19 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Thinking about growing calibrachoa, also known as million bells, this garden season? They are a great choice to add bold colors to any of your container arrangements. They also don't require as much deadheading as petunias, and they are much hardier. Calibrachoa comes in so many different colors and patterns. Let certified master gardener Laura Elsner introduce you to 20 different varieties of calibrachoa that will spice up all of your containers this garden season.

This close-up captures the vibrant beauty of a mass of Calibrachoa flowers. Their delicate petals come in a variety of shades, including red, purple, white, and orange with some blooms even bi-colored, adding to the visual interest. Tiny green leaves provide a subtle contrast to the bright blossoms.


Calibrachoa, or million bells, are among my favorite flowers to grow in containers and hanging baskets. Unlike petunias, they don’t require tons of deadheading and can handle full sun to part shade conditions.

These South American plants are also surprisingly hardy and will withstand frosts at the end of the season. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them versatile and easy to add to your garden. You can easily find a variety to keep with your garden theme or style. Here are 19 of my favorite calibrachoa varieties for vibrant color and diversity!

‘Cabaret Goodnight Kiss’

A cluster of vibrant magenta Calibrachoa cabaret ‘Good Night Kiss’ flowers cascades from a hanging planter. The delicate blooms, with their ruffled petals and contrasting black with yellow centers, appear to dance in the gentle breeze. Green foliage peeks out from beneath the flowers, adding a touch of freshness to the vibrant display.
This cultivar features deep magenta petals with fuschia margins and striking yellow stripes, perfect for mixed containers.

This is a bold variety of calibrachoa that features deep magenta petals with a bright fuschia margin. Each flower has four small stripes of yellow leading into its yellow center. This is an intricate and beautiful variety that can stand alone on its own or be used in mixed containers.

With the color combination on the flower, you can really play with what color you want to play up. I like making the bright yellow star in the center stand out. Plant with a bright yellow flower, like ‘Supertunia Mini Vista Yellow’ petunias, to make the centers pop. 

‘Callie Dark Red’

A cascade of velvety, deep red million bells blossoms spills across the frame, their ruffled petals basking in the spotlight. Sun-kissed yellow centers peek mischievously from within, like tiny embers nestled amidst the crimson sea. Blurred greenery forms a gentle backdrop, hinting at the lush haven beyond the vibrant bloom.
Choose ‘Callie Dark Red’ for striking solo hanging baskets or pair with ‘Callie Purple’ for bold contrast.

‘Callie Dark Red’ has deep, velvety red flowers with almost black veins and a bright yellow eye. This calibrachoa variety blooms profusely. It looks great on its own in a hanging basket or container. Or pair it with dark purple flowers, such as ‘Callie Purple’ million bells, for a bold and rich look.

‘Callie Purple’

A symphony of purple unfurls in this close-up of Calibrachoa 'Callie Purple' flowers. From the palest lilac at the petals' tips, the color deepens like twilight, cascading toward the velvety amethyst centers. Lush green foliage peeks through between the blooms, creating a backdrop of cool, refreshing contrast.
With its dark-to-light purple gradient and yellow center, ‘Callie Purple’ complements petunias beautifully.

The ‘Callie Purple’ variety is a simple, dark purple flower. It is deeper purple in the center and fades out to a lighter purple at the margins. It is finished off with a yellow center. 

The slight variation in purple shades within the flower makes it more interesting. It could be planted with ‘Shock Wave® Purple Tie Dye’ petunias, which would blend in with the darker purple centers and play off the lighter margins of the million bells.

‘Callie Yellow’

 A close-up of a cluster of Calibrachoa ‘Callie Yellow’ flowers in full bloom. Their bright yellow petals, tinged with white at the ruffled edges, radiate like miniature suns against a backdrop of soft green foliage. The delicate veins snaking across the petals add a touch of intricate detail,
This variety is ideal for vibrant mixes with other calibrachoas or petunias, especially in colorful ‘Callie’ series baskets.

Yellow calibrachoa varieties are some of my favorites. Since calibrachoa centers are always yellow, the yellow varieties are a pure yellow color all the way through. There are many varieties of yellow, including ‘Callie Yellow.’ You could also use ‘Superbells Yellow’ or ‘Kabloom Yellow.’

