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Jason Wilson

Jason started his growing journey predominantly in growing zone 9b, with experience planting and growing more heat tolerant plants. Now in zone 7a, his favorite plants are his beloved dahlias and his garden squash.

Close up of three gray-brown pinecones that are slightly opened up to reveal dark brown interiors growing among short, bright green, thin needle-like leaves in bright light.


61 Different Types of Pine Trees With Picture Identification

Thinking of planting some pine trees, but aren't sure which type you should pick? There are many different types of pines you can add to your yard or garden, so picking just one can be a difficult thing to do. In this article, we look at the many different pine tree types, with pictures of each!

Celosia in Garden With Pink Blooms and Green Foliage


Is Celosia (Cockscomb) an Annual, Biennial or Perennial Plant?

If you've fallen in love with the beautiful celosia flowers, it's only natural to start considering how to add them to your garden! But you are also probably curious if they will grow back next season, or need to be replanted. In this article, we examine if celosia is considered an annual, biennial, or perennial plant!

A Florida thatch palm tree growing in a yard with beautiful green palm fronds.


37 Types of Palm Trees That Grow Well in Florida

Looking for a palm tree to add to your florida landscape or garden space? There are many different types of palm trees that grow well in the sunshine state. In this article, we take a look at our favorite palm trees of all shapes and sizes that will compliment any Florida landscape!

A close up image of a plant growing on the water. Blooming with a flower that has pink petals and some white on the interior of the flower. The stamen in the middle is yellow.

Ornamental Gardens

21 Water Friendly Plants For Indoor and Outdoor Ponds

Are you looking for some plants that can grow in an indoor or outdoor pond? Finding the right types of floating plants for pond gardens can be a bit of a challenge! Luckily, there are many different options you can choose from. In this article, we take a look at our favorite plants that can thrive in outdoor or indoor ponds!

types of lilies


74 Different Types of Beautiful Lily Varieties

LIlies are one of the most popular flowers that gardeners plant each season. They are quite stunning, and there are many different varieties that you can plant in your flower garden! In this article, we take a look at some of our favorite types of lilies, with names and pictures of each!

An annual or perennial petunia growing in a flower garden. An up close image of a bright red flower with some foliage behind it.


Are Petunias Considered Annual, Biennial, or Perennial Flowers?

Thinking of planting some petunias this season but aren't sure if they'll come back each season, or you'll need to replant them year after year? Petunias are a garden favorite, and their low-maintenance blooms are always a welcome addition to any flower garden. In this article, we define the petunia based on your growing location, and if they are considered annual, biennial, or perennial plants!

A beautiful pink rhododendron blooming in the garden. It has bright pink flowers and subtle green foliage.


Are Rhododendrons Annual, Biennial, or Perennial Plants?

So you've decided you want to add some rhododendrons to your garden this season, but want to know if you'll have to replant them each year before you do? In this article, we take a look at the rhododendron life cycle, and if they are considered annual, biennial, or perennial plants!

small tomato varieties


21 Small Tomato Varieties For Your Vegetable Garden

If you are looking for some small tomatoes to grow in your garden this season, there are plenty of small tomato varieties that you can choose from. Whether it's grape tomatoes, or cherry tomatoes, there's plenty of different options. In this article, we look at our favorite small tomatoes you can grow in your vegetable garden.