15 Gift Ideas for Mothers Who Love to Garden

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to honor and thank the extraordinary women in our lives. If your mother, wife, grandmother, or other special lady loves gardening, you’ve come to the right place. Gardener and farmer Briana Yablonski shares 15 gift ideas for mothers who love gardening.

A wooden raised bed filled with colorful flowers and lush green plants, basking in the sunlight. In the background, a garden teems with life, offering a vibrant backdrop to the tranquil beauty of the bed.


If your mom is anything like mine, she can’t spend enough time in the garden. After caring for others, the garden is the perfect place for her to relax, reset, and learn something new. So this Mother’s Day, give your mom a gift to encourage her to spend more time in her happy place.

Whether you know a woman with a famous green thumb or are looking for a gift for a new gardener, I’ve compiled a list of gardening gift ideas that are sure to delight. From seeds to raised beds to gardening books, you can find something for all the mothers in your life.

Here are my favorite giftable picks for moms who love to garden this Mother’s Day!

Raised Metal Garden Bed

An unused, raised metal garden bed stands barren, awaiting spring's embrace. Its smooth, curved sides suggest elegant design, promising a gentle containment for vibrant blooms and thriving greenery once the soil is lovingly tended and seeds sown.
  • Modular design for quick, no-tool assembly
  • 100% food safe aluzinc steel
  • Non-toxic, USDA-approved paint
  • Available in 15″ or 29″ height
  • Lasts 20+ years
  • Slate grey, mist green, or light clay finish
  • Made in Australia using green energy

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No matter your mom’s age, she’ll appreciate all the benefits of gardening in a raised bed. Raising the soil surface a few feet off the ground makes pulling weeds, watering, and harvesting easier. Since your mom can fill her raised bed with an ideal soil mix, these beds are perfect if she lives in an area with rocky, poorly draining, or compacted soil.

Once you’ve decided on a raised bed, choosing which material is best can be difficult. While there is no one best material, metal raised beds last for decades, weigh less than many other options, and look beautiful in any yard. And since you can find kits of various sizes, you can purchase the bed that’s just right for mom.

Growing in raised beds is similar to growing in the ground, so any garden-savvy mom will have fun filling out their new space. But if you want to make your gift extra special, add on a raised bed gardening book.

Hand Pruners

A pair of silver pruning shears with vivid red handles. The shiny metal blades catch the light, contrasting sharply with the bold, glossy red color of the ergonomic handles, hinting at their sturdy and efficient design.
  • High-performance, award-winning hand shears
  • Rubber shock absorbers for handling comfort
  • Forged aluminum handles and hardened steel construction
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Ultra-sharp, long-lasting cutting edge
  • Made in Switzerland with 100% renewable energy

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When it comes to objects you touch every week or even every day, it’s worth buying the best. For hand pruners specifically, Swiss-made Felco remains supreme. After years of working with cheap pruners, I became super frustrated with dull blades, rusty joints, and cheap plastic handles that made me want to skip pruning.

But when I switched over to Felco pruners, I couldn’t get enough of pruning woody perennials and harvesting herbs like rosemary and sage. So, while a pair of pruners may not seem as exciting as seeds or plants, this gift will make your mom’s gardening chores much more enjoyable!

You can find a few different types of Felco pruners and snips, but the classic option is a great gift for any mom. These pruners have a super-sharp blade that holds its edge over time and rubber shock absorbers that reduce hand pain and fatigue. Their sap guard prevents the blades from sticking, saving time and limiting frustration. 

I also love that when a part of the pruner wears out, you can replace the single part rather than purchase an entirely new pair. That helps save some money and keeps materials out of landfills.

Garden Kneeler

A black garden kneeler with the brand name Epic Gardening displayed prominently. Its ergonomic design provides comfort and support during long hours of gardening, making tasks easier on your knees and back.
  • High-density foam padding
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in handle for easy transport
  • Water and oil-resistant
  • Soft comfort for any age or task

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Spending time in the garden is a great way to relieve stress and wind down from the day. But it can also take a toll on your body, regardless of age. When I was in my 20s, I spent hours on my knees weeding. While it didn’t feel like a bad choice at the time, I now wish I had protected my joints with knee pads or a garden kneeler.