The bright yellow flowers are perfect for mixing with other colors of calibrachoa or petunias. They make a great base to layer on more color. Try adding them to mixed baskets with the other ‘Callie’ series cultivars for a colorful floral display.

‘Callie Summer’

A terracotta pot overflowing with vibrant Calibrachoa flowers. The 'Callie Summer' variety features a mesmerizing blend of colors, with peach petals fading to a fiery red center. Each delicate bloom boasts a sunshine yellow throat, rimmed with a band of contrasting black.
Exuding a vintage, romantic vibe, ‘Callie Summer’ features mottled pink petals with a yellow center and white margins.

‘Callie Summer’ has a vintage feel. It is a mottled pink color that has a slight blushing yellow center. Then some of the margins fade out to white.

This variety has a romantic cottage garden vibe. It looks gorgeous mixed in with frilly bacopa or sweet alyssum.


Sunlight dances across a vibrant confetti of delicate white Calibrachoa, their tiny trumpets aglow with golden centers. Veined with velvety purple, they dance in a gentle breeze, exuding a faint, sweet perfume that mingles with the warmth of the sun.
This cultivar suits fall-themed containers, pairing well with purple fountain grass.

This is a fun variety of calibrachoa. It features white margins, and the centers come in shades of red and orange. Each bloom has four stripes of yellow that lead to a yellow center. 

This coffee-colored combination looks lovely in fall-themed containers. They naturally match pumpkins and gourds. You could also plant them with richly colored purple fountain grass in the center for a simple autumn centerpiece.

‘Chameleon Indian Summer’

A close-up view of a hanging planter reveals a vibrant tapestry of calibrachoa flowers. The blooms, in a medley of peach, red, and orange, intertwine like threads, their petals curling and unfurling like tiny flames. Some flowers stand open, their golden centers glowing, while others wait to burst into bloom.
‘Indian Summer’ calibrachoa blends rusty red and yellow hues, ideal for pairing with yellow mums.

The Chameleon series of calibrachoa all feature interesting multicolored blooms. ‘Indian Summer’ is one of my favorites because it features rich fall colors. The petals are a rusty, reddish color splotched with yellow. All the petals have different color variations. They look painted. 

These are perfect for all your fall-themed containers. They are full of all the rich fall colors found in an autumn palette. They are a wonderful complement to mums.

‘Eyeconic Purple’

A close-up of a cluster of ‘Eyeconic Purple’ million bells flowers. The delicate, light periwinkle petals have ruffled edges and deepen to a rich purple towards the center, where a tiny, starburst-shaped yellow eye adds a pop of brightness. The vibrant blooms contrast beautifully against the backdrop of soft green foliage.
This variety offers a modern twist on classic flowers, perfect for solo display in hanging baskets or containers.

‘Eyeconic Purple’ calibrachoa is one of my favorites. It features light periwinkle petals with dark purple centers and a small yellow eye. The contrast is striking.

They are a modern twist on an old-fashioned classic flower. Plant them alone in hanging baskets or containers. Or plant them with ‘Supertunia Royal Purple’ for a simple monochromatic purple look.

‘Eyeconic Strawberry’

A vibrant bouquet of calibrachoa bursts open, filling the frame with a kaleidoscope of color. Sun-kissed petals unfold in a symphony of pinks. Deeper within, velvety crimson shades take hold, swirling towards a golden center. Beneath the radiant display, emerald green foliage peeks through, a cool counterpoint to the floral fireworks.
These flowers feature romantic fuschia-to-pink edges and distinctive yellow-striped details.

‘Eyeconic Strawberry’ has a romantic cottage aura. It features vivid fuschia centers that fade into a strawberry cheesecake pink at the edges. They also have small yellow stripes in the middle that lead to the classic yellow calibrachoa eye.

I think this is a sweet and romantic million bell. They look great on their own or mixed in with lacy bacopa or sweet alyssum. You could also pair them with ‘Supertunia Vista Bubblegum’ petunias; these are the perfect light pink petunias to match the pastel pink margins of ‘Eyeconic Strawberry.’

