59+ Best Gardening Blogs and Websites On The Internet

When I first started gardening...I sucked. I thought I was one of those people that just didn't have a green thumb.

Well, I was wrong, but it took a lot longer to learn the art (and science) of gardening than it should have. Since then, I've been reading books and blogs voraciously and let's just say things have been going a little better in the garden.

These are some of the sites (and people) I think are doing cool things in gardening, so give them a look! 

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Chantal and Ryan of The Horticult

Chantal and Ryan of The Horticult

The Horticult

Authors: Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit

They take awesome photos. Seriously, you need to check out their blog if only for the pictures. But they're also master designers as well as gardeners, as their backyard oasis looks like a slice of heaven (actually, it might be...).

They're based in the same gardening zone as me, the coveted zone 10b of San Diego, CA and started out as completely fresh gardeners about 8 years ago in 2007, when they moved to the area. Since then their blog has been honored by the New York Times as one of the best gardening blogs online, and I completely agree.

It's awesome and very inspiring. Give it a look - I have it saved in my feeds so I never miss a post.​

Favorite post: ​Build a copper pipe trellis without soldering

Pam Penick of Digging

Pam Penick of Digging


Author: Pam Penick

Pam launched her site way back in 2006, about the time I finished up my freshman year of college. Her site goes deep into the layouts and structures of backyard gardens.

Since I'm more of an edible gardens type of guy, I appreciate the aesthetic ​that Pam brings to gardening and landscape design. In another life, I saw myself as an architect or landscape architect, so reading posts on her site brings me back to the days when that was still something I aspired to.

Favorite post: ​The history of Pam's gardens

The Benzakein Family of Floret Flowers

The Benzakein Family of Floret Flowers

Floret Flowers

Authors: The Benzakein Family

I think that the Benzakein family is living a dream that many of us city-dwellers fantasize about: leaving the city and moving out to a rural area to live a simpler life. They've done this purposefully, to garden, raise livestock, and grow flowers.

Now, the family runs a small online store, flower growing workshops, and an amazing blog on the farm and flower life. 

Their pictures are absolutely breathtaking and the info shared on the blog is super helpful for someone like me who aspires to live the farm life...one day.​

Favorite post: 8 fall sown flowers for spring blooms​

Linda Ly of Garden Betty

Linda Ly of Garden Betty

Garden Betty

Author: Linda Ly

Linda, aka the Garden Betty, runs an awesome blog where she talks about raising chickens, her edible garden, cooking, and life adventures. It's the perfect mix of great gardening tips and tricks along with inspiring photos and life goals.

She also has a secondary home in Mexico and writes about her journeys living the off-grid lifestyle, renovating and growing.​

Favorite piece: Making recycled newspaper pots to start seeds

Fran Sorin of Gardening Gone Wild

Fran Sorin of Gardening Gone Wild

Gardening Gone Wild

Author: Fran Sorin, Saxon Holt, and Debra Lee Baldwin

Gardening Gone Wild is a collective of three super interesting people in the world of plants. Fran Sorin is the founder and has recruited a succulent expert, Deborah, and a plant photography expert, Saxon, to the team.

With these three skillsets they put out some extremely insightful stuff that most sites don't even cover...like how to take great photos of plants. Being a budding photographer myself, I eat this stuff up!​

Favorite post: Photo tips for garden bloggers

Kaleb and Joel of The Gray Boxwood

Kaleb and Joel of The Gray Boxwood

The Gray Boxwood

Authors: Kaleb and Joel

The Gray Boxwood is not just words spilled into a blog, it is an initiative – better yet, a movement – of creating beautiful lives. This blog is just the beginning of what we hope will be a culmination of our hopes and dreams.The Gray Boxwood is an outlet for creativity, a blog-based sounding board for all things design. We hope this blog is the beginning of a larger journey for us. The possibilities following this blog are endless, and could be directed with the help of your comments and input! We dream big for The Gray Boxwood, expanding into an in-store and online retail space catering to the design needs in the marketplace, which is at the forefront and just a part of many ideas we have.

