35 Beautiful Snapdragon Varieties for Your Garden

If you’re having difficulty deciding on a snapdragon variety to add to your garden this season, you’re not alone! Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she discusses 35 beautiful snapdragon varieties you should try.

Vivid snapdragons bloom under the warm sunlight, displaying hues of pink, red, and yellow against lush green leaves. Their delicate petals seem to dance with joy, embracing the day's gentle rays, creating a picturesque garden scene.


There are many different types and varieties of snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus), specifically bred for high productivity in various zones and day lengths. Selecting the right ones for your region will result in the best yields and blooms, while going outside the recommendations may lower the quality and decrease productivity.

Breeders and seed companies may indicate the variety groups (1-4), which is based on day length and temperature. Picking the right ones will help ensure good stem length and bloom quality. 

First, let’s discuss the different groups and harvest seasons, and then we’ll dig into the perfect snapdragon varieties for your garden. 

Night and Day

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Night and Day Snapdragon Seeds

Orange Wonder

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Magic Carpet Blend

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Magic Carpet Blend Snapdragon Seeds

Snapdragon Groups

Rows of snapdragons stretch across the garden, forming a captivating mosaic of colors. White, purple, yellow, and red blossoms dance in harmony, creating a picturesque scene that delights both the eyes and the soul.
Snapdragons are grown as tender perennials in zones 7-11.

Snapdragon varieties are divided into groupings based on their day length needs and bloom seasonality. Note that some varieties and series perform well across all seasons. Experimentation will help you find what works best in your region. 

Group  Light preference/Day length Flowering/Harvest Season  Varieties Included
1 Shorter days, soft light Winter, early spring ‘Legend,’ ‘Chantilly,’ ‘Maryland,’ ‘Costa,’ ‘Snappy’
2 Shorter days, soft light Early spring, spring, and fall ‘Animation,’ ‘Bridal, ‘Maryland,’ ‘Snappy’
3 Longer, hotter days, high light Spring, early summer, fall ‘Costa Summer,’ ‘Early Opus,’ ‘Early Potomac,’ ‘Rocket Mix,’ ‘Potomac,’ ‘Orleans’
4 Longer, hotter days, high light Summer, fall ‘Rocket Mix,’ ‘Potomac,’ ‘Orleans,’ ‘Opus’

The different types of blooms available are:

  • Traditional: The most common, resembling a dragon’s mouth when pinched. The ‘Legend,’ ‘Bridal,’ ‘Costa,’ ‘Opus,’ ‘Potomac,’ ‘Rocket,’ and ‘Orleans’ series are included. 
  • Open-faced: Single petals are fully revealed when in bloom. Includes the ‘Chantilly’ series. 
  • Azalea: Fluffy, full, double, Victorian look. Includes the ‘Madame Butterfly’ series. 

You can also select snapdragon varieties by their height. Tall varieties grow to be 2.5 to 4 feet, mid-size varieties up to 30 inches, and dwarf varieties between 6 and 15 inches. Some varieties are bred for greenhouse production, while others do just fine in the open garden. 

Snapdragons are tender perennials in zones 7-11 but are typically grown as annuals. They all prefer full sun to partial shade and are best when started indoors from seed. Now, let’s get into 35 beautiful snapdragon varieties you can try this season.

‘Chantilly™ Light Salmon’

A close-up captures the delicate 'Chantilly Light Salmon' flowers standing tall on lush green stems. Each blossom showcases a captivating blend of sunny yellow and regal purple petals, adding vibrancy to the scene.
The ‘Chantilly’ series of flowers boasts delicate salmon-peach blooms.
PLANT HEIGHT 28-36 inches
BEST FOR Short days, low temperatures

This delicate salmon-peach variety is the perfect shade to celebrate the arrival of spring. They perform well in the field or under protection. 

The long-lasting blooms of ‘Chantilly™ Light Salmon’ create a lovely bouquet on their own due to their color variance but pair them with pastel yarrow stems or narcissus punch it up.

The ‘Chantilly’ series will produce thin or weak stems when grown on long days, so only short-day production is recommended. 

