Persian Shield: Caring For Strobilanthes Dyeriana

Persian shield

Are you into purple plants? Do you like the notion of a plant that is low-maintenance, rarely has any pest or disease issues, and which will brighten up a room? In that case, consider the Persian shield plant! This tropical plant, which originates in southeast Asia, makes a fantastic plant whether indoors or out. The … Read more

Lithops: Growing Unusual Living Stone Plants

Have you ever been browsing in the succulent section of a garden center and discovered a pot with nothing more than a pair of flat-topped split rocks in it? If so, you may have discovered the lithops plant, an unusual African genus of succulent. Sometimes called split rocks or pebble plants, lithops living stone plants … Read more

Geraniums: Grow These Prolific & Colorful Flowers In Your Garden

Pelargonium x hortorum variety

Brightly-colored in shades ranging from common pinks and reds through deep dusky blues and violets, geraniums are a common sight in most gardens today. The term “geranium” itself is a bit misleading, because there’s actually two separate genuses that are considered geraniums. But we’ll go into that in more detail shortly! Whether you are simply … Read more