicomposting involves keeping a container of worms and feeding them food scraps. The worms transform the scraps into beautiful organic matter called worm castings. Is keeping these worms in your house worth the trouble? Let Master Naturalist Lorin Nielsen walk you through vermicomposting and its benefits.