This durable cushion provides a buffer between the hard ground and bony knees. That means your mom can focus on her plants rather than achy joints. This is the perfect Mother’s Day gardening gift to save her knees while still spending time in the yard.

This knee pad is water-resistant and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down with exposure to the elements. However, I recommend storing it in a dry, dark place to help prolong its life.

Seed Starting Bundle

Empty black trays and seedling trays neatly arranged. The black trays are ready to be filled with soil, while the seedling trays await the emergence of delicate young plants.


  • (8) 4-Cell Trays (for larger seedlings like tomatoes and squash)
  • (12) 6-Cell Trays (for medium seedlings like kale and lettuce)
  • (2) 1020 Universal Bottom Trays (for mess-free storage and transport)
  • Rugged UV-treated, BPA-free plastic
  • Made in the USA

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Although seed germination is technically a scientific process, there’s something magical about growing plants from seeds. Watching a tiny speck transform into a beautiful flower or productive tomato plant fills you with wonder, no matter your age. Plus, starting your own seeds allows you to grow uncommon varieties that are difficult to find in greenhouses and nurseries.

If you want to help your mom up her seed-starting game, give her a bundle with all the containers she needs to start growing seedlings indoors. Two different sizes of cell trays will allow her to grow everything from tomatoes to marigolds to lettuce, and bottom trays allow for easy bottom watering.

Adding on a grow light and heat mat ensures her seeds have everything they need to germinate and grow into healthy seedlings.

Children’s Garden Seed Collection

Assorted garden seeds in white packets, promising a colorful bounty. A white box adorned with a deep green ribbon hints at the treasures within, nestled amidst a backdrop of cheerful vegetable and floral clipart.

  • Corn Popcorn Strawberry
  • Sunflower Dwarf Elves Blend
  • Bean Bush Royal Burgundy
  • Carrot Little Finger
  • Pea Snap Sugar Snap
  • Pumpkin Jack Be Little
  • Tomato Cherry Rainbow Blend

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If you’re purchasing a Mother’s Day gift for a mom with young children or grandchildren, chances are she’ll love a gift that she can enjoy with her little loved ones. This children’s garden seed collection contains seven different types of seeds that little ones will love, regardless of whether they’re involved in the growing process.

With this collection, you can grow your own popping corn, encourage the kids to snack on snack-sized, brightly-colored carrots and peas, start a small pumpkin patch, and choose your favorite color of rainbow tomatoes!

Fabric Grow Bag

Black fabric grow bag with handles for easy transportation and drainage holes for optimal plant health. This bag is ideal for cultivating various herbs, flowers, and vegetables in small spaces, preventing overwatering with its breathable fabric design.
  • BPA-free permeable felt
  • Strong handles for easy transport
  • Portable raised bed alternative
  • 100% recycled thick gray PET felt
  • Available in 5, 15, 20, 25, 60, and 100-gallon sizes

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If your mom is working with a small patio or porch, it doesn’t mean she can’t garden! Fabric grow bags allow her to garden about anywhere there’s enough sun. These bags are a great alternative to plastic planters since their fabric sides and bottoms encourage air pruning and eliminate root-bound plants.

Even if your mom has plenty of room to grow, grow bags are still a great gift. They make it easier to manage weeds, deal with poorly-draining soils, and move tender perennials indoors

With bag sizes ranging from one gallon to 100 gallons, they can successfully grow all types of flowers, veggies, and herbs. I like growing annual flowers like cosmos and zinnias in smaller bags on my porch. If you want to give your mom a few ideas along with her grow bag, add a grow bag gardening book.

Florist Cutting Flowers Collection

White packs of freshly cut flowers arranged delicately, contrasting beautifully against the background of a clipart floral pattern. A pristine white box adorned with a vibrant green ribbon completes the elegant ensemble, promising a fragrant delight.

  • Amaranth Love-Lies-Bleeding
  • China Aster Blend
  • Celosia Pampas Plume Blend
  • Craspedia Drumstick
  • Dahlia Double Blend
  • Orlaya White Lace
  • Sunflower Goldy Honey Bear
  • Zinnia Cut and Come Again

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If you’re anything like my mom, you can’t get enough of flowers… especially ones you grow yourself. Not only do homegrown flowers last longer in the vase than those shipped across the country, but they also provide you with a continuous supply of blooms for weeks or months. After growing her flowers from seed, your mom will have even more fun arranging the blooms.