Favorite post: The farm: plantings, pumpkings, and a patio​

Matt Mattus of Growing With Plants

Matt Mattus of Growing With Plants

Growing With Plants

Author: Matt Mattus

Matt has one of the coolest gardening sites on the internet, in my humble opinion. He started out just sharing what he's doing in his garden, which many gardeners do.

After a while, he realized that some of the stuff he was experimenting with wasn't being shared...anywhere. He collects rare plants, bulbs, and combines his botanical interests with a design background to tie everything together in a beautiful way.

If you're looking for a gardening site with a unique twist, check out Matt's blog.​

Favorite posts:How to grow artichokes from seed and harvest in one year

Marianne of Small Town Gardener

Marianne of Small Town Gardener

Small Town Gardener

Author: Marianne

Marianne's blog has a charm that I haven't seen in many gardening blogs these days. Although she's a master gardener, she maintains that she wasn't "blessed at birth with a trowel in one hand and a pair of clippers in the other."

While I might beg to differ, there's no arguing the fact that she's got tons of experience in a variety of gardening environments.​ Practical advice that you can directly apply to your garden...no matter where it is.

Favorite post: Eating cheaply, eating well

Robin Horton of Urban Gardens

Robin Horton of Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens

Author: Robin Horton

Robin's website really speaks to my heart. I "grew up" as a gardener in an urban environment, so when I found her blog it was like I found another person that was right up my alley.

She covers "the whole circle": from planting, to seeds, to cultivation, all the way through to cooking. But more importantly, she mixes in an urban flavor that you don't see on many blogs that are focused on the rural life.

Favorite post: ​Hacktivist urban housing

Mike Lieberman of Urban Organic Gardener

Mike Lieberman of Urban Organic Gardener

Urban Organic Gardener

Author: Mike Lieberman

When I first started out gardening 5 years ago, Mike's blog was one of the first that I found. I remember watching his container gardening videos on YouTube and getting excited to start planting.

He's all about practical tips to avoid pesticides, eat healthy, and not feel like you can't grow plants just because you might live in a smaller space than some of the rural or suburban folk out there.​

Favorite post: NYC fire escape garden

Margaret Roach of A Way to Garden

Margaret Roach of A Way to Garden

A Way To Garden

Author: Margaret Roach

Well, I'm sure most of you know who Margaret Roach is, as she's a powerhouse in the gardening industry. She wrote the best gardening book of 1998, aptly named "A Way To Garden" and has been featured basically anywhere that gardening gets covered in print or online.

Her site is a wealth of information on techniques, recipes, and musings about nature itself. If you didn't already know about it, go check it out - you'll be glad you did.​

Favorite post: How to ripen a tomato​

Garden Rant

Authors: Susan Harris, Elizabeth Licata, Michele Owens, and Amy Stewart (Founders)

GardenRant is a funky site in the gardening blogosphere that I've really come to appreciate. It's all about sharing gardening news in the unique way that the founding team writes. They all have a spice and vigor that either leaves me chuckling or nodding my head in agreement.

Favorite post: The butterfly effect​

Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl

Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl

You Grow Girl

Author: Gayla Trail

Besides the catchy name, Gayla's blog blends the world of gardening with our modern sensibilities. In a world where gardening is hardly practiced anymore (which is a shame), her blog approaches organic gardening from a more relaxed vibe.

She doesn't forgo style, enjoyment, and affordability to be as sustainable as possible, making her blog a really accessible read for newer gardeners.

Favorite post:Canning and preserving guide

Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News has been around for decades and is a mainstay for organic gardening, homesteading, and sustainable living ideas.

Favorite PostHOMEGROWN Life: How to Schedule your Planting by the Moon

Urban Turnip

Daniel is a fellow young male urban gardener, so I was immediately attracted to his site. He's got a wealth of information and reviews on hydroponics, urban gardening, and indoor gardening — right up my alley! If you like Epic Gardening, you'll enjoy his site as well.

Favorite PostGrowing Black Radishes

Grow Veg

GrowVeg is a great gardening blog that also offers garden planning apps to help you schedule your garden tasks throughout the season. I've been wanting to make an app like this myself, so it's great to see a company that is tackling the annoying problem of figuring out WHEN to do everything in the garden.

