20 Most Beautiful Grandiflora Roses for Your Home Garden

Grandiflora roses have some wonderful qualities, making them great for mixed borders, cutting gardens, and even as a focal point. In this article, gardening expert Melissa Strauss shares 21 gorgeous cultivars for your home garden.

A vibrant Grandiflora rose shrub, adorned with delicate pink and white blooms, basks in the warm embrace of sunlight, its petals gently swaying in the breeze.


Grandiflora roses are one of those plants that I regret not discovering earlier. Mostly because I now wish that I had a garden positively full of mature grandifloras. These hybrid roses are some of the most enchanting flowers in the garden. 

These roses are a hybridization of hybrid tea roses and floribunda roses. They have some of the best qualities of each. Their buds are high, and their centers remain as such, much like their hybrid tea parents. From hybrid teas, they also inherit their long, slender, and graceful stems. From their floribunda genetics, they take on an incredible repeat blooming characteristic. They sometimes appear in clusters, like floribundas, while others are single flowers, like hybrid teas. 

These disease-resistant roses have excellent heat and cold tolerance.  They are vigorous growers and bloomers that range in height from four to eight feet, making them a standout in the garden. They also have a lovely, rounded growth habit. Here are 21 of the most beautiful grandifloras on the market today.

All Dressed Up

A pink 'All Dressed Up' rose blooms elegantly amidst deep green foliage, showcasing its delicate petals and exquisite beauty in a harmonious garden setting.
This rose is suitable for hedges even in colder climates like Zone 4.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘WEKgrasucejuc’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 5’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 4-10

 At first glance, you might mistake ‘All Dressed Up’ for an old garden rose. Masses of ruffled, bubblegum pink blooms resemble their twice-removed ancestors. This is a rose with English style, feminine and refined, in all the best ways. What the old garden roses don’t share with this rose is that delightful repeat blooming habit. 

‘All Dressed Up’ will bloom continuously through its rather long season. This rose will fill your yard with fluffy pink confections that smell wonderful with undertones of fresh green apples. It has great disease resistance and tolerates winters all the way north to Zone 4. Plant this rose in groupings, and it makes an incredible hedge. 

Uptown Girl

Pink 'Uptown Girl' roses stand out against a blurred backdrop of lush green leaves, exuding elegance and grace with their delicate petals and captivating hue.
An award-winning rose named ‘Uptown Girl’ boasts a strong spicy-sweet fragrance.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa cv. ‘WEKabacima’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 4’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 4-10

If this rose’s name sets your toe to tapping, you’re not alone! This lovely rose certainly does Ms. Brinkley justice. The large, cup-shaped flowers have that classic English refinement. The lightly scalloped petals are equal parts pink and orange. The color gives this rose a vintage vibe with an electric flair as the petals brighten up toward the edges. 

‘Uptown Girl’ is an award winner, and one look will confirm that it’s deserving of the accolades. These roses have a strong, spicy-sweet fragrance that will drift across the garden and draw admiration from afar. Despite her high-maintenance name, this rose is easy to grow and blooms all summer long.


A close-up of a lavender-hued 'Sweetness' rose, its delicate petals unfurling gracefully under the warm embrace of the sun's golden rays, radiating tranquility and serenity.
The ‘Sweetness’ rose blooms in flushes throughout summer.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘JACmearo’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 5’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-10

I love a lavender rose. Maybe it’s because they represent not just ordinary love, but unique love. Softer and gentler than their purple relatives, lavender roses are just a blue whisper away from blush, another favorite. ‘Sweetness’ is everything a classic lavender rose should be. The flowers are high in the center with just the right number of neatly arranged petals. 

‘Sweetness’ was the Jackson & Perkins rose of the year in 2009. The large blooms come in flushes throughout the summer. They get their sweet, lemony fragrance from their French parent, ‘Melody Parfumée,’ and who does perfume better than the French? The shrub has glossy, deep green foliage and a plump, rounded shape. 

