Umbrella Tree: The Best Ways To Grow Scheffleras

Dwarf umbrella tree leaves and berries

Schefflera plant, also called umbrella tree, is a fantastic houseplant and landscape plant. It’s known for being hardy even in cases of neglect or poor growing conditions. Not picky, it produces beautiful foliage. Whether it’s used to create bonsai or simply to perk up a dark corner, dwarf umbrella trees are great to grow. Let’s … Read more

Purple Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnata) Care and Benefits

Passion flower Care

There are hundreds of different species in the passionflower family, all of them absolutely gorgeous. Aside from their beauty, they have a whole host of medicinal benefits that make them a double-whammy in your garden. Read on to learn exactly how to grow, care for, and use the purple passion flower.​ Passiflora Incarnata Overview Common … Read more

30+ Ornamental Grasses and How To Grow Them

I’ll admit, when I first started gardening the idea of growing ornamental grasses made no sense to me. “If you can’t eat it, who cares?” I thought. Well, I’ve changed my ways! Ornamental grasses add a​n extra layer of beauty and depth to your garden and landscaping, and are surprisingly easy to grow. In this … Read more

Elephant Ear Plant: Care, Planting, and Growing Tips

If you were to Google the words “elephant ear,” you would find a range of images, from the delicious, doughy staple of fried fair fare to those enormous pachyderms in all their gray, wrinkly glory. As a gardener you will zoom in on pictures of large, green leaves that so cleverly resemble those flappy elephant … Read more

Silver Dollar Plant (Lunaria Annua) Growing Guide

Silver Dollar Plant Seeds

Many gardeners hate weeds. They will curse them under their breath as they drag the roots from the soil and toss them onto the compost pile with relish. In her well-known book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Harper Lee describes Miss Maudie’s reaction to a blade of nutgrass with sufficient illustration: “She swooped down upon it … Read more

Hydroponic Orchids

Hydroponic orchids

Ah, orchids…some of the most beautiful flowers that exist. Their balance of colorful blooms and woody, thick roots make them a favorite flower of gardeners around the world. A little-known fact about orchids is that in many areas of the world, they grow hydroponically in nature! How is this possible? Well, in tropical climates, orchids … Read more

40+ Summer Flowers You Must Have In Your Garden

Summer Flowers For Your Garden

If you want to add some color to your summer garden but have no idea what to grow (or how to grow it), or if you just want some fresh ideas on flowers for summer…we’ve got you covered. We collected ideas from gardeners around the country and compiled a huge list of flowers that bloom … Read more

How to Grow Asters

How to Grow Asters

The gorgeous Aster is a fantastic low-effort addition to your garden. Its name originates from the Greek word for star, but also goes by many other names, with September flower, Michealmas daisy, and frost flower being just a few of them. Asters vary in color, size, and ease of care depending on the variety that … Read more