‘Cherry Twist’

Purple 'Cherry Twist' flowers absorb sunlight, displaying rich hues amidst green foliage. The blurred backdrop accentuates the floral abundance, showcasing a symphony of petals and leaves, all bathed in the warm glow of the sun's rays.
This snapdragon boasts magenta and buttercream petals on pale green stems.
PLANT HEIGHT  20-24 inches
BEST FOR Cutting, beds, containers, and borders

‘Cherry Twist’ deserves a place in your summer garden for its vibrant magenta and buttercream petals along with pale green stems. It’s open-pollinated and blooms from mid-July to September. 

This snapdragon was awarded the Fleuroselect Award of Novelty for its unique flair. It also matures quicker than most other varieties. 

Pro tip: Pinch back only a portion of your snapdragon plot. The ones left unpinched will get you earlier blooms.

‘Tom Thumb Mixed’

'Tom Thumb Mixed' flowers, including shades of red, soft pink, and white, soak up the sun's warmth, creating a picturesque scene. The lush petals dance gracefully, forming a harmonious blend of colors that captivates the eye and uplifts the spirit.
The ‘Tom Thumb Mixed’ cultivar thrives in containers in sunny spots.
PLANT HEIGHT Up to 8 inches
BEST FOR Containers, groupings

This dwarf variety performs well in a container in well-draining soil where it receives full sun. It’s low-growing to about 8 inches and blooms from March to May. 

“Tom Thumb Mixed’ includes soft pastel shades from bicolor pink and yellow to deep violet. 

Not much garden space? No problem! This variety is happy in a container or window boxes. Growers say it tastes slightly citrusy and can be used to punch up salads or summer cupcakes. 

‘Orange Wonder’

A solitary 'Orange Wonder' snapdragon plant stands tall, its orange blossoms shimmering under the golden sunlight. The flowers seem to embrace the warmth, painting a serene picture of nature's elegance.
The stems of ‘Orange Wonder’ can be arranged in bouquets for added interest.
PLANT HEIGHT 30-36 inches
BEST FOR Cutting garden

This open-pollinated snapdragon variety features ombre-fashioned bright orange blending into a soft pink, sure to add interest to your cutting or pollinator garden. Start them indoors in February in northern climates. 

Make a bouquet solely of ‘Orange Wonder’ stems, playing around with height and direction to add interest.  

Pro tip: Remove foliage from the bottom third of the stem that will be directly in water, keeping the rest to serve as a bouquet filler. Change water several times a week for the best vase life. 

‘Madame Butterfly Bronze with White’

Apricot and pink flowers elegantly decorate the tall, lush green stems of the 'Madame Butterfly Bronze with White' plants. In the background, a blur reveals an abundant display of these captivating plants in their full splendor.
This snapdragon variety offers a fresh yet slightly antique look.
GROUPS Comparable to groups 3-4 “main season” or “all season” varieties
PLANT HEIGHT 26-36 inches
BEST FOR  Field or greenhouse production, cutting garden, long days, direct light

It’s hard to pick favorites among snapdragon varieties, but I’ll admit, I’m a ”Madame Butterfly’ gal. The excessive frills, double petals, and densely filled stems do it for me. 

‘Madame Butterfly Bronze with White’ is a fancy, Victorian-style bloom featuring a white trumpet with bronzey petals, giving it a fresh yet slightly antique appearance. 

Transplanting snapdragons is recommended. Start indoors 8-10 weeks before your last frost. Light is required for germination. Bottom water to hold seeds in place (watering from the surface may dislodge them). Harden off seedlings when they have four to six sets of true leaves. 

‘Madame Butterfly Rose’

Sun-kissed pink 'Madame Butterfly Rose' snapdragons elegantly sway, basking in warm sunlight. In the backdrop, a soft blur of vibrant yellow flowers adds a gentle contrast, enhancing the scene's natural beauty and tranquility.
Encourage stem growth in ‘Madame Butterfly Rose’ by cutting low with the cut-and-come-again method.
GROUPS Comparable to groups 3-4 “main season” or “all season” varieties
PLANT HEIGHT 26-36 inches
BEST FOR  Field or greenhouse production, cutting garden, long days, high light

If you’re looking for a staple pink snapdragon, ‘Madame Butterfly Rose’ will not disappoint. Its dense and fluffy stems will add elegance to a cutting garden and are the perfect spike-style flower for bouquets. 

When using the cut-and-come-again method on snapdragons, cut the stem low to the ground to encourage more vertical stem growth

Pro tip: Place a single, fully developed stem of ‘Madame Butterfly Rose’ in a short vase for a fresh and fun centerpiece. 

