Root Maggots On The Rampage: Wiping Out Delia Species Pests

Delia antiqua maggots on leek

If you’re noticing a proliferation of flies, and your brassicas or root vegetables are starting to yellow, it’s a warning sign. You may have an infestation of root maggots. These fly larvae are no joke! Hungrily, they will chew through your plants, causing them to lose vigor, wilt, yellow, and possibly die off. Rescuing your … Read more

Wireworm Woes: Identification And Control


The long-lived, hungry wireworm can wreak havoc on the agricultural sector. With a diverse choice of common crops as their target, these larvae of click beetles seek out and chew through the roots of plants. These pests are notoriously hard to kill off. Many chemical alternatives don’t seem to have much effect. Don’t let this … Read more

Leafhopper Pests: How To Kill Off Lurking Cicadellidae

Leafhopper Pests: How To Wipe Out Lurking Cicadellidae

Lurking in your garden, there’s a pest which is feasting upon the leaf sap in your plants: the leafhopper. This relative of the cicada insect is nowhere near as noisy as its distant cousin. Instead, it announces its arrival by damaging the tender leaves of your favorite crop plants, sucking the life right out of … Read more

Flea Beetle Control: Wipe Out These Pests

Corn flea beetles

A flea beetle is not a flea. Let’s get that out of the way right at the beginning! In fact, fleas and flea beetles have almost nothing in common, although they’re often confused with fleas by those less familiar with them. This is not the pest that bites your dogs and cats (and sometimes you). … Read more