11 Different Types of Gaura Flowers For Your Garden

Are you looking for a gaura variety to liven up your garden this season? This perennial may not be the most common, but its uses are endless. In this article, gardening expert Jill Drago lists 11 different types of gaura for your garden.

Gaura types. The gaura plant displays slender stems adorned with delicate buds and flowers, each bloom boasting four petals of white with a slight blush and delicate, airy appearance, resembling graceful butterflies dancing in the breeze.


Gaura is a beautiful herbaceous perennial native to the southern regions of the United States. If you have not grown this plant or are not familiar with it at all, you’ve been missing out!

This genus has about 20 different species, according to the University of Wisconsin. The most common species is Oenothera lindheimeri

If you are ready to select a gaura for your garden, let’s get digging! I have listed 11 different types of gaura for your plant, and I think you will find the perfect plant for your garden. 

Gaura ‘Ballerina Blush’

Gaura 'Ballerina Blush' features slender stems adorned with cascading clusters of delicate pink flowers and lance-shaped leaves with a hint of red.
Experience the beauty and dependability of the Ballerina series!
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Baltinblus’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 12-24 inches 
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

The Ballerina series of gaura is popular for its dependability as well as its beauty. If this is your first time growing gaura, ‘Ballerina Blush’ is a great place to start. 

‘Ballerina blush’ will grow to about 24 inches tall, with long, slender stems. From these stems, you’ll notice reddish-pink flower buds. When these flowers open, you will be blessed with gorgeous shell-pink flowers that will bloom from late spring to late summer. 

Plant this whimsical perennial somewhere that the gentle breeze will let these stems dance around. Containers are great homes for gaura. These plants attract pollinators of all sorts, so be sure to add them to your butterfly or bird gardens. 

Gaura ‘Corrie’s Gold’

Close-up of flowering plant Gaura 'Corrie's Gold' showcasing wiry stems, complemented by delicate white flowers that dance above like ethereal butterflies.
Add a twist to your garden with this golden delight.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Corrie’s Gold’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun to partial shade 
height height 2-3 feet 
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

If you already love gaura but are looking for something a bit different, ‘Corrie’s Gold’ is just the plant for you. All of the same beauty, with a fun little twist. 

‘Corrie’s Gold’ is a lovely variety that reaches up to three feet tall. The stems are slender and dance about in the wind with variegated leaves, which is what makes this plant extra special. White delicate flowers bloom for weeks, and even longer if you deadhead them.

‘Corrie’s Gold’ would be beautiful anywhere in your garden, but be sure to plant it somewhere that it can show off its splashy foliage. 

Gaura ‘Crimson Butterflies’

Close-up of Gaura 'Crimson Butterflies' plant in a sunny garden representing slender stems bearing crimson flowers resembling fluttering butterflies, accompanied by lance-shaped green leaves.
Vibrant hues dance gracefully in compact garden spaces.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Crimson Butterflies’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 12-18 inches 
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-8

Red and pink perennials always make a splash in flower beds, and ‘Crimson Butterflies’ is no different. This variety is slightly compact and is easy to tuck into small spaces that need some extra love. 

The long and slender stems of ‘Crimson Butterflies’ are deep red. The blossoms are a deep shade of pink. These two colors accent each other very nicely and would be beautiful when planted amongst sedum. 

Plant ‘Crimson Butterflies’ in an area of your garden where you can appreciate the color and movement of this plant. This variety would be lovely planted in containers to adorn your patio. 

Gaura ‘Dauphine’

Close-up of flowering plant Gaura 'Dauphine' displaying graceful stems adorned with dainty white flowers tinged with pink, contrasting beautifully with lance-shaped green foliage.
Graceful and towering, this garden beauty steals the show effortlessly.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Dauphine’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 4-5 feet
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

Do you love gaura, but need something a bit larger in your garden? ‘Dauphine’ is the perfect plant choice!

This gaura variety has all of the characteristics you love about smaller gauras. The long, slender stems are a soft shade of green. White flowers will bloom from soft pink flower buds and will continue to bloom throughout the summer months. 

‘Dauphine’ would be a great choice for the back of your perennial flower beds. It will reach up to five feet, and its dancing flowers will bob nicely behind your other perennials or shorter evergreen shrubs. ’Dauphine’ would also make a great thriller in your mixed containers or planted on its own. 

Gaura ‘Gambit Variegata Rose’

Gaura 'Gambit Variegata Rose' exhibits variegated leaves of green and cream, accentuated by rose-pink flowers adorning the slender stems.
Vibrant blooms on compact stems attract pollinators to any garden.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Gambit Variegata Rose’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 12-18 inches 
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-10

‘Gambit Variegata Rose’ is the perfect variety if you are seeking a fun pop of color in a compact size. This is a great perennial to add to your gardens if you are trying to attract pollinators and birds to your yard. 

This gaura variety produces dark stems with variegated foliage. The bicolored blossoms are pink and white and bloom from deep pink flower buds. These flowers will bloom from summer into fall.

Add ‘Gambit Variegata Rose’ to your flower beds, a front entryway garden, or mixed containers. This perennial performs especially well in hot and dry climates. 