‘Madame Butterfly Mix’

'Madame Butterfly Mix' plants showcasing vibrant groups of pink, fuchsia pink, and yellow flowers, creating a colorful spectacle in the garden. In the background, lush bushes provide a blurred yet soothing backdrop to the floral composition.
AAS-winning ‘Madame Butterfly Mix’ offers a diverse blend of bronze, white, and cherry flowers.
GROUPS Comparable to groups 3-4 “main season” or “all season” varieties 
PLANT HEIGHT  26-36 inches 
BEST FOR  Field or greenhouse production, cutting garden, long days, high light  

This blend gives you a taste of all the ‘Madame Butterfly’ series has to offer: a little bit of bronze with white, cherry with bronze, ivory, rose, pink, and red.

‘Madame Butterfly Mix’ is an AAS (All-America Selections) winner

Pro tip: Avoid heavy top watering snapdragons to decrease the risk of fungal diseases like rust. 

‘Potomac™ Custom Mix’

Clusters of 'Potomac Custom Mix' plants rise gracefully, showcasing vibrant hues. Each stem boasts a beautiful array of purple and apricot blossoms, creating a stunning contrast against the lush green foliage.
A custom mix called ‘Potomac Custom Mix’ offers brilliant colors and long stems.
GROUPS Comparable to groups 3-4 “main season” or “all season” varieties
PLANT HEIGHT 40-60 inches
BEST FOR  Field or greenhouse production, cutting garden, long days, high light

‘Potomac™ Custom Mix’ is a brilliant mix of colors with amazing stem length and similar bloom times. Colors include white, yellow, red, orange, pink, apple blossom, cherry rose, and lavender. 

In 1994, the ‘Potomac™ Plum Blossom,’ a lavender and white bi-color option, was recognized during the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers National Cut Flower Trials as an exceptional cultivar. 

Pro tip: Use trellis netting when transplanting by placing it on the ground and staking it in place. Use the net as a guide for spacing, then shimmy it up the stakes. As the snaps grow, they’ll find an opening and use the netting as support. Add another layer if needed.  

‘Potomac™ Lavender’

Purple-hued 'Potomac Lavender' flowers soak up sunlight, showcasing their beauty. Beneath, lush green leaves provide a contrasting backdrop, enhancing the flowers' natural allure and creating a harmonious botanical display in the sunlit garden bed.
The ‘Potomac Lavender’ stands out with its soft lavender hue.
GROUPS Comparable to groups 3-4 “main season” or “all season” varieties
40-60 inches
BEST FOR  Field or greenhouse production, cutting garden, long days, high light

Anything in the Potomac™ series make easy choices for beginners, but the ‘Potomac™ Lavender’ is a standout. Its soft, creamy lavender and light green stems are the perfect combo to pair with perennial yarrow, bright lupine, or spring-blooming tulips. 

Harvest snapdragons in the early morning or evening when the sun has gone down. 

Did you know? Snapdragon flowers are edible! Use them to adorn charcuterie boards and cakes for a special touch. 

‘Costa Silver’

A close-up of delicate 'Costa Silver' flowers reveals their subtle, pale pink tones, creating an ethereal allure. The intricate pink veins gracefully accentuate the petals, adding depth and character to the floral composition.
A blush pink variety named ‘Costa Silver’ is ideal for bridal or baby themes.
PLANT HEIGHT  28-36 inches
BEST FOR Short days, low temperatures

‘Costa Silver’ is a crisp, clean blush pink, some almost white, making it perfect for all things bridal or baby

This variety has strong, robust stems and tips. Support is typically not needed. Plants are safe in strong winds. 

While pinching will delay bloom times, you’ll get more blooms if you use this method. Cut and come again all season! 

‘Costa Apricot’ 

‘Costa Apricot’ flowers, bathed in warm sunlight, display gentle apricot hues. Soft, muted green leaves provide a tranquil background for the ‘Costa Apricot’ flowers, their gentle tones blending harmoniously to create a peaceful and natural ambiance in the outdoor environment.
This spring-blooming variety thrives in short days and low temperatures.
PLANT HEIGHT  28-36 inches
Short days, low temperatures

Another color option perfect for spring, this variety will bloom prolifically under short days and low temperatures. Plant a second succession for fall production.