Favorite PostGarden Design Ideas Using Fruit

Cold Climate Gardening

Author: ​Kathy Purdy

Although I am in Zone 10b myself, I respect and admire the dedication that cold climate gardeners have to their craft. Kathy's site is a wonderful resource for gardeners who are trying to get the most out of colder hardiness zones.

Favorite PostWhat’s the Difference Between a Frost and a Freeze?

Garden Therapy

Author: ​Stephanie

Stephanie's story of gardening healing her from a debilitating illness is both inspiring and heartwarming. I simply garden for the pure joy of it, but there's no denying the health benefits. Her blog is a mix of gardening and crafting, and it's all amazing.

Favorite PostThese DIY Outdoor Garden Lights Will Take Your Breath Away!

Root Simple

Author: ​Erik Knudsen

Root Simple is a huge inspiration to me. They've got a podcast, books, and all sorts of information about homesteading, growing your own food, and living an all around simpler life. There's something for everyone here.

Favorite PostAttractive Ornamental Flowering Trees


Author: ​Rona Wheeldon

In the past I would have overlooked a blog about flowers because I used to only grow edible plants. These days, I've come around to growing more ornamental plants, and Flowerona is a source of inspiration.


Gardening Blog

Author: ​Chris

When I read that Chris had spent over $10,000 on his landscape, I knew I was reading a like-minded blogger. His blog is chock-full of gardening and landscaping ideas, and he's even got a forum if you want to join the community.

Favorite PostHow to Make Superior Compost

Pith And Vigor

Author: ​Rochelle Greayer

Being a more practically-minded gardener, it's always good to see garden design taken to an entirely new level. While I toil away in my simple raised beds, Rochelle of Pith and Vigor is creating beautiful garden landscapes.


Busy at Home

Author: ​Glenda Sembree

If you like to mix your gardening in with other homesteading and at home diy projects, then Glenda's website is for you. She's got a bunch of fantastic resources for the busy homemaker.

Favorite PostStoring the Harvest: DIY Onion Flakes and Onion Powder

North Coast Gardening

Author: ​Genevieve Schmidt

In another life, I'd be living on a homestead in Oregon. That's why Genevieve's site about gardening in the Pacific Northwest is so appealing to me. It satisfies a hunger that I haven't quite satiated myself yet.

Favorite PostMedieval Medlars: Get to Know and Grow this Unusual Fruit

AZ Plant Lady

Author: ​Noelle Johnson

Now here is a gardening blog I can relate to. The desert climates on the West coast of the US are ones I'm intimately familiar with, so it's great to see Noelle sharing her desert gardening journey as well.


Mini Gardener

Author: ​Janit Calvo

If you've never heard of mini gardening before, Janit's site is your go-to resource. She has been pioneering the way in this type of gardening for years now and it's awesome to see her creations.

Favorite Post15 Awesome Reasons to Celebrate in the Miniature Garden

Mr. Brown Thumb

Author: ​Mr. Brown Thumb

I can relate to Mr. Brownthumb. He's around my age and started out in urban gardening, just like me. And on another level, I can relate to his name - having killed many a plant in my past. Check his site out if you want a fresh take on gardening in urban environments.


Gardening Channel

Although I'm not sure exactly who runs this site, I've found it to be a great resource on simple gardening tips. They've also got a great Facebook page that shares gardening tips on a daily basis.

Favorite PostEasy Ways to Magnify the Cancer-Fighting Potency of Your Tomatoes

Plant Whatever Brings You Joy

Author: ​Kathryn Hall

When I saw a review of a book called "Reimagining the California Lawn," I knew I was going to like Kathryn's site. Kathryn is a long time gardening expert with a book of her own. Check her site out for gardening inspiration.

Favorite PostBook Notes: Reimagining the California Lawn

Our Little Acre

Author: ​Kylee Baumle

Any time I can spy on how a homesteader lives, I'm in. Kylee's site is a great look at how she produces food on her acre of land. She's also got a book about indoor plant décor that you can check out if you're looking for inspiration.