‘Kabloom White’

A macro shot of a Calibrachoa Million Bells, 'Kabloom White' variety. The tiny, trumpet-shaped flowers in full bloom boast ivory-white petals with ruffled edges and a vibrant yellow-green starburst center. Lush green leaves with a fuzzy feel surround the delicate blossoms.
Ideal for weddings or shade, ‘Kabloom White’ has pure white blooms with a sweet yellow center.

‘Kabloom White’ is one of many classic white calibrachoas. They are pure white flowers with a sweet yellow center. They are great flowers to use in containers and hanging baskets for weddings. I also like to use them in part shade containers to brighten up an area. 

‘Callie White,’ ‘Superbells White,’ ‘Cabaret White,’ or ‘Minifamous Neo White’ are all white varieties that can be used interchangeably.

‘Minifamous Uno Double Dark Blue’

While lacking true blue hues, ‘Minifamous Uno Double Dark Blue’ impresses with its spectacular dark purple, ruffled double blossoms.

Honestly, there aren’t any true blue calibrachoa varieties. ‘Minifamous Uno Double Dark Blue’ is more of a dark purple color, but the double blossoms are spectacular

It has the same outer bell-shaped flower as a typical single-flowered calibrachoa. But instead of a yellow center, it has ruffles and folds of the same dark purple petals in its center.

This is a dark and bold choice. Pair with ‘Red Hot Sally’ Salvia for a bold container.

‘Superbells Double Vintage Coral’

Layers of velvety peach petals unfurl in these double petunias. Ruffled edges dance with yellow and pink streaks, traced by delicate veins. Veins shimmer like threads of spun gold, woven through the delicate papery petals.
With its yellow and pink-streaked, ruffled blooms, this variety captivates as a cottage flower.

You will notice quite a few of the ‘Superbells’ series on this list. These are proven winners that always grow large and robust with lots of flowers.

‘Superbells Double Vintage Coral’ is a beautiful cottage flower. They are gold with streaks of pink through the veins and margins. The center is filled with more of the same ruffled flowers

These look great on their own, or you can mix them up with golden or pink flowers such as ‘Red Rouge’ dianthus or ‘Gold Dust’ mecardonia.

‘Superbells Lemon Slice’

A close-up of several Superbells Lemon Slice petunias in full bloom. The delicate five-pointed blooms are a vibrant lemon yellow with darker yellow stripes radiating out from the center, creating a mesmerizing pinwheel effect. Green foliage provides a backdrop for the cheerful blossoms.
Each bloom has five lemon-yellow stripes that create the illusion of a tiny flower inside another flower.

I love this bright variety of million bells. ‘Superbells Lemon Slice’ features five stripes of bright lemon yellow surrounded by white. It looks like a miniature flower within a flower

This fun flower looks great with yellow flowers, like bright marigolds, and white flowers, like sweet alyssum. It can also be paired up with other bright colors for a bold sunny combination.

‘Superbells Tequila Sunrise’

A close-up of a white terracotta flowerpot overflowing with orange Million Bells blossoms. The vibrant blooms range in color from light orange to deep marigold, with some flowers beginning to wilt and close. The soil is visible at the base of the plant, and the pot sits on a light-colored surface.
‘Tequila Sunrise’ exhibits red, coral, and gold brush strokes, making it a versatile choice.

The ‘Tequila Sunrise’ variety is an artsy variety that has brush strokes of red, coral, and gold.

It is bold enough to work on its own, or I’ve seen it in mixed planters with flowers that draw on the individual colors in the calibrachoa. Try ‘Superbena Peachy Keen’ verbena to draw out the coral colors, and perhaps some ‘Beedance Yellow’ bidens to pull out the yellow.

‘Superbells Watermelon Punch’

This close-up captures the vibrant beauty of a ‘Superbells Watermelon Punch’ flower. Its ruffled petals unfurl in a burst of bright strawberry pink, gradually darkening towards the center where the color intensifies to a deep, velvety crimson. The flower is surrounded by green leaves, which provide a contrast to the vibrant pink petals.
Pair ‘Superbells Watermelon Punch’ with black petunias and purple millet for dramatic containers.