You’re welcome to mix and match flowers to create a cutting garden, but this seed collection includes some of florists’ favorite blooms. This inspiring Mother’s Day gift includes a mix of colors and shapes that are easy to arrange.

Dahlias are an adventure to grow from seed and make for the perfect focal flowers in bouquets. Zinnias will keep the blooms coming all summer long. Add oomph with the fun, fiery shapes and colors of celosia and amaranth, and attract an abundance of pollinators with pretty sunflowers, asters, ammi, and orlaya!

Worm Castings

A white plastic pack containing nutrient-rich worm castings rests on dark, fertile soil, ready to nourish plants. The contrast between the bright packaging and the earthy soil highlights the organic essence of the natural fertilizer.
  • Organic-approved quality worm compost
  • Boost plant growth and yields by 20-80%
  • Balanced fungal to bacterial ratio for healthy soil
  • High humic content and nitrogen-cycling microorganisms
  • Available in 5, 10, or 40-pound bags

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Fertilizing can be a tricky subject. Since each plant requires a specific type and amount of nutrients, it’s hard to know which type of fertilizer to choose and how much to apply. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen gardeners’ plants become discolored and stunted after they received too much fertilizer.

Fortunately, some fertilizers are easier to apply than others. Due to their low-nutrient content, worm castings are unlikely to burn plants. However, they contain various beneficial bacteria and biostimulants that improve disease resistance, increase plant growth, and help plants thrive.

I love worm castings for their varied uses. I add them to seed-starting soil, sprinkle them on top of flowering perennials in the spring, and soak them in water to make a biologically rich tea. While worm compost may seem like an unconventional Mother’s Day gift, every gardening mom will find a way to use worm castings on her plants.

Easy-to-Grow Summer Seeds


    • Zinnias are easy to direct sow
    • Large(6-inch), bouquet-ready flowers appear throughout the summer
    • Flowers hold up well in extreme heat
    • Blooms can be used to garnish salads and desserts


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If you’re looking for a great gift for new gardeners, consider purchasing some easy-to-grow summer seeds, like ‘Benary’s Giant Blend’ zinnias. Your mom can plant her gift right after Mother’s Day and enjoy harvesting the plants throughout the summer. The plants are forgiving, so they’re perfect for first-time gardeners.

Zinnias are easy to direct sow and produce large flowers for weeks on end. Also try ‘Jade’ bush beans for handfuls of tender, stringless beans, ‘Max’s Gold’ summer squash for a tasty and prolific zucchini alternative, and ‘Candystripe’ cosmos to add beauty and bring beneficial insects to your garden beds!

Black Mission Fig

A close-up of a branch from a black mission fig tree, showcasing its intricate beauty. The branch is gracefully adorned with plump, ripe black figs nestled among lush green leaves, hinting at the delicious harvest to come.
  • Impressive flavor for fresh eating, jam, or drying
  • Low-maintenance and adaptable
  • 2-3 foot tree in 3-gallon pot
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

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Despite their easy-to-grow nature, they produce loads of delicious fruits after a few years of growth. The figs have dark purple skin with bright pink flesh, and they are tasty both fresh and dried.

‘Black Mission’ figs grow best in zones 7-10, so they’re best suited for growers in warmer climates. If your mom needs some help planting a fig tree, this video will help. Help her choose an area with at least six hours of sun and well-draining soil. Remember, figs can easily grow to 15 feet tall and 15 feet wide. Proper spacing is key!

‘Perennial Bloom’ Flower Seeds

  • 19 unique varieties of flowers
  • Perennial species for long-lasting enjoyment
  • Blooms from spring through fall
  • Pollinator-friendly
  • Seed heads with winter interest
  • Includes carnations, columbines, coneflower, yarrow, and coreopsis

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There’s no shortage of perennial flowers to choose from, so I’ll share some of my favorites. If your mom has access to a sunny yard, consider hardy plants like yarrow, black-eyed Susan, purple coneflower, and penstemon. All of these plants produce beautiful cutting flowers and hold up well during drought.