With a subtle and neutral shade, pair ‘Costa Apricot’ with just about anything in the garden! Dark green, white, and yellow will complement the peach tones well. 

The strong, robust stems of ‘Costa Apricot’ will add height and interest to every bouquet. 

‘Costa Deep Rose’

Tall stems of 'Costa Deep Rose' stand gracefully, adorned with vibrant pink flowers, adding a touch of elegance to the scene. Delicate buds, promising future blooms, adorn the same plant.
Day length affects the quality of flowers and stems of the ‘Costa Deep Rose.’
PLANT HEIGHT  28-36 inches
Short days, low temperatures

‘Costa Deep Rose’ is a highly adaptable group 2 snapdragon. It boasts a fully saturated, deep cherry rose and robust blooms. 

When day length increases, flower and stem quality decreases.  

Pro tip: Pinch snapdragon seedlings when they’re a few inches tall before or after transplanting. This will force energy into their root system, yielding a bushier plant and long side shoots. Pinching will get you more stems and blooms in the long run.

‘Snappy™ Red Yellow’

A close-up reveals red ‘Snappy Red Yellow’ flowers, their petals bursting with color and life. Nestled behind them, green foliage provides a soothing backdrop, accentuating the fiery hues of the blooms.
This snapdragon variety offers striking blood-red petals with yellow bases and mottling.
8-20 inches
BEST FOR Containers, borders, pathways

The ‘Snappy™’ series is a dwarf variety of snapdragons bred for short stems for borders and containers. They’re early to bloom with strong stems and can withstand frosts and freezing. 

‘Snappy™ Red Yellow’ is a striking blood red with yellow bottoms with some mottling making it a very interesting option

The ‘Snappy™’ series was rated the best overall series of dwarf snaps by the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

‘Creeping Snapdragon’

Lush green lobed leaves of the 'Creeping Snapdragon' spread like a carpet, forming a lush ground cover. Delicate yellow flowers gracefully emerge from beneath, adding a burst of color to the enchanting botanical tapestry.
A trailing plant known as ‘Creeping Snapdragon’ features subtle yellow flowers with purple veins.
PLANT HEIGHT  24-36 inches
Retaining or rock walls, large containers, rock gardens

If you’re looking for an interesting creeper for stone walls, containers, or rock gardens, check out the trailing ‘Creeping Snapdragon.’ This variety is subtle with single, pale to deep yellow flowers with light purple veins. 

It blooms in summer and performs best in zones 6-9 in full sun to partial shade and sandy or rich soil. Plants can be taken indoors through the winter in colder climates. 

Previously, ‘Creeping Snapdragon’ was classified as Antirrhinum asarina due to its fragrant, snapdragon-like blooms, but today, it is Asarina procumbens for its trailing stems. It is not known to have any serious disease or pest concerns and may self-seed. 

‘Potomac Summer Berry Blend’

Tall and lush fuchsia pink ‘Potomac Summer Berry Blend’ flowers stand gracefully, their petals unfurling under the warm sunlight. The blurred backdrop reveals majestic trees, enhancing the floral beauty.
The ‘Potomac Summer Berry Blend’ reaches up to five feet in height.
GROUPS Comparable to groups 3-4 “main season” or “all season” varieties
40-60 inches
BEST FOR  Field or greenhouse production, cutting garden, long days, high light

The ‘Potomac Summer Berry Blend’ is the flower world’s candy, resembling sweet, juicy summer berries. The blend of cream, light pink, red, and magenta makes an easy mixed bouquet

Their height can reach an impressive five feet. Add them to a winding pathway or the back of a cottage garden.

‘Frosted Flames’ 

A close-up reveals red 'Frosted Flames' snapdragon flowers, their petals gently unfurling amidst delicate leaves. The sunlight delicately caresses the intricate details, illuminating the velvety texture and rich hues of the blossoms.
This plant features blooms in multiple colors and unique narrow foliage.
PLANT HEIGHT 12-18 inches
BEST FOR Containers, borders

This interesting Fleuroselect Quality Award winner is variegated, offering blooms in pink, velvety red, cream, buttery yellow, and various bi-colors. 

Its unique narrow foliage transitions from ivory along the edge to medium green in the middle. Add ‘Frosted Flames’ to a border or cottage garden for an interesting summer display. 

