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These Amazing Living Walls Make Us Green With Envy

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We Need More Green Walls On This Planet

If we’re going to continue the expansion of urban sprawl around the world, it’s in our best interest to make it look as beautiful – and natural – as possible.

As humans, we’ve increasingly moved away from natural environments in favor of grey, bleak concrete landscapes that rob us of the sights, smells, and tactile sensations of living in the wild.

While we’re not arguing for living in the jungle, it’s no secret that our cities and homes could be beautified with a little touch of nature.

And there are reasons beyond aesthetics for building more green walls:

  • Reduces temperature of buildings
  • Absorbs solar radiation from roads and buildings
  • Can purify polluted water
  • Can grow food on walls

Needless to say – there are plenty of reasons to build more of these beautiful creations!  Here are some of our favorite examples from around the world

The variety on this green wall is absolutely incredible



Not a bad sight to see on the way to work



Indoor green walls can alleviate sick building syndrome



Using different plant varieties to create patterns



A “no nonsense” indoor green wall



The biggest and most diverse green wall we could find



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