‘Superbells Watermelon Punch’ is a bold choice for flowers. It features bright strawberry pink flowers that have a deep red center and a vibrant eye. The veins are also red, running through the flower, giving it a dramatic, rich coloring.

These can be planted in a container on their own or mixed with other bold-colored flowers for an eye-popping look. I think they would look great paired with a black petunia like ‘Crazytunia Black Mamba.’ Use a purple millet in the center for a dramatic container design with a pop of bold pink.

‘Superbells Dreamsicle’

A macro shot of a Superbells Dreamsicle Calibrachoa, showcasing its intricate ruffled petals in a kaleidoscope of orange hues. The center of the flower is a vibrant yellow, adding a pop of contrast. Tiny, dust-like white particles dance playfully around the flower's base, adding a touch of whimsy to this citrusy dreamscape.
Multifaceted orange flowers in ‘Superbells Dreamsicle’ create a dreamy creamsicle effect with dark centers.

‘Superbells Dreamsicle’ is an orange variety. The flowers are a multifaceted color, each blooming in slightly different hues of orange, creating a dreamy creamsicle effect. They all have a darker center with a yellow eye that fades out into various hues of rusty orange.

This is another great choice for a fall-themed pot. It pairs nicely with other fall plants, such as ‘Obsidian’ coral bells, which have rich deep dark purple foliage.

‘Superbells Blue’

Close-up of 'Superbells Blue' Calibrachoa flowers, their velvety petals adorned with diamond-like dewdrops. Intricate veins, traced in deeper purple, weave through the blooms, adding a touch of mystery to their vibrant charm. The delicate flowers bask in the morning light, their petals gently unfurling to reveal their vibrant color.
The blue hue is rare in gardens; ‘Superbells Blue’ has more of a purple tint.

True blue is hard to come by in the garden. When it comes to calibrachoa, I have yet to see a true blue variety. ‘Superbells Blue’ is probably as close as I’ve seen, and it still seems to have a more purple hue. But it is a beautiful variety nonetheless. It has a velvety purple color with a bright yellow eye.

‘Superbells Blue’ is very versatile and can be paired with many other flowers to create stunning container arrangements. Add some ‘Sunsatia Lemon’ nemesia for a bright spring display.

‘Sweet Chimes Red Wine’

A cluster of vibrant red 'Sweet Chimes Red Wine' calibrachoa flowers in full bloom. Their velvety petals unfurl in a star-like shape, revealing bright yellow centers that resemble tiny bells. Tiny green leaves with scalloped edges peek out from beneath the blooms, adding a touch of freshness to the vibrant display.
For a rich red flower, ‘Sweet Chimes Red Wine’ shines alone or mixed in containers.

If you are looking for a rich red flower, ‘Sweet Chimes Red Wine’ will not disappoint. It is a deep, luscious red color with a yellow eye. 

‘Sweet Chimes Red Wine’ can be used alone for a bold look, perhaps in a simple black container. It looks great mixed with other bold solid calibrachoa varieties. ‘Callie Yellow’ and ‘Callie Purple’ would look great in a mixed hanging basket.

‘Tik Tok Orange’

A macro shot of 'TokTok Orange' calibrachoa's intricate beauty. The ruffled petals are a mix of peachy orange and rusty red, with striking yellow stripes radiating from the center. The slight blur adds a dreamy effect, highlighting the delicate beauty of the flower.
Each flower combines peachy petals, yellow stripes, and rusty red for vibrant container displays.

‘Tik Tok Orange’ is a fun variety of calibrachoa. It has light peachy-colored petals with a rusty red center. The big yellow eye has five yellow stripes streaking through.

These flowers are bold and can stand alone in containers. I might add some white bacopa or ‘Diamond Frost’ euphorbia to the container. You can also pair them with ‘Galaxy Salmon’ geraniums to go with the peachy petals of ‘Tik Tok Orange’ calibrachoa.

Final Thoughts

Calibrachoa is so much fun to mix and match in hanging baskets and containers. When you’re choosing calibrachoa varieties, go to the nursery and put different plants and flowers together in your cart to see what combinations work. These are my favorite varieties, but there are many more to choose from.

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