Twilight Zone

A resilient 'Twilight Zone' rose bush stands boldly under the relentless sun, its lush, deep purple blossoms unfurling in defiance, casting a mysterious allure amidst the stark brightness.
This is a smaller grandiflora rose with strongly scented blooms.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘WEKebtidere’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 3′-5’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 4-10

I may naturally lean into lavender, but this bright purple rose can compete with any rose alive. Seductive and mysterious, ‘Twilight Zone’ has deep, velvety magenta petals with a smoky finish. It’s not stingy about those petals. These five-inch blooms are more than double-petaled. Rows and rows of petals make up these old garden rose imitators. 

‘Twilight Zone’ sounds a bit creepy if you ask me, and this rose is anything but. The foliage is deep and glossy, and the dramatic blooms have a spicy citrus fragrance that is quite strong. The shrub is on the smaller side for a grandiflora, but what it lacks in stature, it makes up for in beauty. The exceptionally pretty and highly fragrant ‘Ebb Tide’ is the floribunda behind this striking variety. 

State of Grace

A close-up reveals the intricate beauty of a 'State of Grace' rose, showcasing its soft, delicate pink petals, gracefully unfurling in a mesmerizing display of natural elegance.
The ‘State of Grace’ excels in landscapes with strong disease resistance.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa cv. WEKspodotogi’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 4’-5’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 4-9

‘State of Grace’ is a delicate beauty. Large, graceful, single blooms set atop bright green foliage. These blooms are a combination of golden yellow inside surrounded by perfect peachy pink around the edges. The buds are deep coral which shows through the outer petals adding depth and dimension to these already beautiful flowers. 

This rose has the blooms of an English-style rose but a much fuller, more even growth habit. This makes it a wonderful landscape plant. ‘State of Grace’ has excellent disease resistance, especially when it comes to mildew, which can be a particular issue for most roses. 

Mother of Pearl

A close-up reveals delicate, soft pink 'Mother of Pearl' roses, their petals unfurling gracefully, capturing the gentle light with subtle iridescence
This rose boasts glossy foliage resistant to black spot disease.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘Meiludere’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 3’-4’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-10

If you recall, I mentioned that grandifloras sometimes exhibit the cluster-blooming habit of floribundas. ‘Mother of Pearl’ is one such rose, and oh my! Is she ever a sight! Clusters of large (5″) blooms appear in wave after wave from late spring through early fall in an extra-long blooming season. The flowers are a luminous and nearly translucent shade of blush pink. Like mother-of-pearl, there are subtle variations of color throughout the flower, giving it a warm, lustrous glow. 

This rose performs well in a wide range of climates. It will tolerate hot and humid, as well as climates that trend in a cooler direction. The glossy green foliage is particularly resistant to black spot disease. The blooms are not especially fragrant, but they are pretty enough to forgive that aspect. 

Fun in the Sun

'Fun in the Sun' roses, their apricot petals like sunlit dreams, sway gently among moist, green leaves, a vibrant celebration of nature's beauty.
These compact shrubs are ideal for cut flower arrangements.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa cv ‘WEKpupmobalip’ PPAF
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 4’-5’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 4-10

If you could trap sunshine in a teacup, you’d have something akin to ‘Fun in the Sun’ rose. This English-style grandiflora has a profusion of ruffled petals in shades of yellow, kissed with peachy orange. They have that old garden rose density to their blooms, but they come with a much more desirable blooming habit. 

This relatively new cultivar has excellent color retention and makes an excellent cut flower. Clusters of five to six blooms top long stems, just a few of which make a gorgeous bouquet.  The three to four-foot shrubs are compact enough to fit into any garden. 

