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Melissa Strauss

Melissa is a writer, hobby gardener, beekeeper and homemaker. She can be found working in her extensive pollinator garden, trolling the local nurseries for unique plant specimens, and tending to the many fruit-bearing plants on her property. Melissa hopes to inspire other gardeners to delve into the rich and fulfilling world of pollinator gardening.

A blue and yellow Swallowtail butterfly perches on the golden center of a violet-hued zinnia.

Gardening Tips

15 Plants to Grow This Pollinator Week

Are you wondering what you can do this Pollinator Week to help sustain and protect integral pollinator populations? In this article, gardening expert and beekeeper Melissa Strauss shares some of her favorite pollinator plants for your garden.

View of a garden with wooden arches raised beds with various flowers and vegetables climbing vines on the wooden arches.

Raised Bed Gardening

19 Best Plants For Growing on Arches in Raised Beds

Raised bed gardening is all the rage! Tying your beds together with stunning, vine-covered arches is an easy way to elevate this extra convenient gardening method. To help you choose the perfect vine for your arches, gardening expert Melissa Strauss has some beautiful plants to help you with your decision.

A close-up of avocados reveals two green, rough, shiny fruits, while the background showcases the textured green leaves of the plant.


5 Best Avocado Trees for Home Gardens

Avocados are delicious and nutritious additions to our diet. With so many undeniable health benefits, it's no wonder these trees are getting a lot of attention lately. In this article, guacamole enthusiast Melissa Strauss has 5 fabulous varieties of avocado trees to tell you about.

Clusters of delicate white ammi flowers; their petals opening to reveal intricate patterns.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Ammi

Ammi is a lovely little plant that looks great in the garden with its feathery foliage and lacy flower umbels. It's also a wonderful addition to the cutting garden. Gardening expert Melissa Strauss has the lowdown on growing this pretty plant in your garden.

Tussock Sedge sedge variety is characterized by clumps of stiff, upright stems, long, narrow leaves, and inconspicuous, brownish spikelets.

Ornamental Gardens

19 Sedge Varieties for Your Garden

Sedge makes a beautiful addition to many landscapes. This sturdy and semi-evergreen ornamental has a wide native range and is a low-maintenance alternative to ornamental grasses. Here are 21 of gardening expert Melissa Strauss’ favorite varieties.

A close-up of a 'Pancho' avocado tree, featuring vibrant green fruits and leaves gently swaying from its sturdy branches.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for ‘Pancho’ Cold-Hardy Avocados

If you want to grow your own delicious avocados in your home garden, pick a species that thrives in your zone. Hardy down to zone 8 and perfect for indoor or outdoor containers, 'Pancho' avocados deliver high yields of tasty fruits on an ornamental tree. Join gardening expert Melissa Strauss to learn how to grow this cold-hardy cultivar.

Freestone clingstone peach difference. A close-up of ripe peaches in a large wicker basket, among which lies half a peach with juicy yellow flesh and a pinkish-brown pit in the center.


What’s the Difference Between Freestone and Clingstone Peaches?

If you’re in the market for a peach tree, there are some important factors to consider. One of the main distinctions among peaches is whether they are freestone or chingstone. But what does that mean? In this article, peach-loving gardener Melissa Strauss answers that question to help you choose the perfect peach tree for your landscape.

Bunny tails grass features soft, fluffy, cream-colored flower heads resembling bunny tails atop slender green stems.

Ornamental Gardens

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Bunny Tails Grass

Here comes Peter Cottontail… or is that bunny tail grass? Bunny tail grass is a popular ornamental grass that is easy to grow and makes a great addition to the cutting garden as well. In this article, gardening expert Melissa Strauss will tell you what you need to know to add this fun annual to your own garden.