Gaura ‘Iris Pink’

Gaura 'Iris Pink' features slender stems crowned with delicate pink flowers and lance-shaped green leaves, creating an elegant and airy display.
Bold and compact, ‘Iris Pink’ adds vibrant charm to any space.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Iris Pink’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 12-16 inches 
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 6-9

This gaura variety is a member of the Bantam series. This series of gaura features more compact plants and improved cold hardiness to zone 5.  

‘Iris Pink’ is a compact gaura that does not lack anything when it comes to being bold. The foliage is a robust red, while its flowers are hot pink. As with other gaura varieties, you can expect to see blossoms throughout the summer months.

The size of ‘Iris Pink’ lends itself nicely to containers or window boxes. Try mixing this variety with white trailing flowers or silver-leaved annuals for a fun contrast in colors. Note that this variety is cold hardy to zone 6.

Gaura ‘Passionate Rainbow’

Close-up of a flowering Gaura 'Passionate Rainbow' plant in a sunny garden, which showcases vibrant pink flowers atop slender stems, accompanied by variegated foliage.
Vivid hues and compact size make this variety garden-ready.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Passionate Rainbow’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 12-18 inches 
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-8

For warmer climates, gaura used as an annual ‘Passionate Rainbow’ is perfect. This variety is compact and super fun. 

‘Passionate Rainbow’ has a lot to offer. Not only are the flowers bright pink but the foliage is variegated. The foliage will begin as a deep burgundy in the springtime and will mature to green leaving hints of pink and cream throughout the leaves. 

Do not skip planting ‘Passionate Rainbow’. This variety would make a great solo container plant, but would also be fun to use as an annual in flower beds. 

Gaura ‘Rosy Jane’

The Gaura 'Rosy Jane' flowers exhibit clusters of delicate pink blooms with white centers, adorning slender stems.
Lush and bi-colored blooms adorn long, graceful stems effortlessly.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Rosy Jane’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun to partial shade 
height height 1-2 feet
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-10

If you are looking for a more compact variety of gaura ‘Rosy Jane’ is a great choice. This variety is bushy, growing as wide as it does tall.

‘Rosy Jane’ has long graceful stems with lance-shaped leaves. Its flowers are white with four petals. Each of these petals has a bright pink edge which gives the flowers a bi-colored appearance. These flowers will bloom from spring into early fall.

Use ‘Rosy Jane’ in containers, in a mass planting, or mixed into your perennial beds. Gaura flowers make beautiful accents in arrangements, so be sure to add a few plants to your cutting garden as well!

Gaura ‘Siskiyou Pink’

Gaura 'Siskiyou Pink' displays slender stems adorned with clusters of soft pink flowers and lance-shaped green leaves.
Elegant pink blooms bring garden beds to life effortlessly.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Siskiyou Pink’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 2-3 feet 
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-8

If you are looking for a pop of pink in your garden, ‘Siskiyou Pink’ is a beautiful variety. Growing to about three feet tall, it is easy to add to your gardens. 

‘Siskiyou Pink’ produces two-foot-long slender stems that are reddish-green. From these stems emerge pretty pink four-petaled blossoms. These flowers will stay in bloom all summer long.

Plant ‘Siskiyou Pink’ amongst lighter-colored plants so that the pinks and reds of this variety will truly stand out. 

Gaura ‘Sparkle White’

Close-up of flowering plant Gaura 'Sparkle White' featuring stems adorned with pure white flowers resembling delicate butterflies, set against lance-shaped green foliage.
Radiant white blooms illuminate gardens with elegance and charm.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Sparkle White’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun to partial shade 
height height 12-24 inches
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

Are you looking for a pretty white gaura to add to your garden? ‘Sparkle White’ is the perfect compact option. 

Growing up to two feet tall, ‘Sparkle White’ produces nice mounded foliage beneath the long and narrow stems. The blossoms on this variety are, as advertised, bright white. They bloom from light pink buds, which will hang around a bit, giving a little pop of color. 

Add ‘Sparkle White’ to your cut flower gardens and your containers. The bees will be buzzing around these plants, so keep that in mind while planting!

Gaura ‘Whirling Butterflies’

Gaura 'Whirling Butterflies' showcases wiry stems adorned with masses of delicate white flowers resembling fluttering butterflies, creating a mesmerizing and graceful display.
A beloved classic, this variety brings height and delicate beauty.
botanical-name botanical name Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Whirling Butterflies’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 2-3 feet 
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

‘Whirling Butterflies’ is a very common and popular variety of gaura. It has become the classic go-to for gardeners everywhere. Many varieties do not reach over two feet tall, but ‘Whirling Butterflies’ can get up to three feet, making it a great choice if you are looking for a bit more height. 

The three-foot-long stems of ‘Whirling butterflies’ are slender and whimsical in a shade of reddish-green. From these stems, the most delicate white and blush flowers will bloom all summer long. 

‘Whirling Butterflies’ is a great plant choice to pair with brightly colored perennials. The light flowers will provide a delicate accent, as well as movement throughout your gardens. To encourage even more blooms, deadhead spent blossoms regularly using sharp gardening shears

Final Thoughts

With so many perennials on the market, it can be very difficult to make the perfect choice for your gardens. Gaura is less common than many other perennials and will make a beautifully graceful statement in your flower beds.

Most varieties of gaura are pink or white, which can make your decision even more difficult. Consider the size of the space you have and, as always, your hardiness zone. This will help to ensure that your gaura lives a long and happy life and that you get to enjoy every moment of it!

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