Favorite PostBack in the Egg Business

The Enduring Gardener

Author: ​Stephanie Donaldson

Stephanie is a bonafide organic gardening expert. She's written a book on it - literally. Along with that, she's also written quite a bit about selecting greenhouses. A must-read for colder climate gardeners.


Growing the Home Garden

Author: ​Dave Townsend

Dave's site is a treasure trove of gardening tips for small-scale food production. If you want to get started growing food at home, add his site to your must-read list.

Favorite PostPlanting in Teak Wood Planters!

Patient Gardener

Author: ​Helen Malvern

If there's anything a gardener needs, it's patience. Helen's site is a look into an inspiring gardener's mentality and approach to the craft of gardening.

Favorite PostThe new front garden – end of the first year.

The Garden of Oz

Author: ​OZ Gardener

Oz has spent over 20 years gardening and is growing on 6 acres in New Jersey. They share their journey, including tips, reviews, and all sorts of other gardening techniques with the world. On top of that, their produce is either consumed or given away to those in need. Can't ask for more than that!

Favorite Post: Comparing Tilling vs. Cultivating

Shawna Coronado

Author: ​Shawna Coronado

Shawna is an ex-marketing professional who left her career to delve into the sustainable side of life. She's a gardening expert, having written many books. She's also a speaker at gardening and sustainability conferences around the country.

Favorite PostStocking Stuffers for the Gardener

Garden of Eaden

Author: ​Simon Eade

It's hard not to recommend the #1 gardening blog in the United Kindgom, especially with such a clever name. Simon's blog covers just about everything you'd like to know about growing in his region.


Small Kitchen Garden

Author: ​Daniel Gasteiger

Daniel's site is a goldmine for people who are growing primarily for their own cooking. There are so many nuggets of wisdom here that it's really hard for me to pick a favorite post, but I'll do my best. Do yourself a favor and give it a look.

Favorite PostZucchini Breeding Surprises

Julies Garden Delights

Author: ​Julie Thompson-Adolf

Julie's focus on growing as green as possible and cultivating a community of locavores, or local-focused consumers, is inspiring. And on top of that, she's got great practical gardening tips on her site.

Favorite PostGrowing Pumpkins: A New Tradition.

Carleton Garden

Author: ​Kathy

Kathy is a very thorough garden blogger who really takes you through her journey in the garden. It's awesome to see, but more importantly I learn a lot from digging through her posts.

Favorite PostStarting a new veggie garden

Out of My Shed

Author: ​Naomi Schillinger

I love following gardeners that grow in completely different climates than me, and Naomi is no exception. Growing in the UK is completely different than California, so I get both a bit of jealousy from her landscape and a bit of inspiration for ideas to try in my garden.

Favorite PostFront Garden Lettuces

Plants are the Strangest People

Author: ​Mr. Subjunctive

Winning the award for the most curiously-named blog, Mr. Subjunctive's site should be your #1 resource for indoor house plant care. He's tried growing more plants than most of us will even see in our lifetimes.

Favorite PostThe plants Mr. Subjunctive has tried

Eden Makers

Author: ​Shirley Bovshow

Shirley went from being career-oriented to becoming a stay at home mom, to then becoming an inspirational gardener for people around the world. There aren't many more inspiring gardening stories than that! She's now a professional landscaper and her blog is fantastic for ideas.


Ewa in the Garden

Author: ​Ewa Maria

What I love about Ewa's site is that she mixes both ornamental and veggie gardening together, and makes both of them look absolutely beautiful. I don't have as much of a design eye as her, as I'm a more practical gardener. So I drool over her designs.

Favorite PostUndervalued bergenias or elephant’s ears

Garden Design Online

Author: ​Jane Berger

If you like to mix gardening with landscaping and design principles, but need inspiration, use Jane's site as fuel. It's a treasure trove of goodies that's sure to light a fire in your gardening soul.

Favorite PostIndestructible Outdoor Furniture

MI Gardener

Author: ​Luke Marion

I have learned so much from Luke, it's hard to put into words. He's best known for his YouTube channel, where he releases daily gardening videos that show you how to get the most out of your garden. He is a MUST follow if you are serious about growing your own food.