Sweet Spirit

A 'Sweet Spirit' rose blooms, its fuchsia pink petals vibrant against a backdrop of muted green leaves, capturing the delicate beauty of nature in vivid detail.
The ‘Sweet Spirit’ roses feature vivid fuchsia blooms with a strong, sweet scent.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘Meithatie’ PP 30,860
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 3’-4’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

‘Sweet Spirit’ strongly channels its hybrid tea heritage but with the volume of a floribunda. Clusters of large, bold pink flowers grow on long, upright stems. The foliage is full and fluffy, filling in the gaps and making this an attractive shrub for the garden. These stems are spectacular, though. 

The high-centered blooms are fully double-petaled in the most vivid fuchsia you can envision. They have a high center and a strong, sweet scent from its tea rose parent as well. ‘Sweet Spirit’ is content in hot, humid climates. It is disease-resistant and compact enough for any space. 

English Coral

An 'English Coral' rose blooms, its delicate pink petals unfurling gracefully against a backdrop of blurred green leaves and rich earth, evoking a sense of natural elegance and tranquility.
This rose cultivar reaches six feet with medium to large blooms.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘JACcaswespreme’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 5’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

‘English Coral’ is a stately showstopper. Wave after continuous wave of coral blooms cover this tall shrub from spring through to fall. The double blooms are reminiscent of peonies, and the fragrance is light and fruity. Flowers usually appear solo on long, strong stems, making them ideal for the back row of the cutting garden

This is a taller plant, reaching about six feet at maturity. The blooms are medium to large at three to four inches across. ‘English Coral’ is more than a pretty face. It is a sturdy, substantial, and disease-resistant cultivar that is great for beginners and rose collectors alike.

Rock & Roll

White 'Rock & Roll' roses, adorned with crimson splashes, stand out against a backdrop of verdant foliage, invoking a sense of rhythmic energy and contrast in a garden setting.
A fragrant grandiflora rose called ‘Rock & Roll’ is ideal for a cottage garden.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘WEKgobnez’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 4’-5′
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 6-9

‘Rock & Roll’ knows how to make an entrance. Early to mid-spring is when this rose begins to perform. It takes a summer intermission and plays a terrific encore in the fall when things cool off a bit. The shrub is small to medium-sized for a grandiflora and makes a nice addition to the cottage garden with extra personality

The flowers remind me of the Queen of Hearts. Clusters of white flowers have irregular splashes of crimson. This play on the classic red rose is loud and energetic, and not to be overlooked or forgotten. With all this personality it’s hard to imagine more, but this rose is highly fragrant as well! A pungent fruity, flowery scent is the finishing touch to these incredible blooms. 

Anna’s Promise

'Anna’s Promise' lavender roses contrast beautifully against emerald green foliage, evoking a sense of tranquility and elegance with their delicate petals resting upon verdant leaves.
The ‘Anna’s Promise’ is a compact variety with deep purple new growth.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa cv ‘WEKdoofat’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 3’-4’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 6-10

Pretty as a picture, this rose gets her name from the Downton Abbey character of the same name. These enchanting flowers will take your breath away in the sweetest way possible. The buds and backs of the petals are a deep coral pink, and the insides are peachy yellow. The combination of the two makes the opening of these flowers an occasion to remember. 

These lovely flowers bloom in single or small clusters of two or three. They have delightful pointed buds and a glossy green backdrop. The fragrance is light, sweet, and fruity. The new foliage is a deep purple shade, adding to the elegance and refinement of this compact variety. The color combination makes this a striking standout in the garden. 

About Face

A vibrant orange 'About Face' rose basking in sunlight, set against a lush green backdrop, creating a serene and vivid image of nature's beauty.
This is a large shrub with vibrant orange blooms.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘WEKosupalz’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 5’-6’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-10

This bi-color rose will have you doing a double take! The outside of the petals are deep coppery-orange, and the inside is a gorgeous shade of peach. These very full flowers are in the four-inch diameter range and bloom in significant clusters. This is a very big-blooming cultivar. The buds are rounded to slightly pointed, and the deeper shade is mostly visible in bud with just a hint of the lighter shade at the edges. 

‘About Face’ has deep, olive green foliage that creates a wonderful complement to the orange blooms. The shrub is on the larger side, at five to six feet tall this rose makes a wonderful hedge or background plant. It is spectacular enough to stand alone as a focal point in the garden. 

Tournament of Roses

A close-up of a 'Tournament of Roses' flower, showcasing delicate pink petals, contrasted against a backdrop of a blurred red bloom and leaves, creating a stunning floral composition with vibrant hues.
The bi-color blooms of this plant have deep rose pink outer petals.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘JACient’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 3’-4’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 7-10

This is a rose worthy of celebrating. Named for the famous rose event, ‘Tournament of Roses’ is an award-winning stunner. It has great disease resistance and makes a good beginner rose. This is an ideal cultivar to add to the cutting garden with clusters of flowers atop long (15″) stems on a compact shrub. This variety only reaches three to four feet tall, but it’s a massive bloomer. The blooming season lasts from late spring through early fall. 

Talk about a beautiful flower, ‘Tournament of Roses’ lives up to its celebratory name. The bud and outer petals of these bi-color blooms are deep rose pink. As the petals unfurl we see that they are several shades lighter in the interior, with a slight peachy tint. This variety blooms in its first year, but it doesn’t have excellent cold tolerance. If you’re lucky enough to live in Zones 7-10, this is a must-have for the rose garden. 

Show Your Stripes

'Show Your Stripes' roses in a close-up, their lavender petals bathed in soft violet hues, exuding a serene elegance and a subtle hint of romance.
This rose boasts irregular fuchsia and magenta stripes.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘JACnewibysbip’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 5’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

‘Show Your Stripes’ is a continuous and long blooming variety that flowers from spring through fall in waves. Expect flowers to be present through the entire season on this exciting cultivar. It is a medium to large shrub that works well in a grouping or as a stand-alone, focal point. This is an eye-catching variety that will get a lot of attention from passers-by.

The flowers are four inches, double-petaled blooms. The stripes are irregular in shades of fuchsia and magenta, making these an especially flamboyant rose bush. They have a strong, pleasant, citrus fragrance, and bloom on tall, strong stems, which are perfect for cutting gardens. 

Dick Clark

A thriving 'Dick Clark' rose bush, adorned with white to pink blossoms and glossy, deep green leaves, adding elegance and vibrancy to the garden landscape.
Creamy-centered flowers with pinkish-red edges adorn this plant.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘WEKfunk’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 4’-6’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-10

‘Dick Clark’ rose is as famously well-loved as its namesake entertainer. It is a winner of the All-America Rose Selection Award for 2011, an honor reserved for the most beautiful roses. The shrub has a nice shape and deep green, glossy foliage. It falls in the mid-range in terms of size and works well as a focal point or in a grouping. 

Medium to large blooms show up in singles on tall stems. They have creamy centers surrounded by bold, pinkish-red edges that deepen in color as they age. The flowers have a spicy cinnamon fragrance, and they bloom in flushes from spring through fall. It has excellent disease resistance and is an overall low-maintenance rose. 

Radiant Perfume

A close-up of a yellow 'Radiant Perfume' rose basking in sunlight, its petals vibrant and glowing with warmth, capturing the essence of summer in a single bloom.
A medium to large-sized shrub called ‘Radiant Perfume’ blooms in summer.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa cv. ‘JACandof’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 5’-6′
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-10

‘Radiant Perfume’ is a vigorous grower and producer of large, golden, double blooms. The flowers are large, full, and double-petaled in a wonderful warm shade of yellow. In addition to their stunning color, they have a strong citrus scent, which you can enjoy from quite a distance. The flowers are larger than most grandifloras at 5 inches wide

The shrub is large to medium-sized with a rounded, upright growth habit. They bloom in their first year and have a backdrop of deep, glossy green foliage. The blooming season for ‘Radiant Perfume’ is primarily through the summer months. 