Flowering herbs like anise hyssop, oregano, sage, lavender, and thyme are other great options. They provide aromatic foliage and beautiful flowers that pollinators love.

Self-Watering Planter

A modern self-watering planter in crisp white, adorned with green foliage, graces the space elegantly. It complements the minimalist aesthetic, positioned against the pristine backdrop of a white wall.
  • Automated watering like a plant babysitter
  • Functional and aesthetic
  • Adapts to changing climatic conditions
  • Stone white, sage green, or deep indigo paint
  • Available in small or large, with or without extension legs

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Let’s face it: moms have a lot on their plates with kids, work, friends, hobbies, and more. Even if they try their best to care for their plants, sometimes the soil becomes dry, and the plants begin to droop. That’s where a self-watering planter comes in.

This stylish Mother’s Day gift fits into any indoor or outdoor living space and provides two tiers of pots. Plus, its unique design provides plants with just the amount of water they need. That means Mmm doesn’t have to worry about under-watering or over-watering her precious plants.

Cedar Planter

Wooden cedar planter filled with vibrant flowers and greenery, adding a burst of color to any space. Sunlight gently illuminates the blooms, casting a warm glow and fostering their growth in this natural oasis of beauty.
  • Modular no-tool assembly
  • Made of North American western red cedar
  • Naturally rot-resistant with natural tannins and oils
  • Convenient top sill
  • 15″ deep volume
  • Several sizes and styles available

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If you’re looking for a gift for a mother who appreciates natural design, a cedar planter is a great choice. While many types of untreated wood rot away within a few cedars, naturally rot-resistant cedar holds up for ten-plus years without adding synthetic chemicals to the garden.

With both elevated garden planters and traditional raised beds available, you can find an option that your mom will love. Elevated planters are great for people with mobility issues, and raised beds are great for growing cut flowers, herbs, vegetables, and more.

Since these raised beds don’t require any tools to assemble, anyone can put them together. Just slide the dovetail joints together, fill the bed with a suitable potting mix, and start planting!

Pink Lemonade Blueberry

A close-up of 'Pink Lemonade' blueberry branches reveals delicate foliage intertwined with pink berries. Each branch showcases nature's artistry, with lush green leaves providing a backdrop to the striking hue of the pink blueberries.
  • Unmatchable citrusy sweet flavor
  • USDA zones 4-8
  • 200-300 chill hours required
  • Available in 1-2 foot tall plants or 2-3 foot tall plants
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

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One of the fun parts of gardening is how you can grow varieties that are difficult to find in stores. Take the ‘Pink Lemonade’ blueberry, for instance. Instead of producing the standard dark blue berries, this variety sends out bright pink berries. These Barbie-esque berries have a notable citrusy flavor that sets them apart from more traditional blueberries.

Like most blueberries, ‘Pink Lemonade’ prefers acidic, well-draining soil and five to six hours of direct sun each day. They grow best in hardiness zones 4-8 since they require a few hundred chilling hours and are susceptible to damage from extreme cold.

After a few years, healthy plants will produce quarts of berries each year. You can enjoy these fruits fresh from the bush or cook them into uniquely pink pies and jams.

Kitchen Garden Revival Book

  • Written by Nicole Johnsey Burke, founder of Root Garden
  • Everything mom needs to know about growing a culinary landscape
  • Highly tailored food gardens for productivity in small spaces
  • Practical, modern advice and grow guides
  • Planting and harvesting plans

View at Epic Gardening

If you’re not sure what tools and seeds your mom already has at home, a gardening book is a great gift. This book details how to grow vegetables and herbs in a way that reduces your grocery bill and creates an attractive landscape. No matter what size space your mom is working with, she’ll find useful edible landscaping tips throughout the pages.

By the time she’s done reading, she’ll probably have a few new gardening items and types of seeds on her wish list. So make sure to follow up with her and offer to help bring her kitchen garden dreams to life.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for an earthy Mother’s Day gift or want to let your mom know you’re thinking of her, these gardening gifts will do the trick. Regardless of her gardening skills, they’ll encourage her to get out into the garden and take time for herself.

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