Pro tip: Harvest snaps when blooms on the lower ⅓ of the stem are open. Add them immediately to a bucket of clean, cool water and allow them to rest in a dark area before arranging them in a bouquet. 

‘Candy Showers Orange’

A close-up of 'Candy Showers Orange' flowers boasting sunny yellow centers, exuding warmth and cheerfulness in their delicate petals. Bathed in radiant sunlight, the 'Candy Showers Orange' flowers showcase their vivid brilliance.
The ‘Candy Showers Orange’ forms a vibrant flower carpet at the base of other plants.
PLANT HEIGHT 8-10 inches
BEST FOR Containers, hanging baskets

‘Candy Showers Orange’ is perfect for urban gardeners, gardeners with small spaces, or those of us who prefer hanging baskets and window boxes.

This dwarf, trailing variety (Antirrhinum majus nanum pendula) will grow around the base of  your other cut flowers when planted in the garden, adding a vibrant carpet of blooms. 

Pair ‘Candy Showers Orange’ with bold violets and blues or yellows and oranges. Grow it as a perennial in zones 8 and warmer. It matures quickly!

‘Oriental Lantern’ 

'Oriental Lantern' flowers in close-up, revealing their red and white petals adorned with delicate purple veins, drawing attention to their intricate beauty. In the background, the rich greenery complements the flowers, creating a picturesque scene of nature's splendor.
Enhance your cocktails with an ‘Oriental Lantern’ as a floating garnish.
PLANT HEIGHT  12 inches
BEST FOR Short cutting garden, containers, borders

‘Oriental Lantern’ is a unique flower with contrasting bright yellow and candy-apple red. They look striking in a bouquet on their own or paired with other bright summer annuals like zinnias, dahlias, and spiky ornamental grasses. 

Remember to surface sow the seeds and transplant them when they have several sets of true leaves when the soil can be worked. Space them at 6-12 inches

Float one of these in a cocktail at your next backyard barbeque to impress your guests. 

‘Magic Carpet Blend’

A cluster of crimson 'Magic Carpet Blend' flowers stands out against a blurred backdrop. The background reveals a picturesque array of flowers adorned in yellow and pink tones, accompanied by verdant leaves.
The ‘Magic Carpet Blend’ snapdragon variety offers petite, one-inch blooms in bold shades.
PLANT HEIGHT 6-8 inches
BEST FOR Borders, cutting gardens, containers

Perfect for petite bouquets, the ‘Magic Carpet Blend’ offers one-inch blooms in bold shades of white, yellow, pink, and red. Their short stems are perfect for a small space gardener or containers

‘Magic Carpet Blend’ flowers have the classic snapdragon look in a petite stature. Add these in the front of a cutting or pollinator garden, or design them in containers to adorn your patio.

Our community of flower farmers loves this variety for its great germination rate, ability to self-seed, and winter sowing performance. 

‘Rocket Mix’ 

In the foreground, yellow 'Rocket Mix' flowers stand amidst lush green foliage, capturing the essence of a flourishing garden. Behind them, hues of pink 'Rocket Mix' flowers create a gentle backdrop, their beauty subtly accentuated by a blurred effect.
This features sturdy stems and a variety of colorful blooms.
GROUPS 3-4; considered “main season” or “all season”
PLANT HEIGHT  24-36 inches
BEST FOR  Field production

‘Rocket Mix’ is a main season staple for a cutting garden for its consistent germination, height, high-yielding blooms, and heat tolerance. The name is for its resemblance to the shape of a rocket: strong, round-ripped, and sturdy.

Colors ranging from white, pink, yellow, lavender, and shades of red put the finishing touch on bouquets and gardens of all styles.

The tip sometimes slightly bends, adding a whimsical and natural feel to an arrangement. They work well as a corsage.

‘Night and Day’

Vibrant red flowers of the 'Night and Day' snapdragon plant bloom against green leaves. A black and yellow wasp hovers delicately near the intricate petals, seeking nectar and pollinating the blossoms.
Sow ‘Night and Day’ seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the last spring frost.
PLANT HEIGHT 15-18 inches
BEST FOR Shorter days, cool temperatures, cutting garden

Pollinators adore snapdragons, and this variety is no exception. Bees flock to the deep tunnels of the multi-bloomed stems. ‘Night and Day’ features deep red flowers with a white throat.  

‘Night and Day’ is a dramatic shape-shifter; its foliage turns dark burgundy, almost black, when the fall weather cools. This adds immense contrast between the foliage and the white of the “dragon’s jaws.” Float the petals in a pitcher of lemonade for a statement. 

Sow seeds indoors eight to ten weeks before your last spring frost. Plant in full sun in cutting gardens, along borders, or among ornamental grasses. Snaps will bloom heaviest when the weather is cooler. 

‘Potomac™ Appleblossom’

A cluster of delicate 'Potomac Appleblossom' flowers in white and pink hues shines in the warm sunlight against a blurred backdrop of greenery. A graceful butterfly flutters towards the blossoming flowers.
Achieve fuller and taller ‘Potomac Appleblossom’ plants by pinching back seedlings for shorter stems.
GROUPS 3-4; “main season” or “all season”
PLANT HEIGHT  40-60 inches 
BEST FOR  Field or greenhouse production, cutting garden, long days, high light  

‘Potomac™ Appleblossom’ features a white flower with a light pink center. For full-height snapdragon stems of 60 inches, refrain from pinching this variety at the seedling stage. For fuller plants with shorter stems, pinch them back and leave more space between them when transplanting.

Snaps should germinate within two weeks when kept at 70-75°F (21-24°C). Start them in a strip tray or 128-cell tray. 

Pro tip: Use a pair of tweezers for easy handling and sowing tiny snapdragon seeds.

‘Candelabra Rose’

A close-up of pink 'Candelabra Rose' flowers, capturing their intricate beauty. Each petal glistens with delicate water droplets, adding a touch of freshness and elegance to the floral arrangement.
Fertilize ‘Candelabra Rose’ plants lightly in spring with 12-6-6 slow-release feed.
PLANT HEIGHT 6-8 inches
BEST FOR Short days, garden floors

‘Candelabra Rose’ will spread out to 10-16 inches wide, so space plants at 12-14 inches when transplanting. Its summer blooms are an impressive hot pink and will flower easily under shorter days. 

Fertilize lightly in the spring with a slow-release feed of 12-6-6 and water consistently, about an inch per week, if you receive no rainfall. Once blooming begins, no additional fertilization is necessary. 

Most growers don’t realize snapdragons are extremely cold hardy, especially when started early and hardened off properly. Once established, they can withstand freezing temperatures to 18°F (-8°C). 

‘Liberty Classic™ Mix’ 

Purple 'Liberty Classic Mix' flowers bloom vividly, their delicate petals unfurling under the warm embrace of the sun's rays. Lush green leaves provide a verdant backdrop, creating a picturesque scene of natural beauty and serenity in the radiant daylight.
The ‘Liberty Classic Mix’ should be transplanted 12-15 inches apart.
PLANT HEIGHT 18-22 inches
Cool temperatures, mass bedding

This mid-size snapdragon features consistent columns in bold white, yellow, pink, and red with sturdy, thick stem tops, the classic snapdragon look. 

Transplant ‘Liberty Classic™ Mix’ at 12-15 inches to give them space to bush out. 

Seeds should germinate in 10-21 days when kept at 55°F (13°C). 

‘Twinny Peach™’ 

Yellow and apricot-hued 'Twinny Peach' flowers stretch towards the sun, their delicate petals absorbing its warm rays. Green leaves elegantly frame the blossoms, providing a verdant backdrop to their natural beauty.
This variety is beloved by hummingbirds for its colorful blooms and long-lasting flowers.
PLANT HEIGHT 7-12 inches
BEST FOR Containers, raised beds

‘Twinny Peach™’ is low maintenance and perfect for patio containers for its compact growing habit. It has a unique blend of pink, light orange, and peach flowers, plus a long vase life. 

Hummingbirds especially love this variety for its wide bloom opening. ‘Twinny Peach™’ is extremely adaptable to weather, tolerating both heat and heavy rain. It is also an AAS winner! 

Space these out in the garden at 6-16 inches. No staking is needed. 

‘Avignon Pink’ 

A close-up reveals the delicate details of a pink 'Avignon Pink' flower, showcasing its soft petals. The blurred background enhances the flower's vibrant hue, with lush shades of green creating a natural backdrop.
The ‘Avignon Pink’ is a richer, softer pink alternative to ‘Costa Silver’.
PLANT HEIGHT  28-36 inches
BEST FOR Short days, low light, low temperatures

If you love ‘Costa Silver’ but prefer something pink, ‘Avignon Pink’ is richer, not as pale, and the softest of pinks

Bred to perform on short days, this cool-weather-loving annual will signal the end of winter when added to a spring salad or mocktail. 

