About Jill Drago

Jill Drago

Gardening Expert and Hydrangea Enthusiast

Jill is a passionate hobby gardener and stay at home mother. She gained her love for gardening through a high school job at a local garden center. She later earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Horticulture and Turfgrass Management from The University of Rhode Island.

After college, Jill worked as a plant recorder at a botanical garden, golf course horticulturalist, and high-end coastal gardener. Living in hardiness zone 6b on the east coast of the United States, she frequents coastal gardens, and is passionate about both perennials and hydrangeas.

Articles from Jill Drago

17 Full Sun Plants to Grow in May

full sun plants may

Looking for some full-sun plants to add to your garden this May? There are plenty of options, depending on your location. In this article, gardening expert Jill Drago shares her favorite plants that will thrive in full sun when planted in May!

How and When to Transplant Coneflowers For Best Results

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Transplanting coneflowers at the wrong time will impact their lifespan and limit their beautiful blooms. In this article, gardening expert Jill Drago shares the best time of season to transplant coneflowers into your garden, whether started by yourself indoors, or purchased from a local nursery and planted.

How to Revive a Dying Hydrangea Plant

how to revive a dying hydrangea

If your hydrangea looks like it might be dying, there could be several different causes that contribute to its poor health. In this article, gardening expert and hydrangea enthusiast Jill Drago examines the most common reasons for a dying hydrangea, and how to revive it once it’s started to die off.