10 Aglaonema Varieties to Look Out For

There are so many aglaonema varieties to choose from! We're highlighting ten of our favorite Chinese evergreen plants. You'll want them all!

Aglaonema varieties


There are between 21-24 species of aglaonema, although the exact number varies depending on which botanical registry you are looking at. However, there are hundreds of different aglaonema varieties in a diversity of leaf colorations. The variations are myriad and all lovely!

It’s more common to find Chinese evergreen plants classified by their cultivar names than by true botanical name, which complicates identification. In fact, it can be a bit dizzying sorting it all out.

Here’s a mixture of aglaonema varieties, both by botanical name and by cultivar. This should provide an idea of the array of colors they can produce. But don’t let yourself be limited by our list — there’s so many specimens out there that it’s hard to choose!

So whether you want an emerald beauty or an aglaonema red tipped and stunning, there’s one waiting out there for you. These low light and easy care foliage plants are well worth your time to grow.

Need help learning how to care for them? Our aglaonema guide will provide lots of easy care tips for you to use.

Blend These Soils For Aglaonema Growing:

1. Aglaonema modestum

Aglaonema modestum
Aglaonema modestum. Source: marissa

Named one of NASA’s top ten air-cleaning plants, this particular Chinese evergreen aglaonema has white-striated green leaves rising from pale green stems. While the one shown in this photo has signs of overwatering (some yellowing to the leaves), it still shows the leaf patterning quite well.

2. Aglaonema nitidum

Aglaonema nitidum
Aglaonema nitidum. Source: berniedup

With deep, dark green leaves, nitidum is extremely low-light capable. This particular plant is quite popular in office environments. An evergreen aglaonema, it will stay lushly green no matter how minimal the light access is.

3. Aglaonema widuri, ‘Red Peacock’

Aglaonema widuri
Aglaonema widuri. Source: GREGORIUZ

Green leaves with bright pink veins and dappling create a riotous amount of color indoors. This red aglaonema prefers a bit more sunlight than its darker relatives, but still should be kept in indirect, low light conditions.

4. Aglaonema ‘Cutlass’

Aglaonema Cutlass
Aglaonema ‘Cutlass’. Source: douneika

Long, streaked leaves earned the ‘Cutlass’ variety its name, as they’re almost dagger-like. Creamy green-white surfaces with dark green center vein and edging produce a vibrant look indoors or out.

5. Aglaonema ‘Emerald Bay’

Aglaonema Emerald Bay
Aglaonema ‘Emerald Bay’. Source: mlcastle

Emerald Bay pairs dark green with a silvery grey-green to make a full and lush indoor plant. This variety is more tolerant of low-light conditions than many other variegated types, making it a perfect house plant choice. A related variety of aglaonema, silver bay, has even more silvery tones to its leaves.

6. Aglaonema ‘Harlequin’

Aglaonema Harlequin
Aglaonema ‘Harlequin’. Source: GREGORIUZ

In low-light conditions, Harlequin is a deeper green mottled with yellow and veined with pink. Brighter conditions flush the leaves to an almost uniform yellow tone and encourage the pink to go pastel. This variety is quite popular!

7. Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’

Aglaonema Silver Queen
Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’. Source: Starr Environmental

Known far and wide as the gold standard of Chinese evergreen plants, Silver Queen is probably the most widespread and commonly-grown variety. Its leaf patterning is cream on a dark green base, and it thrives in low to moderate lighting conditions.

8. Aglaonema ‘Silver King’

Aglaonema Silver King
Aglaonema ‘Silver King’. Source: dwittkower

Silver King is quite similar to Silver Queen except that it does not have quite as many chevron-like stripes running across its leaves.

In this photo, one of the inflorescences is shown. These flowers don’t provide much beauty, but they do shed pollen like crazy, so it’s recommended to snip them off before the bud opens.

9. Aglaonema ‘Suzy’

Aglaonema Suzy
Aglaonema ‘Suzy’. Source: douneika

A popular indoor variety, Suzy mixes the low-light tolerance of the darker cultivars with the pop of pink color which many of the more light-loving aglaonema varieties produce. It’s become extremely popular as a houseplant variety.

10. Aglaonema ‘Red Gold’

Aglaonema Red Gold
Aglaonema ‘Red Gold’.

This house plant stunner grows well as both indoor plants or outdoors. Its leaf edges are rimmed with red, framing a gorgeously green interior. The leaf veins also have a tinge of red to them, as do the stems. This one is a popular choice for shaded planters.

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