Pro tip: Plant them alongside other group 1 or 2 snapdragon options like any from the ‘Costa’ and ‘Maryland’ series. 

‘Bridal Pink’ 

Tall and slender green stems stand gracefully, showcasing delicate pink 'Bridal Pink' flowers. In the blurred background, a tapestry of more of these charming blooms and green leaves creates a picturesque scene of natural beauty and tranquility.
Snapdragon ‘Bridal Pink’ displays diverse rose-colored blooms resembling watercolors.
PLANT HEIGHT  24-30 inches
BEST FOR Short days, low light, low temperatures

‘Bridal Pink’ looks like a watercolor painting with rose-colored and pale pink blooms, some with white edges, each bloom different from the next

Plant stems are densely packed and bloom early. Fall plantings may bloom in early spring. 

Group 2 snapdragon production slows down in the heat and longer days of summer. Partial or afternoon shade is appreciated in especially hot climates.

‘Maryland Plumblossom’ 

A close-up of 'Maryland Plumblosom' flowers showcases delicate petals in shades of lavender and purple, elegantly arranged on a green stem. The blurred background beautifully highlights the lush greenery, accentuating the serene ambiance of the floral scene.
The ‘Maryland Plumblosom’ is a bi-color flower resembling a bright purple candy.
30-48 inches
Short days, low light, low temperatures

This bi-color beauty resembles a bright purple candy in an old-fashioned wax wrapper, and I’m here for it. 

‘Maryland Plumblosom’ performs best where summer temperatures remain below 80°F (27°C). In warmer climates, blooming will return in the fall until the first frost. 

Native pollinators will adore this variety, but the deer will stay away. 

‘Maryland Lavender’

Clusters of 'Maryland Lavender' flowers adorn the scene, displaying captivating shades of pink and fuchsia. Their vivid presence is complemented by the rich greenery of the leaves nestled beneath, creating a picturesque floral arrangement.
This long-stemmed lavender variety complements spring tulips and Easter bouquets.
PLANT HEIGHT  30-46 inches
Short days, low light, low temperatures, cutting gardens

‘Maryland Lavender’ has gorgeous, soft lavender spikes with exceptionally long stems. This variety is perfect to pair with spring-blooming tulips and soft Easter bouquets. 

This is a true cool-weather snapdragon, and summer production is not recommended

‘Orleans Early Lemon Yellow’

A close-up of 'Orleans Early Lemon Yellow' flowers, showcasing delicate petals and a bright, lemony hue. Adjacent, green buds promise imminent blossoming, adding anticipation to the scene with their fresh, promising presence.
The ‘Orleans Early Lemon Yellow’ is a delightful pale yellow plant.
GROUPS 3-4; “main season” or “all season”
PLANT HEIGHT  26-34 inches 
BEST FOR  Field or greenhouse production, cutting garden, long days, high light  

A perfectly pale, yet cheerful yellow option, ‘Orleans Early Lemon Yellow’ will keep you coming back for more. 

The plants are consistently high-yielding and strong-stemmed, the perfect variety for your summer cutting garden. 

Snaps are a great winter sowing option and can be started as early as January or February. 

‘Opus™ Early Bronze’

Groups of 'Opus Early Bronze' flowers, vibrant in orange hues, soak up the warm sunlight. Their lush beauty captivates against a backdrop of lush green leaves, creating a harmonious symphony of color in nature's canvas.
Harvest ‘Opus Early Bronze’ before pollination for optimal vase life.
PLANT HEIGHT  28-34 inches
BEST FOR  Field or greenhouse production, cutting gardens

Maturing a bit earlier than ‘Potomac Orange,’ which is similar but less bronzed, ‘Opus™ Early Bronze’ is fuller and offers more ruffles, elevating its status to premium

Blooms are a mix of orange, rose, and bronze, and their unopened buds boast a unique dusty rose.

Harvest before blooms have been pollinated for the best vase life. Pair with pale yellow sunflowers, goldenrod, or bright salvia and campanula. 