Favorite PostMI Gardener on YouTube

High Altitude Gardening

Author: ​Kate Miller

Now this is a cool idea. Growing a garden at a high altitude is not something I've ever tried, but you better believe I'll read long as Kate chronicles her journey. Great find!

Favorite PostWildfires and Wild Four O'Clocks

Phillip Oliver

Author: ​Phillip Oliver

Phillip mixes gardening in with incredibly delicious baking recipes presumably using harvests from his garden. He also gardens in the Pacific Northwest, so he's great to follow if you're in a similar climate.

Favorite PostApple Cake

A Day In The Life

Author: ​Gary

Gary is another gardener from England. What I like about his blog is that, while it's mostly about gardening and horticulture, he mixes in his own thoughts on life and everything in between. It's a great blog for inspiration, especially if you are growing in a climate like his.

Favorite PostWitch Hazel

One Bean Row

Author: ​Jane Powers

Jane is an award-winning gardening blogger based in Ireland. Like I said, I LOVE to see how people approach gardenin g in climates that are different to my own. Thanks for the inspiration, Jane!

Favorite PostTomatoes: Totally Terrifc Again

Geek Gardener

Author: ​Manikandan Pattabiraman

Epic Gardening gets a lot of readership from India, so it's only fair that I spread some love back to an Indian gardener! Manikandan's site is SO good for practical gardening tips that you won't find anywhere else.

Favorite PostGrowing Zinnias – Tips on How to Plant Zinnias


Author: ​Spencer Woodard

Spencer's site is SO unique. He's all about sharing the edible, medicinal, and useful plant species around the world. It's not directly related to gardening, but I find his site really interesting and think you will too.

Favorite PostFabaceae, Lupinus pilosus, seed available

Eight Acres

Author: ​Liz

Liz is an Australian gardener with 8 acres of land (hence the name). She's also got chickens, cows, and a home to take care of on her land. For a peek at homesteading down under, check out Liz's site.

Favorite PostGetting started with Beekeeping: what equipment do you need?

Lois De Vries

Author: ​Lois De Vries

Lois is a combination of a gardener and a sustainability advocate. She's been featured in just about every gardening publication there is and runs an inspiring blog as well. A must-read if you're a gardener who thinks about the bigger picture.

Favorite PostHow to Start a Sustainable Garden Without a Lot of Back-breaking Work

A Garden For All

Author: ​Kathy Diemer

Kathy's site is all about getting you from knowing nothing to knowing something about gardening. It's built for the beginner who feels a little overwhelmed by all of the information that they need to learn in order to garden. She strips it down to the bare essentials and makes it easy!

Favorite PostDon't hate me…

Fusian Living

Author: ​Jo Jo Yee

Jo Jo is a Malaysian born gardener who spends her time in Sydney, Australia. She's got a great gardening site and was even featured on a BBC2 show called The Big Allotment Challenge. Check her out!

Favorite PostForage and make homemade elderflower cordial

Nigel Gnome Grows a Vegetable

Author: ​Jos

OK, so this may win the best named gardening blog of them all. Jos is the writer behind the site and shows you how to successfully garden in New Zealand…with a little gnome action along the way.

Favorite PostPreparing for winter

Vegetable Gardener

Author: ​

An offshoot of Fine Gardening, Vegetable Gardener has almost too much information about growing just about any type of vegetable you can dream of. If you check it out, just be careful not to get stuck in the abyss!

Favorite PostSweet Potatoes and Apples

Veggie Gardening Tips

Author: ​Kenny Point

Kenny has been an organic gardener since the 80's and has a wealth of gardening knowledge. I'm so happy I found his site, because it was a huge help to me when I was first learning how to garden.

Favorite PostBuying Heirloom Seeds Direct from the Farm

Smiling Gardener

Author: ​Phil Nauta

It's awesome to see another young male gardener around, sometimes I feel like I'm one of the only ones! Phil's site is all about showing you how to grow organically in the easiest way possible. He's even created a course about it, which I'm itching to get my hands on.

