About Dr. Liessa Bowen

Dr. Liessa Bowen

Gardening Expert & Writer

Dr. Liessa Bowen decided at a young age that she wanted to be a naturalist, learning all she could about plants, animals, and ecosystems. She holds a Master’s degree in wildlife biology from Iowa State University, and also holds a PhD in forestry from North Carolina State University. Both degrees have an emphasis in conservation biology and birds. Liessa has experience as a wildlife biologist and greenhouse technician. She has also written for NC State University about in both plant and wildlife topics.

Liessa lives in North Carolina and loves native plants. She maintains a small urban garden with vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants. She has several houseplants, and loves African Violets. When she’s not writing about plants, you can find her outdoors taking pictures of everything nature has to offer.

Articles from Dr. Liessa Bowen

15 Tips For Naturally Preventing Common Garden Pests

prevent pests naturally

Looking for natural ways to prevent pests in your garden this season? There are many natural ways to control pests in your garden without resorting to harmful chemicals. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen shares her top tips for treating common garden pests naturally without harsh chemicals this season.

Can You Plant Tomatoes With Eggplant?

plant tomatoes with eggplant

It’s gardening season, and gardeners everywhere are busy growing, planting, and taking care of fruits and vegetables. If you are hoping to grow both tomatoes and eggplant, you may be wondering if you can grow them together, or would they grow better in separate areas of the garden? In this article, we will take a … Read more

Cucumber Growth Stages: How Fast Do Cucumbers Grow?

cucumber growth stages

Are you unsure how fast your cucumbers should be growing in your garden? These popular garden plants can have a variety of diffferent environmental conditions impact their growth rate. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen examines the normal growth rate of cucumber plants and how fast you can expect them to grow.

Can You Grow Tomatoes with Carrots?

Carrots and tomatoes are garden grown staples. But do they make good garden companions when planted near one another? In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen looks at if these two veggies should be planted next to one another, or if there are better companion plants to pair with each this season.

11 Common Pests and Diseases That Love African Violets

african violets infected with pests and diseases looking worse for wear in a pot on a shelf.

African Violets can succumb to many different issues, depending on their environment. These delicate plants should be cared for to avoid common pest and disease infestation. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen looks at the most common diseases and pests that you may come across when growing African Violets both indoors and outdoors.