Miss Manners

A close-up of a pink 'Miss Manners' rose, contrasted against a softly blurred backdrop of lush greenery, invoking a sense of serene elegance and natural beauty.
The flowers of ‘Miss Manners’ boast perfect, double-petal form.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa cv. ‘Wekalmylcas’ PPAF
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 4’-5’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-10

‘Miss Manners’ takes everything in stride and does it with classic English grace and style. Well known for its excellent resistance to mold and mildew diseases, this rose is easy to care for. It also has great cold tolerance, making this one tough rose. ‘Miss Manners’ is the perfect pink rose, symbolic of love and happiness. This is a great rose to share with a loved one. 

The flowers have an old-fashioned feel in perfect, double-petal form. Each flower has 60 perfect pink petals, which open fully to large, bowl-shaped blooms. The color is medium pink, just as rosy and bright as a pink rose could be. They are fragrant but not intrusive, with a fruity flair. 

Blushing Lavender

A delicate 'Blushing Lavender' rose, gracefully arched above green leaves, bathes in the warm embrace of sunlight, its petals radiating a gentle hue of purple under the golden rays.
Expect multiple flushes of ‘Blushing Lavender’ flowers from its medium-sized, full shrub.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘JACsterugrada’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 4’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

‘Blushing Lavender’ was love at first sight for this gardener. An amazingly beautiful, pale purple rose, this flower has just a hint of pink, giving it a soft, warm blush. The fully double lavender flowers are large at four to five inches wide. Even when open, the center of the flower is obscured by a mass of ruffled petals. The blooms appear in singles or groups of up to four or five flowers. They have a gentle, fruity fragrance. 

The shrub is medium-sized and full, with a bit of a spreading habit. The stems are on the shorter side, but they are nice and stiff, making them good for low-profile floral arrangements. ‘Blushing Lavender’ blooms in her first year. Expect to see several flushes of flowers over the long season from spring through fall. 


A close-up of a red 'Love' rose, their velvety texture inviting touch and admiration, a testament to nature's beauty and perfection.
This was a 1980 All-America Rose Selection winner.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘JACtwin’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 3’-4′
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 5-9

You will fall in love with ‘Love’ grandiflora rose. One of the most dependably beautiful bloomers around, this variety is wonderful for mixed beds. It is compact with deep, glossy foliage and brilliant, burgundy stems. The new growth is deep red, as well. The plant is pretty on its own, but the flowers are truly splendid. 

‘Love’ is a continuous bloomer that will keep you in roses from spring to fall. The blooms are large and bi-colored. On the inside, the flower is perfectly crimson, but the outside of the petals is a cool, crisp white. It makes a striking composition. They have a moderate fragrance that is sweet and spicy. A 1980 winner of the All-America Rose Selection.


A lavender 'Lagerfeld' rose blooms up close, its delicate petals unfurling gracefully, while a yellow center captivates the eye, offering a striking contrast against the soft, pastel hues of the flower.
Large clusters of roses from this plant emit a strong, spicy fragrance.
botanical-name botanical name Rosa ‘AROlaqueli’
sun-requirements sun requirements Full sun
height height 4’-5’
hardiness-zones hardiness zones 7-10

I have one more enchanting lavender rose for you before we come to the end of the list. ‘Lagerfeld’ is a wonderful rose named for the famed designer of the House of Chanel.  It blooms freely throughout the long season in flushes of brilliant clusters. This is an elegant rose that belongs in any designer garden.

The blooms are large for cluster roses, and they bloom in great numbers. Clusters of up to a dozen blooms appear at the top of long stems. The flowers have a classic form in a very special color. The lightest blush of purple intensifies slightly toward the center of the blooms. Not only are these flowers breathtaking they also have a very strong, spicy fragrance.

Final Thoughts

Grandiflora roses possess many of the best qualities of their parent roses. If you want a rose with versatility, these plants have dense foliage, making them great landscape elements. They also have long, strong stems and some of the prettiest blooms around. Add one of these stunning roses to your garden for excellent cut flowers, or simply for the beauty of the plant. 

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