Favorite PostHow To Grow MORE Food In LESS Space With Biointensive

The Rusted Garden

Author: ​Gary Pilarchik

Gary has such a huge gardening following around the web and I'm happy to say that I'm one of the many who are "Rusted Garden" fans. His YouTube channel in particular is quite helpful if you're looking for tips on growing throughout an entire gardening year.

Favorite PostThe Rusted Garden on YouTube

Your Easy Garden

Author: ​

This blog is run by Tesselar Plants, an international horticultural company. They've done a good job curating garden writers who share all sorts of tips, from seed starting to garden decoration ideas.

Favorite Post5 cheap n’ easy fall decorating ideas

Sow and So

Author: ​Laila Noort

Laila writes about gardening and turning her harvests into delicious meals for the home. It's a good look at how to tie your harvests to your stomach. Check it out if you love to cook too!

Favorite Post: Grow Kiwano Horned Melon

The Occasional Gardener

Author: ​Chris

Chris is a graphic artist and textile designer, so it's no surprise that his garden designs are awe-inspiring. He's now in a home where he can let his design eye go wild, which is great for readers like me.

Favorite PostCracking Tropical Garden Design

Creative Living with Bren Haas

Author: ​Bren Haas

Bren's blog is a mixture of gardening inspiration, awesome recipes, and cool tips for everyday living. I personally love that she does livestreams to her audience a few times a week to answer any and all questions. In fact, that's how I met her!​

Favorite Post: Anaheim Fish Taco Recipe​

The Hypertufa Gardener

Author: ​Kim Smith

Kim writes and has videos about making hypertufa pots and containers. These are beautiful ancient-looking pots which are useful for small specialty gardens. She also writes about flower and succulent gardening in general.

Favorite Post: Oh, The Possibilites! Draped Hypertufa Pots

DIY Garden

Author: ​Clive Harris

DIY Garden is a creative gardening blog. It's packed full of ideas, detailed 'how-to' articles, and even has a free guide containing 77 projects you can try at home.

Favorite Post: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Mud Kitchen

Garden Collage

Author: Daisy Helman

Garden Collage is a new lifestyle magazine that celebrates a modern approach to nature. Our stories explore the local garden and food movements, natural skin care, and beauty in all forms. From alchemy and apothecary culture to environmental innovation, politics, and design, we uncover the global intersection of contemporary life and the natural world. Garden Collage was founded by Daisy Helman in 2015 and is headquartered in New York City.

Favorite Post: What to Plant in August

The Survival Gardener

Author: David The Good

The Survival Gardener is a daily site sharing permaculture, gardening, homesteading and horticultural inspiration. From yams to homemade potting soil, anaerobic composting to tropical staple crops, David The Good is well-known for his highly informative and humorous writing.

Favorite Post: The Top 10 Tropical Staple Crop Countown

Raise Your Garden

Author: Laura and Tom

Raise Your Garden is the brainchild of Laura and Tom, two inventive gardeners in Buffalo, NY. They share a ton of awesome information about gardening that I've gotten a lot of inspiration from!

Favorite Post: Biggest & best tomatoes using fish heads, aspirin & water tubes

Tropics @ Home

Author: Alex

Blogging about growing iconic tropical plants in pots and containers as houseplants indoors anywhere.

Favorite Post: Tropical Plants to Grow Indoors

A Guide to Northeastern Gardening

Author: Lee Miller

Lee is a landscape/garden designer, consultant, published book author and garden blogger since 2010, when A Guide to Northeastern Gardening made its debut. Involved in the horticultural field since 1996, Lee started this blog so that they could share their knowledge and love of gardening with others. 

Favorite Post: Pruning Salvia: A Simple How To

Well, there you have it. 60+ gardening blogs for you to gorge on, no matter where you live in the world, no matter what you want to grow, and no matter what your skill level is!

I hope you get inspiration from this list and if you have any others to add, please fill out the form at the top of this article.​

These are some of the best gardening blogs and websites that I've come across - 59 of them. Read them and learn awesome gardening tips and tricks.

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