‘Opus™ Lavender’

Pink and purple 'Opus Lavender' flowers bloom elegantly, their delicate petals unfurling in the sunlight, evoking a sense of springtime joy. The lush green leaves gracefully frame the scene, offering a verdant backdrop that accentuates the vivid floral display.
The ‘Opus Lavender’ is ideal for summer cutting gardens and fence borders.
PLANT HEIGHT  32-48 inches
Long days, high light, cutting garden

Slightly paler and more pinkish when compared to ‘Potomac Lavender’, ‘Opus™ Lavender’ is a consistently high performer, perfect for summer cutting gardens

Its height makes it a great option for fence borders or the back edge of a cottage garden. 

Pro tip: Surround your vegetable garden with a row of snaps to aid in pollination. 

‘Legend™ Light Pink’

A close-up reveals the delicate beauty of a 'Legend Light Pink' plant, adorned with  lavender flowers that gracefully bloom. Its green leaves provide a lush backdrop, accentuating the floral display with their verdant hues.
Consider planting ‘Legend Light Pink’ snapdragons for a cool, early spring option.
PLANT HEIGHT  28-36 inches
Cool temperatures, short days, spring bouquets

Looking for a cool option for spring? This variety is cool, literally and figuratively, with its equally light and bright lavender-pale pink color and dense florets. 

‘Legend™ Light Pink’ is a true group 1 snapdragon, thriving in the cool weather of early spring and late fall

It will still produce in the summer. However, the stems and plants will be shorter. Consider cutting them back in hopes of a fall flush.

‘Monaco Orange’ 

Two clusters of 'Monaco Orange' flowers stand tall against lush greenery, drawing attention with their striking hue. Surrounding them, a variety of plants bloom with flowers of assorted colors, creating a beautiful contrast and adding depth to the garden landscape.
This contrasts beautifully with blues and violets when paired with salvia.
PLANT HEIGHT  28-36 inches
BEST FOR Long day, high light

This striking and deeply pigmented variety is an orangish coral that will complement your bright blues and violets. Plant them with salvia, cornflower, or clematis for contrast, or surround them with low-growing nasturtiums or calendula. 

‘Monaco Orange’ performs well in spring plantings and will be ready for harvest in early summer, about 5-10 days earlier than similar color options in the ‘Potomac’ series. 

Overwinter them in warmer regions or protected areas. Use the slightly bitter flowers sparingly to garnish salads, cocktails, or desserts. 

‘Cannes Light Bronze’

A prominent pink cluster of 'Cannes Light Bronze' stands tall against a blurred background adorned with purple and yellow flowers, accompanied by lush greenery. The soft hues and intricate details evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony.
Snapdragon ‘Cannes Light Bronze’ blooms a few days ahead of ‘Potomac’ series varieties.
PLANT HEIGHT  28-36 inches
BEST FOR Long days, high light

This variety boasts shades of cantaloupe, peach, and rose, a great addition to your peak summer annuals. She should start to bloom about five days before the ‘Potomac’ series varieties. 

‘Cannes Light Bronze’ was bred specifically to bridge the gap between spring and summer, and summer and fall. It can be overwintered, and in warmer regions, may survive as a perennial.

The ‘Aroma’ Series

White flowers from the Aroma Series bask in the sunlight, their delicate petals radiating purity and grace. In the background, a soft blur captures the rich greenery, providing a serene backdrop to the ethereal blooms.
This variety boasts a sweet scent with vibrant blooms like ‘Red Spice.’
PLANT HEIGHT  Up to 20 inches
BEST FOR  Containers, patios, borders

While most snapdragons have a slightly peppery aroma or none at all, the ‘Aroma’ Series exudes a sweet scent and is offered in a few bold colors. Their blooms are single and plants grow upright and strong stems. 

The series features the red flowers of ‘Red Spice,’ white flowers of ‘French Vanilla,’ yellow flowers of ‘Fresh Lemon,’ and magenta flowers of ‘Magenta Mist,’ while ‘Peach Breeze’ offers a mix of pink, yellow, and salmon blooms. 

Final Thoughts

Snapdragons are lovely flowers available in various shades of colors, heights, shapes, and sizes. They’re easy to grow, attract pollinators, and edible to boot

Sow seeds indoors in the spring or give winter sowing a shot. Snaps, as they’re lovingly called, are very cold hardy. When you mix different groups in your garden, you’ll have a constant supply all season.

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