These 11 Pictures of Giant Veggies Will Blow Your Mind

There are vegetables, and then there are gigantic vegetables.  Growers from all around the world devote their lives to creating these beasts of nature, spending incredible amounts of time caring for and tending to their giant vegetables.  From onions, to cucumbers, to leafy greens…no vegetable is off limits.


Weightlifter Jonathan Walker prepares to lift a marrow weighing 119lbs 12oz (54.3kg) above his head after it won the Giant Marrow Class in the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. The marrow was grown by Peter Glazebrook from Newark who took six first prize awards in the Giant Vegetable classes at the show. Source


Giant vegetable grower Peter Glazebrook with his world record onion. It weighed in at 18lbs 1oz (8.16kg), beating his previous world record by almost two ounces. He won all six classes in the giant vegetable competition during the show at The Great Yorkshire Showground. Source


These gigantic, curved squashes seem like they came from another planet, and the look on the grower’s face all but confirms it! Source


This potato is so big the grower can prop his foot up on it – it’s more like a big brown boulder than anything you would ever think you could eat.  Source

The amount of time growers spend caring for their plants tends to build a connection between plant and gardener as seen here.  Source


This little guy is the proud cultivator of a gigantic leek and cabbage.  We’re a little suspicious – he HAD to have some help! Source

This beast of a cucumber needs two people to hold it up, and by the looks on their faces it doesn’t look like they’re having the easiest time! Source

Yet another young gardener cultivating giant plants.  This leek is not only huge, but absolutely gorgeous.  Source

Two brothers from England took 11 months to cultivate this particular pumpkin.  Source

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