13 Best Plants to Help You Sleep

The Best Plants for Your Bedroom

At some time in your life, you’ve probably had a hard time getting to sleep. Bad sleep means low energy, bad health, and just simply dragging yourself through the day. It’s already been proven that surrounding yourself with nature helps with anxiety and stress, which are the two main reasons behind many sleeping issues. But … Read more

5 Ways You’re Feeding Your Garden Birds Wrong

Feeding Garden Birds

Most people love watching wild garden birds in their natural habitat and have developed an interest in helping sustain the wildlife in their gardens. However, feeding garden birds the wrong foods may actually be doing them more harm than good. Here are five ways you can do a better job taking care of the birds … Read more

10 Plants That Will Kill You

Here at Epic Gardening, our focus is usually on plants that you can eat without dying. But every now and then, it’s fun to look at the wider world of plants, including those that have the ability to end your life if you eat them. Some of the plants you’ll read about below are incredibly … Read more

What To Plant In A Fall Garden

Have you ever wondered what to plant in a fall garden? Despite what you might think, it’s not impossible to have a plentiful garden in the cooler weather that precedes winter. Fall is a wonderful season that fills the earth with beautiful colors from the natural change of plants and leaves. Most people don’t think … Read more

15+ Upcycle Ideas For Your Garden

Turn Mushroom Containers Into Planters​

As gardeners, we’re always trying to make the most of what we have… But sometimes our creative juices need a refill! Here are 15 different ways you can upcycle and repurpose items in your garden! Be sure to comment below with your own methods :)​ 1. Turn Styrofoam Cups Into Planters source Ideally you’re not … Read more

These Amazing Living Walls Make Us Green With Envy

These Amazing Living Walls Make Us Green With Envy

We Need More Green Walls On This Planet If we’re going to continue the expansion of urban sprawl around the world, it’s in our best interest to make it look as beautiful – and natural – as possible. As humans, we’ve increasingly moved away from natural environments in favor of grey, bleak concrete landscapes that … Read more

These 11 Pictures of Giant Veggies Will Blow Your Mind

There are vegetables, and then there are gigantic vegetables.  Growers from all around the world devote their lives to creating these beasts of nature, spending incredible amounts of time caring for and tending to their giant vegetables.  From onions, to cucumbers, to leafy greens…no vegetable is off limits. Weightlifter Jonathan Walker prepares to lift a … Read more

14+ Incredible Green Roof Pictures

Green Roof Pictures

Looking to spice up your home with some natural decor?  Why not a green roof?  Homeowners, governments, and companies all over the world are starting to embrace the green roof movement.  Here are 14 pictures to inspire you to design your own green roof project: 14. The California Academy of Sciences 13. The MEC Green Roof … Read more