All About Gardening is Now Part of Epic Gardening

All About Gardening, one of the top gardening resources on the internet for ornamental gardening ideas and home gardening tips, is now part of Epic Gardening.

Founded in 2021, quickly became a large resource for all different types of gardening expertise. Initially rooted in ornamental gardening, the site quickly grew to cover all aspects of garden knowledge. Founded with a large pool of some of the most talented garden writers on the internet, All About Gardening produced some of the highest quality gardening information in the following garden categories:

Most garden writers who wrote for All About Gardening continue to write for Epic Gardening today. All About Gardening merging into Epic Gardening allows us to expand our reach further. It’s our mission to support horticulturally approved information to gardeners of all ages and experience levels.

You can learn a bit more about each and their specialties below: